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Chapter 2

"Are you sure, Yin?" Hei asked.

"Yes, she's on her way there right now."

With his hands in his jean pockets, Hei camped out at the playground near Home Run House in his Li outfit. Pacing around, he waited anxiously for Misaki to appear as he had Yin track her movements. She owed him as she had interrupted his midnight rendezvous with the beautiful officer, all because Huang, that bastard, had called a late night meeting. More accurately, the Syndicate thought that they were at their beck and call.

He was just getting to the good part as he had figured he could spend some alone time with the officer. It was his method for worming his way into her head even more so that he was always on her mind - just like she was on his. It fit the image of BK-201, unlike this shy and unassuming character of Li. Even so, he couldn't break out of it since this was the image the Syndicate had told him to personify.

"Waiting for someone in particular, Hei?"

"Mao. What are you doing here?" Hei asked suspiciously.

"Nothing really... I know you've been keeping tabs on the lady officer."

Mao slowly licked his paw as Hei's calm mask of Li turned into a piercing gaze. Even so, he wasn't going to say anything to Huang or the Syndicate. He would choose how he acted, even if he was a dog (or more accurately a cat) of the Syndicate's. After all, Hei was the one who made things interesting around here.

"Get lost. You'll be in the way."

"Don't worry," Mao replied lazily. "It's not like I would tell Huang. What's the fun in that? Besides, it's entertaining to see what kind of escapades you get into."

"I said go."

"Going, going..."

Hei watched carefully as Mao made his way towards the slide by the sandbox, one of his favourite places to laze around in the sun. After all, the girl from the shop would come out looking for him with food in hand. That damned cat only had self-interest at heart. Even so, Hei was not going to let him get in the way of his meeting, self-created, with Misaki.

He turned his attention back to the pathway that led to the ramen house and wondered when Misaki would arrive. He didn't have that much free time since he was sure the Syndicate would have others watching them, even if Huang didn't report anything to them. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he got reprimanded - not that he cared - by Huang for things he didn't even notify him about.

While he waited, he took the time to carefully reconstruct the bashful expression of Li's. He hated this personality since he was expected to be meek and mild. That way, he could get by without bringing too much attention to himself. At the same time, it hindered his own personal interests, specifically the relationship he had with Misaki.

If only he could mix his two personalities together... To be assertive since BK-201 was aggressive while Li was passive. Then he could possibly ask her out, even though he knew he shouldn't. But honestly, he didn't care what the others thought. He could protect her if he really needed to. He wasn't scared of any of the Syndicate's pawns.

Despite that knowledge, he didn't want to cause trouble as it would be a hassle, forcing him to be on the run for the rest of the life. At the same time, he still needed to find the answers to what exactly happened with Bai. He wouldn't forget his original goal, even if he was interested in a woman like the officer. He had searched for Bai for much too long and she was much too important to be forgotten.

A hint of movement along with a flash of blue in his periphery captured his attention and he spotted Misaki wandering towards the ramen house. She loved to eat, just like he did and they had been here once before. He figured she would come back some time as their food was delicious. He had just hoped it wouldn't be too long since she was always busy with work.

As she walked to the store from one direction, Hei made his way around the park so that he came out on the other side. This would let him walk towards her, but his appearance wouldn't be suspicious as he was quite a distance away before she would see him.

Taking on that slow gait that Li was known for, Hei shoved his hands into his pocket and hunched his shoulders slightly forward. Glancing at the ground a few feet in front of him, he made his way towards the shop, pretending that he didn't see Misaki at all. As he neared the playground once more, he turned his gaze towards it and saw Mao calmly watching him.


"Eh?" he exclaimed, feigning surprise. "Kirihara-san..."

"Shouldn't you be in school?" she asked with a small smile.

"I - I have a bit of time off since we're doing exams right now."

"Oh... And you're not studying for them?"

"Well I was, but..." he said, looking away sheepishly as his stomach grumbled in response.

She chuckled and opened the door for him to enter. Thanking her with a slight bow, Li entered the store first to secure a table for two. The owner grinned at him and told him to pick any table he liked. It wasn't like the place was busy; it never was. It was only him on duty since his daughter was in school and Li was glad. One less person to witness their encounter.

"So, what will you have?" the owner called out as the two of them were seated.

"The usual for me," Li said.

"And for you, miss?"

"I'll have 3 bowls of your house special please," Misaki answered.

The owner's eyes widened in surprise, shaking his head in response before turning to enter the back. Li made sure that he was gone before he turned his attention back to Misaki. She watched him and quickly turned away when she got caught. He knew she was interested in him, but Misaki wasn't the type to make the first move. Not only that, but it was a darned nuisance since Li wasn't the type to make the first move either...

"So um, what brings you all the way out here, Kirihara-san?" Li asked, striking up a conversation. "Isn't it kind of far from your work place?"

"I... I know, but I had some extra time to myself today and I really liked the food here."

"I see. Are you capturing any bad guys?"

"A few, but don't worry," she said softly. "I'm sure they wouldn't want to hurt you since you're so sweet anyways."

Misaki blushed at her own words and Li felt nervousness building up inside of him. He didn't know what it was about her, but he could never keep control over his emotions like he should. After all, he was Hei, the Black Reaper. Except, he always behaved like the awkward Li around her when he was in these situations. That was why he had gone after her as the Black Reaper, hoping it would help him keep control of the situation.

"I... Ah, thanks," Li answered, scratching at the back of his neck. "I... I feel safer knowing that you're looking out for us."

"Of course. It's my job," she replied with a smile. "So what is it that you're studying? Have I asked this before?"

"No, not that I recall. Um... Well, I'm kind of just taking general studies right now."

"Not sure what you want to do?"

He nodded his head in reply, wondering how to get out of this one. Somehow, he always got drawn into her pace when they were alone together as Misaki and Li. He could just change personalities, but he didn't really want her to know that he was the Black Reaper. It was entirely frustrating to be trapped in this useless, shy personality. At the same time, Misaki was attracted to him as this persona so he didn't want to deviate from it.

"That's alright. I'm sure you'll figure out what you hope to accomplish. Thank you," Misaki said, the last part directed to the owner as he returned with their order.

"I'll be back with more when you're ready," he replied, glancing at Li.

"Thanks," he mumbled, slightly embarrassed.

Misaki knew he ate a lot; she did too. People always seemed to make a big fuss about it. He didn't need to be reminded of that fact in front of Misaki. Even so, when he casually glanced at her, she grinned and started to dig into her food. The owner left them, muttering about the fact that he would look like him before he turned 30 and Li pretended not to hear as he went to grab the chopsticks.

"Has anything exciting happened for you?" Li asked her after taking a few bites of the noodles. "I mean, if I'm not asking too much. You don't have to answer if you don't want to..."

"Exciting? You mean, besides work?"

Li nodded. He wished she wasn't so professional since he wanted to know what she thought about her encounter with him the other night. It would never happen, but he could always hope. The farthest she had ever gone was to mention that there were bad people out there, but never said a thing about any of her actual business.

"Hm... Not really," she said, starting on her next bowl. "I guess it's kind of boring since it's always the same things with me... But um, I went shopping with Kanami - even if she had to force me to go. Besides that, work always keeps me busy."

"Did you buy anything?"

Shaking her head in response, she turned her attention away from him and stared into her bowl of noodles. Li watched her momentarily before turning back to the food in front of him. She didn't seem like the shopping type. She was the type who threw herself into her work 100% which should be fine with him, since technically, he was related to her work anyways. But it wasn't.


"What about you?" Misaki asked, not realizing that she interrupted him. "You don't have friends to hang out with?"

"Well... Not when it comes to eating," he replied with a small chuckle. "They think I take too long..."

"I could imagine that," she answered with a grin. "Hm... Are you not feeling well?"

"S - Sorry? What makes you think that?"

"You're not eating that much."

Li looked down to see that he only made his way through four of the bowls when she was already cleaning up her third. The other six bowls were still sitting on the table and they both knew that he ate much more than that. He was hungry, but at the same time, he was busy trying to think of ways to draw personal information from her.

"I - I'm fine," he said with a weak chuckle. "I guess I'm more nervous about these exams than I realized."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine."

Damn it, just ask her out already, Hei thought to himself. But... What if she thinks it's too bold of Li and refuses? Or worse, doesn't take to his advances?


"Oops, sorry. Phone."

Li inwardly sighed as she turned away from him while she put the phone to her ear. She spoke quietly and he had the distinct feeling that she would run away on him. After all, phone calls were always work-related with her. There was no worry that he had any rivals, but at the same time, he had no means of pursuing their relationship. Just once, he wanted to spend a decent amount of time with her - with no interruptions whatsoever...

"I know, I'm sorry," Misaki said, an apologetic glance cast in Li's direction. "I went for lunch. I'll be back right away."

"Okay, see you there."

She sighed as she hung up and stared into her empty bowl for a moment before glancing up at him. Li smiled weakly since he didn't know what to say at this point in time. Luckily, the owner came with more bowls to break the silence, only to be surprised that there was still food on the table.

"Eh?" he exclaimed. "Y - You're not finished yet?"

"I'll finish it; don't worry."

"It was delicious, like always," Misaki said. "If I could have the bill... I'm afraid my visit got cut short and I really need to run."

"Eh... Alright. I'll leave these for you here then."

Li nodded as the owner placed the bowls on their table. He waited for the owner to leave again before he turned to Misaki. She smiled as she glanced at him, patiently waiting for the bill. Again losing his chance to make a move, Li forced himself to smile.

"I can get it for you, Kirihara-san," Li stated. "After all, you're in a hurry."

"Oh no, I couldn't do that. It must be difficult for you living here by yourself as a student."

"I... Really, it's not that much more. After all, I already eat enough as it is..."

"Are you sure that's alright?" she asked with a slight hint of blush to her cheeks. "I mean..."

"Yes, it'll be fine. I - I hope we can do this again some time."

"Me too," she murmured. "Thanks a lot, Li-kun. I owe you one. I'll treat you out next time we get the chance."

Nodding at him, she dashed off after he said his good-byes. Right after she left, the owner returned with the bill and was surprised to find her missing. Telling him to put everything on one bill, Li finally turned to his food with renewed vigour. So much for that encounter... Again. It looked like he was back to attempting this as the Black Reaper as he seemed to get more done that way... Kind of...


A/N: The END. Hopefully it didn't seem like a cop out ending cuz at least this chapter describes Hei's motive for behaving like he did (in chapter 1).

My apologies if the Hei/Li transition was confusing. I did it on purpose to illustrate which persona he was using at the time. It kind of documents the split-personality we know he is.