The sequel to the First time!

I decided to make it a separate story for many reasons:

It will just be rated T.
It's gonna be funny!

And it will be damn cute!



Chapter 1

Thought I felt nauseous.


Morning's at the NEST headquarters were usually quiet, especially when it was the weekend. All the soldiers were still sleeping, the Autobot's were still in recharge, and the halls were still and silent.

But the stillness didn't last long.

A loud gagging noise startled Jazz out of his recharge cycle...again. Blinking tiredly, he glanced over at the closed door of the human restroom. What was that noise? Oh, wait a klik...

His optics widened when he saw Tai stumble out of the bathroom, looking kind of pale and a little green. 'God damn...ya know, milkshake is great going down.' She plopped down on her bed, laying on her back, her hands on her flat toned stomach. 'But coming up, not so much..' She then smiled when Sparrow, their little x-box daughter, twittered happily and cuddled close to her mother.

Jazz grimaced. 'You sure you okay?' He asked, kneeling down next to her and placing his giant silver hand around them both. 'You've been purgin' yer tanks alot lately.'

She cuddled close to his hand and giggled. 'Oh yeah, I'm totally fine babe, probably just caught something or ate something weird.' She then felt the familiar queasy feeling. 'BRB!' She then bolted back into the bathroom, leaving a clicking and sputtering Sparrow in her wake.

Jazz raised an optic ridge. 'Better tell the Hatchet what's up.' He said to Sparrow, who simply cooed in agreement and climbed up onto her Daddy's shoulder and settled there. 'I was hopin' you'd come with me.' He chuckled, reaching and gently flicking his daughter on her small head. 'He usually won' show violence when there's a sparklin' the room.'

Sparrow clicked.


'Okay, so explain to me again.' Ratchet said after Jazz explained the situation to him. Sparrow was off to the side, playing with one of his many wrenches, much like Annabelle would with one of her stuffed animals. 'Tai has been purging her tanks and you wait until now to tell me this?'

Jazz cringed at the tone. 'Well, ya know how she is...she hates admittin' anything's wrong wit her!'

Ratchet rolled his optics in annoyance. 'Yes, that is very true...tell me how long this has been going on.'

'Wha?' The silver mech asked, staring at the pile of ominous wrenches that were in arms reach for the irate medic.

'Tell. Me. How. Long. This. Has. Been. Going. On.' Ratchet asked again, speaking extremely slowly.

' guesstimation...around three weeks now...'

Mikaela, who was nearby going through various nuts and bolts, looked up sharply. Tai's been throwing up for three weeks? What the flip?

'When does it usually happen?' The CMO asked, feeling one of the energon lines in his temple throbbing in annoyance.

The silver mech thought about it for a minute. 'Umm...when she wakes up from recharge...'

That little sentence alone caught Mikaela's attention even more. Putting two and two together, her eyes widened. No way in the freaking Pitt!! Dropping what she was doing, she bolted out of the medbay door and to Tai's office.



Humming the Azumanga Daioh theme song in her head, Tai finished up the last of the long ass reports Lennox had asked her to do. her fingers flying over the keyboard with amazing speed

'And finally, in conclusion...yaddi, yaddi, yaddi...' She closed her lap top and sat back in her zebra print chair, rubbing her stomach. She no longer felt queasy, just very nauseous. Was that normal? Straining her memory, she tried to remember what in the world she could've eaten to make her sick for three weeks. Maybe it was the sushi. She made a mental note to cut back on the stuff, no matter how delicious it was. Getting up from her chair, she started to pick up all of Sparrow's toys that were strewn around her office, including crayons Annabelle had her, several coloring books, a pink kitty that Sam had given her which was very soft (sometimes Tai would borrow it to cuddle), and children's books that included Goodnight Moon, Love you forever, and various Dr. Seuss books.

Sighing, she stood back up and stacked the books neatly. 'God, when did I turn into such a neat freak?' She remembered leaving coats, pants, shoes, even her bra, in awkward places. But ever since Sparrow came into the picture, she felt...complete. Not to mention more motherly. It was like foster care all over again. But this time she had a wonderful sparkmate, or husband, to help her. She sighed dreamily at the thought of her silver jive talkin' lover bot. She was snapped out of her thoughts when there was a knock on her door.

'What up?' She called.

Mikaela stepped in, being careful not to trip over the Barbie's that blocked the door. 'Wow, you can tell a kid lives here.'

'Gee, how could you tell?' Tai laughed as she plopped down onto the couch and put her feet up. 'What brings ya here, Mikky?'

Mikaela laughed slightly at her nickname and sat down next to her. 'So, I was just in the medbay area, I happened to overhear Jazz telling Ratchet that you've been puking...what's going on?'

'That big mouth!' Tai rolled her eyes. 'I'm fine,'s probably something I ate..'

Mikaela wasn't having it. 'Tai, it would've been out of your system a long time ago...'

'Well then, maybe I caught something..' Tai tried again.

'You don't look sick and you don't have a fever!' Mikaela proved it by placing her hand on Tai's forehead. 'Cool as a cucumber! Tai, don't you think for might be getting sick for other reasons?'

Tai laughed. 'Like what?'

Mikaela gave her a look.

She got it.

'Oh no! No, no, no! There is no there?' Tai felt the color drain out of her face.

'How do you think they reproduce?'

'I thought they built the sparkling body and program the spark from both of the creators!'

'Well for normal robots, but you're part human! You may actually develop it inside of you, like a human baby! But listen, let's not jump to conclusions just yet! You may be right, but it won't hurt to check!'

'I guess you're right...' Tai took a shaky breath. 'But we can't take Barricade, he'll know something's a foot...'

'We'll take my bike!'


'Mikky, this is so embarrassing!' Tai exclaimed, going through box after box on the shelf. 'Not to mention, I find it hilarious that they put these next to condoms!'

'Well yeah, it's to say the following..'You don't use these, you'll end up using one of these!'..Oh, here we go! The digital one! The clearest one ever! Pregnant not Pregnant, easy as hell to read!'

Tai took the box and looked at it. She rose an eyebrow. 'Eighteen dollars?'

'Hey, kids are expensive..even the ones who don't exist yet! Now go buy a gallon of some sort of liquid, drink it, then go pee!'

'Yes mom..' Tai grumbled, heading to the juice aisle and picking up a Sunny D.

A couple hours later back at the base, Tai ran to the bathroom, her 'pee stick' clutched tightly in her hand. 'Alright, I'm peeing...'

'I'll be waiting!' Mikaela said.

'What's going on?' Sam, who was visiting with Bumblebee and just happened to be walking by, asked.

'Oh, Tai might be pregnant!' Mikaela said casually.

Sam nearly choked on his own saliva. 'What?!'

'What?!' Leo exclaimed, poking his head in.

'What?!' Miles exclaimed as well.

Mikaela raised an eyebrow. 'You all come together?'

The next thing they heard was Tai's voice from the bathroom. 'Would you all shut the fuck up? I'm trying to go!' The four teens fell silent, broken occasionally by a small cough by either Leo or Miles. 'Well, make some noise!' She called again.

'Well, Tai!' Sam exclaimed, standing right outside the door. 'I don't know what to say, either then, 'How!?'...and did you and Jazz, you know...'

'Yes!' She called back in exasperation. 'And apparently my equipment can still make fetus's! I'll be damned!!'

'Did not need to hear that, but seriously?!'

'I don't know! Can I just finish peeing?!'

A few moments later, Tai stepped out, holding the pregnancy test in her hand..dry and pee free of course.

'Well?' Leo asked.

'It takes five minutes of seasonng..' Tai sighed, sitting down and taking a deep breath. Miles handed her a mountain dew, which she took gratefully. Five minutes passed by...incredibly slowly. Tai took anotrher deep breath and lifted up the white stick so she could look at it.

There it was.

Clear as Day.



Ahh cliffhangers! *smiles evily*

Finally got this done, I feel like the ending sucked but I am delirious from excaustion, been working 25-30 hour work weeks!

I promise the next chapter will be longer!