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Chapter 8

Home coming


It was very tense in the base as everyone eagerly awaited the return of Tai, and the sparkling. Optimus kept pacing back and forth, once in a while, glancing out the window for any sign of his precious daughter. Jazz was still unconsious on the floor, with Breakaway poking at his forehead and Sparrow tugging on his servo, trying to get her Daddy to wake up. Barricade simply sat back, his red optics once in a whle glancing at the door, waiting for his charge to come back.

Sam and Mikeala simply watched the scene before them, feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

"Think she's alright?" Mikeala asked.

"Oh yeah, she'll be fine...she's tough." Whether he was saying that to assure her or himself, he wasn't sure.

A sound outside caught everyone's attention, the sound of tires on gravel.

"Is that them?" Ratchet asked.

Optimus looked out the window agaian and sure enough, there was the car mode of Mudflap approaching. He smiled, excitement growing in his spark.

A few moments later, the huge base doors opened and in walked Simmons, Leo, and Maple. Optimus and Ratchet both raised an optic ridge at Simmons wrapped hands.

"May I ask what happened?" The medical bot asked.

"I believe some certain scary, bad tempered doc bot forgot to mention that energon placenta has a tendency to burn human flesh!" Simmons snapped, gesturng wildly which turned out to be a bad idea because it only made his hands hurt even more.

"My apologees...but desperate times call for desperate measures.." Ratchet was trying very hard to hide his gleeful smirk.

Optimus decided to cut in. He wanted to see his newly born grandchild as soon as possible. "Is Tatyana alright?"

"Oh yeah, she's fine...a little sore but perfectly alright!" Maple piped up, smiling rather hugely. Looking around, she noticed a certain mech was missing. "Where's Jazz?" All the Autbot's present in the room pointed over to the left side of the room to reveal the unconsious form of Tai's sparkmate.

"Wow...seriosuly!" She asked in shock.

"He got a wee bit stressed out." Sideswipe said, shaking his red helm as he and Sunny continued to watch Breakaway and Sparrow attempt to wake up the unconsious solstice.

"Daddy! Wake up!" Sparrow whined, pulling on one of his fingers with all of her might. "Mommy had little Haruhi! Wake upppppp!" She fell back onto her little aft as she lost her grip.

"Good try, little gal." Breakaway laughed. "Yo, Jazz! Wakey wakey!" Leanig in closer, he simply stared at Jazz, picking up that trick from humans. It worked. After a few seconds, Jazz's optics came back online, only to find Breakaway leaning in rather...close.

"GAH!" He yelled, jolting up, which caused him to bash his head right into Breakaway, causing both mechs to yell out in pain."What're you trying to do, man? Give me a spark attack!"

"My head!" Breakaway yelled out, gingerly poking at the dent on his helm. "Why'd you shoot up like that!"

"Hey, man, shut up! I wasn't the one leaning over an unconsious person!" Jazz retorted, now standing up to his full height, which compared to Breakaway was...well..puny.

"Watch it, bud...ou'll be leaning over the Eifel tower if you annoy me.." The jet growled.

"Yeah, yeah,...come on, bring it...!"

Breakaway shrugged before swinging an arm back and sucker punching the solstice, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

"Well, he brought it.." Jazz muttered, his voice sounding dazed.

Optimus simply pinched the bridge of his nose plate in annoyance. There was that migraine...

"You interested at all in meeting your kid or not?" Simmons asked, watching the two large metal beings fight like middle school boys.

That caught Jazz's attention and in seconds, he was kneeling in front of the small group of humans, which almost caused them to fall over in shock.

"Where's Tai!" He asked frantically. "Where's the sparkling! Ar they alright? It he/she alright?" Ratchet qucikly stepped forward and seized Jazz by the horn, causing him to shut up and make a weird whimpering noise.

"If you pass out again, you'll wake up as a toaster!" Ratchet snapped, releasing the second in command.

Sam and Mikeala simply laughed to themselves.

"So, anyway!" Maple said, getting everyone's attention. "As Aunty Maple, I am proud to introduce the lovely Tatyana Topaz Prime and her son, Techno Orion Robert Blurr Prime."

And with that, Tai walked in with Fantasy and Mudflap, carrying a small bundle in her arms. Optimus quickly and carefully kneeled in front of his daughter, who simply looked up at him, looking worn out but estacially happy.

"Hey your grandson." She carefully pulled the part of the coat covering Techno's face away, revealing the sparklings features, including the small tendrils of wire like hair and what appeared to be ears. Optimus was speechless with awe, shock, and pride. With his large finger, he gently reached out and touched the tiny fingers of the small metal sparkling. Techno's visor lit up as he felt the spark signature of his grandfather, and he looked up. He then took hold of Prime's finger with his tiny ones and held on as tight as he could.

"Tatyana..." Optimus breathed out, careful not to move his hand for fear of hurting the tiny sparkling. "I am so proud of you...He is amazing.."

Tai smiled as Techno cooed slightly, letting go of Optimus's finger and waving his small arms happily at the sight of all the Autobot's in the room. Ironhide smiled lightly at the little being, who looked just like Jazz, which was slightly alarming. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker gazed down at the sparkling in Tai's arms with a mixture of emotions. Sides was way excited to have a little sparkling to babysit and teach pranks too, while Sunny simply looked annoyed. Sparrow was bad enough...

Ratchet discreetly gave both mother and son a quick scan, only to reveal that besides being tired, they were both in perfect health.

Bumblebee whirred in excitement as he saw Techno, his optics lighting up

Barricade walked over to his charge and kneeled next to her, himself gazing down at the sparkling in interest. Truth be told, Tech was a pretty cute kid...bu he'd never admit that out loud.

"Nice work." He said, giving her a thumbs up.

Tai rolled her eye and optic, giving him a mock dirty look. "Come on, admit think he's cute.."

Barricade shrugged casually. "Hey, I'm not saying nothing..besides, nice work...fatass."

"Fragger." She retorted.

"Whoa now, virgin audio receptors in the room.." Sam mock scolded them as he and Mikeala walked forward.

"Oh my god, look at his little face!" The dark haired girl cooed, touching the soft metal of his cheek. The charcoal gray sparkling cooed and stared at the two humans with interest.

"Hey, little guy, I'm your Uncle Sam!" Sam smiled as Techno grabbed onto his finger.

Techno clicked slightly, looking around the room in interest.

"So, what do you think of the joint?" Tai asked her son, who simply made yet another cooing noise. She then looked up as she heard Jazz approach, somehwhat nervously. She slowly walked over o her sparkmate, smiling all the brighter. "Hey babe." She greeted, her eye and optic shining with love. "Wanna meet your son?"

Jazz was silent for a second before he said in a rather shaky tone. "I have a son." He sounded like he couldn't believe it. Kneeling down, he gazed down at the small face of his son, his visor rising up, showing compassionate optics. Techno looked up, feeling teh spark signature of his father, his own little visor raising up, shoiwng his bright blue optics. With his tiny arms, he reached toward his father, his tiny fingers opening and closing in silent command for his father to hold him.

"You want Daddy, is that what you want?" Tai said in a baby voice to the sparkling. "I think I can allow that!" Jazz held out his servo, which were shaking slightly. Tai gently placed the sparkling in his servos.

Jazz carefully brought the sparkling closer until he was holding him against his chest. Techno felt the strong spark energy from his father and cooed happily, craning his small neck to gaze up into the optics of his dad.

"Hey, little guy...I'm your Dad." He said in a soft tone, bringing Techno up to his face. "If I screw up, promise you won't hold against me?"

Techno cooed slightly and touched his father's face with his small hand.

Tai watched the scene unfold when she felt a tug on her skirt. There was Sparrow, looking excited.

"I wanna see!" She said in a whiney tone.

Jazz and Tai looked at one another and laughed, as Jazz kneeled down to show Sparrow her new baby brother.

Sparrow stared at her little brother's face with deep concentration. "Haruhi?" She asked hopefully.

Techno clicked in confusion.

Jazz laughed. "Sorry, sweets, it's not a girl..."

"Yeah, it's a boy."

Sparrow looked disappointed but then shrugged her small white shoulders. "That's okay, mommy and daddy, you can have a gil next time."

She sounded so honest, it made everyone in the room laugh.

Optimus appeared next to his second-in-comand, and placed his hand on his shoulder. Jazz looked up and was amazed to see nothing but pride.

"I'm proud of you." He said in a soft tone as Techno fell asleep against Jazz's chest. "Both of you."

"Thank's Daddy.." Tai said with a smile as she picked up Sparrow, who continued to watch her little brother's face.

"Techno...welcome to the Autobots."



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