.title: happiness is the best revenge
.prompt: #40 "wipe that smirk off your face, boy"
.warning: language. otokage sasuke. uchiha brat(s).
.summary: Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Sure, it was widely known that Haruno Sakura had betrayed Konoha to marry him, the Uchiha traitor and to live in Oto.

um, yeah... most of these are going to be family-sasusaku... or sasusaku and their married life. there will be au, canon and different timelines. some may connect with each other and some won't. it's a 50prompt challenge i gave myself to revive my muse, lol. enjoy~!

.disclaimer: naruto is owned by masashi kishimoto. oc's belongs to veroxion. plot belongs to veroxion.

The Otokage, Uchiha Sasuke was in the middle of doing some paperwork when the doors to his office opened and two shinobi walked in, along with a boy around the age of eight. Sasuke immediately identified his son and scowled at the two shinobi and how they were holding him—with both the boys hands behind his back like he was some prisoner.

"What is this?" Sasuke asked, trying to keep his voice straight.

"Otokage-sama, it seems Sanosuke-sama started a fight at the Academy."

Sasuke rose an eyebrow at this. His son was well behaved. He never started fights. He was much like his mother: kind and thoughtful. Sanosuke didn't get irritated easily and usually let things slide. Heck, he didn't even make a huge fuss when his younger sisters bit him.

So why was his son causing such a ruckus at the Academy? He stole a glance at his son, whose head was hung low. Sanosuke refused to meet his gaze as if he was ashamed of his actions. Sasuke's eyes softened slightly. Even if his son had started a fight, there would be a perfectly good explanation as to why he did.

One of the shinobi spoke up again. "He refuses to tell us the reason why he punched a kid in the face."

"I said I wanted to tell my dad." Sanosuke muttered, glaring up at the shinobi—who was actually his Academy sensei—through his black bangs. The man sneered back down at him and behind the boys back, twisted his arm a bit. Sasuke had the man up against the wall by his neck before Sanosuke could even cry out from the pain.

"Don't you dare touch my son like that." the Uchiha threatened, squeezing his throat harshly before he let go. The man gasped for breath before bowing towards Sanosuke. "I apologize, Uchiha-sama." he stated breathlessly. Sanosuke didn't say anything and the other male holding onto him let go.

"Get out of my sight, both of you." Sasuke snapped out and the two shinobi left the office quickly and quietly, fear chasing after them.

Once the door was closed, Sasuke walked over to his son and placed a hand on the back of his head, encouraging him to walk. Sanosuke sat down in one of the seats in front of the desk, rubbing the arm that his sensei had twisted.

Sasuke sat down in his own seat and laced his fingers together, settling his chin down on top of them. "Now, what happened?" he asked, his voice stern, but still laced with worry and concern.

Sanosuke stopped rubbing his arm and looked his father dead in the eye. Though he may have looked angry, the boy knew he wasn't.

"...this kid, Hoaru... started making fun of mum." Sanosuke told his father. "He said she was a bad woman, because she betrayed Konoha... and the only reason she married you, was because... she... she was..."


Sanosuke bit his lip and fiddled with his fingers. "He said she was a whore."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Sure, it was widely known that Haruno Sakura had betrayed Konoha to marry him, the Uchiha traitor and to live in Oto. But by no means did that make her a bad woman or a whore.

"How hard did you hit him?"

"Hard." Sanosuke replied. "He deserved it."

"Damn right he did."

Sanosuke smirked.

"Wipe that smirk off your face, boy. You're still in trouble."

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