- Six Impossible Things -

First - There was a boys Spy School.

One thing a spy is never supposed to be; suprised.

And, if there comes a time when they are, they're supposed to act like their not.

So when my mom announced that we were going to play host to fifteen boys from Blackthorne - a spy school for boys - I almost dropped my fork. Almost.

Fortunatly, I caught myself just in time and made my face an emotionless mask. Unfortunatly, my sisters didn't.

When the boys walked in, with smirks plastered on all of their faces - seriously, every single one of them was smirking! - my sisters dropped their forks. Their spoons, their knives, their cups! Point is; whatever they were holding at that time, you can be sure it ended up on the floor.

And, really, who could blame them for being so suprised. This was an all girls school. We didn't have any hot boys here ever - excluding Mr. Solomon, and we still weren't used to him being around.

So when fifteen strong, tall and handsome boys walked in, you can bet your life that we were suprised.

But I was the only one who kept eating.

I was the only one who pretended nothing was out of the ordinary.

I was the only one who did what spys are supposed to do - pretend.

I glared at the boys as they started laughing. No matter how much I wanted to laugh with them, I glared. I had to stand up for my sisters. Especially now that they were in the state of shock and couldn't stand up for themselves.

The boys continued to laugh until they caught sight of me, and they instantly stopped. Except for one boy who simply smirked at me, and continued chuckling quietly.

"Cams, you look about to kill," Macey whispered as quietly as she could. She wasn't the least bit suprised when the boys came through the door. We were the only two who currently did not have our mouths hanging open.

"I feel like I'm about to, too." I growled quietly, looking away from the boy with the dreamy green eyes.

"That boy is fine." Macey said, smiling at me knowingly.

I scowled quietly, "He seems annoying."

"You haven't even talked to him!" Macey said. Oh, but I had.

Our conversation was so quiet that you couldn't hear it over the silence in the room.

"I don't want to either." I said, ending the conversation by turning around and facing the front again.

The green-eyed boy was looking at me again, and this time I refused to look away.

We stared at eachother for a few moments before my mother made an announcement and he turned away reluctantly.

"They will be joining you in your studies for the rest of the semester," My Mom continued, smiling charmingly. "Try and make them feel welcome."

I brought a smile to my lips, although reluctantly, and nudged Bex in the stomatch. Making her jump, startled.

"Are those the boys from D.C.?" She asked, smiling brightly as the hall went back to eating.

I nodded silently.

"Cammie, the boy is staring at you." Liz said, grabbing the salt and adding some to her pork.

I looked up are saw Zach staring at me.

I smiled at him, but what I really wanted to do was strangle him.

This was going to be an interesting semester.

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