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Rhett Butler put on his coat and walked out of his office from the bank of where he worked at. Turning a corner, he ran right smack into India Wilkes.

"Why hello Miss Wilkes." he greeted pleasantly, noticing India's jumpy attitude.

"Captain Butler I have come to inform you about your wife." she said simply, flatly. Rhett frowned, adjusting his jacket.


"She was seen at the mill today......" she began. Rhett laughed.

"That woman's always at the mill." he replied. India looked awkward.

"Well, it's more than that....." she continued.

"Well what is it?" Rhett asked, beginning to get worried.

"She was seen in the arms of my brother, Ashley Wilkes, she has committed adultery, Captain Butler, she has sinned." India told him. Rhett stopped breathing and kept shaking his head as if he oculdn't believe it.

"No, Scarlett wouldn't do that." he denied. India just shrugged.

"That whore-monger is capable of anything, if you pardon my language." India mumbled. Rhett glared at her.

"Get out of my way!" he snapped, side-stepping her and walking out of the bank. India watched him go. She found the man utterly dashing and attractive. The daring blockade runner. He was so attractive, and she would stop at nothing to have him.

Rhett Butler handed Pork the reigns to his horse and walked up the gran driveway to his and Scarlett's home, eager, though tired, to see Bonnie and Scarlett. He greeted Mammy who opened the door with a big smile on her cheerful round face. Handing his coat to Prissy he slowly climbed the grand staircase, following the sound of laughter that was coming from the playroom. Quietly, he walked over to it and glazed through the doorway, remaining hidden in the shadows. Inside Scarlett was seated on the floor in a beautiful dark green dress, with his beautiful Bonnie in her lap. She was laughing. For once she wasn't frowning over the mill, for once she was smiling. A warm glow was coming through her eyes, a glow full of love as she watched Bonnie who was showing her her knew kitten. Rhett wished that she would look at him like that. Suddenly, as if sensing someone watching her, she looked up, and frowned.

"Rhett, why are you home so early?" she demanded to know. When Bonnie looked up her face broke into a wide grin, she leaped off of Scarlett's lap and ran over to Rhett, hugging his legs. Rhett grinned back at her.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Bonnie shrieked in delight as he picked her up and through her in the air a few times.

"Oh my dear Bonnie." Rhett smiled lovingly at his daughter. Scarlett looked shocked.

"Rhett!" she scolded."Stop it you might drop her." Rhett put on his usual smirk that he always wore for Scarlett.

"Would your daddy drop you, Bonnie?" he asked, knowing how it vexed Scarlett. Bonnie giggled.

"No daddy, no." she replied."It's alright mommy." she said. Scarlett wasn't convinced.

"Alright then." she muttered, turning away from them. Rhett frowned and put Bonnie down.

"Bonnie baby why don't you go and ask Mammy what we're having dinner?" he told her. Bonnie smiled and ran out of the room, shrieking Mammy's name. Rhett strolled over to Scarlett and cautiously put his hands on her shoulders, turning her around. Her expression shocked him. It was the coldest glare full of hatred that he'd ever seen.

"What is the matter Mrs. Butler?" he asked, puzzled. Scarlett glared some more.

"What do you care?" she snapped, looking away. Rhett put a hand under her chin and forced her to meet his eyes. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears. It scared him, he'd give his world to lift her's up. But he didn't show it. He made his expression mocking and emotionless.

"I'm your husband, my dear, so please, be frank with me." he told her. Tears started trikling down Scarlett's cheeks.

"Oh, it's Ashley!" she sobbed. Rhett's jaw hardened and his eyes turned into ice at the mention of Ashley's name.

"What the hell did he do to you?" he demanded.

"I love him so......" Scarlett sobbed. Rhett felt as if someone slapped him, though he doubted the pain could be any worse.

"I feel sorry for you, my dear....." he growled, making the pet name sound like a curse word.

"Why do you care Rhett? All you ever do is mock me!" she cried. Rhett pulled out a handkerchief and threw it at her.

"Because you're throwing happiness away with both hands!" he shouted angrily."You have a family, a daughter and a husband that need you, and you run around some stupid Ashley that doesn't give a damn about you!" he yelled in her face. Scarlett jumped up.

"Oh no Rhett, you're wrong!" she shouted back,"he does love me. It's better to love him then have a husband who doesn't give a damn about you!" she shouted. Rhett clenched his fists hard, afraid he would loose control and strike her. How could she say that? Or even think it?

"So it's true?" he whispered.

"What's true, Rhett?" she sniffled into his handkerchief.

"What India told me is true!" he shouted. Scarlett turned pale.

"She didn't dare-!"

"Yes she did, sit down!" he shouted.

"Oh Rhett, I don't know how you didn't kill her, spreading lies like that!" she whined. Rhett snorted.

"I have a strange way of not killing people who tell the truth." he muttered, grabbing his coat and walking down the stairs and out the door. Scarlett shrugged. He'll be back.

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