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Chapter 1 – Women…

"Guh-gih-gri… Nnnnh! Ah! Grim-Grimmjow!" the woman underneath Grimmjow moaned as he kept pounding into her, getting closer and closer to climax: he could feel it. Whatever, just keep thrusting, fuck how the woman was fairing. Hell, he didn't even know who she was, he just wanted a good fuck after a hard day. He could feel her tightening and her body shaking. " AAH! GRIMMJOW!"

She fell slumped into the bed while her orgasm raged through her system, but he kept on penetrating her, having not yet gotten off. After a few more fast and brutal thrusts he felt the pulsing in his dick and he came with a grunt. He didn't fall on top of her though, he kept himself supported above her, his arms shaking but not giving out, letting the pleasure course through his body.

Once he was certain he could move again without wobbling or falling over, he pulled out of her and stood up. She lay there, spent, in the wrinkled sheets covered in sweat, fading into sleep. He just snorted and sneered and turned into the bathroom. He removed the condom he had been using and glowered at it. Fuckin' nasty things, fuckin' hated 'em like hell, but they sure as hell got what he wanted done. He looked at himself in the mirror and grimaced and walked back out into the room, picked up his pants and walked out of the room onto the balcony.

He stood there listening to the sounds of the city all around him as he looked out at the stars. He happened to glance over to his right and saw the girl who was currently staying in the hotel room next to him. Like hell he woulda fucked that bitch in his own house. Grimmjow snorted again and a wicked grin split his face. His hand reached into his back pocket and he pulled out his box of cigarettes, pulled one out along with his lighter, lit it, and took a long drag. He frowned.

He was not satisfied. That woman did nothing for him, fuck, if anything, she made it even worse: before he simply was in need of a good fuck: now he was DYING for one. He continued to stand there until he jumped and pulled his hand away with a loud curse as ash fell onto his hand and burn him from his cigarette. He had forgotten about it and the cigarette burned until the ash from it became too heavy and fell from its' place.

His frown deepened and he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and flicked over the side of the railing, onto the pavement below, and walked back inside. He looked at the woman and sneered. Fuckin' waste of his time. He threw on his button-up shirt without even bothering to do them and walked out of the room and down the corridor and stairs to the main lobby and left.

"Shit… I left my car at the club. Fuck!" Grimmjow glared into the black horizon and then sighed. "Might as well get to walkin'. Ain't gonna get nowhere just by standing here."

With that said, he began the trek back to the club he had picked up the broad, got buzzed enough to take her to a hotel and fuck 'er, and left his car. Grimmjow rolled his eyes. 'Gooood times….' he thought with sarcasm. He sighed again. Why did he even still go out to those freakin' clubs anyway? He snorted out a laugh and thought, 'oh yeah, that's right. Love the alcohol.'

As he turned the corner he pulled out another cigarette and lit it. He needed a damn cigarette right now anyway! He was so pissed at himself, 'fuckin' car. Goddammit, how fuckin' stupid am I fer not parkin' at least closer to the damn hotel!' Grimmjow raged in his mind. 'Oh right. He hadn't planned that.'

He rubbed at his temples, already feeling the throbbing set in. 'Okay,' he decided. ' I'm sick of fucking any bitch I cross. I needa get me a girl that can hold her own and can god DAMN SATISFY ME!' He groaned loudly. How he hated the antics of bitches. Always nagging and bitching for shit they don't even need but WANT. They just 'had to have'.

"Tch.." His brows furrowed, repulsed at his current thoughts. They were weak and depended on the men to protect them and do shit for them. Sure, some of that was okay, but god damn. Do something for yourselves, damn wenches. They talked about stupid things and gossiped about who was fucking who and who was in what scandal. They cared too much about that and how they looked: Don't get him wrong, he LOVED nicely built women and big tits, but the obsession of it was deterring. He didn't care what they wore so long as they could keep up with him and gave him a good fuck every once in a while. He wanted an independent woman who could think on her own, take care of herself, didn't take shit from others, talked her mind, and had a nice body. He smiled grimly at his standards. 'Good luck with finding that chick… One in a million….'

He grunted and tapped his cigarette, making the compiling ash fall to the ground as he watched it. He hadn't even noticed he had stopped walking. Shaking his head he started walking again, the club still quite a few blocks away. As he turned onto another block, he heard some scuffling noises and some muffled voices coming from a nearby alleyway. He drew closer, silently, interested to know what was going on. Once he reached the edge of the alley, he very slowly poked his head around the corner and his eyes widened at what he saw.

"Come on honey. Why don't cha come with me and my friend here? We'll treat cha good." A man that was obviously a hoodlum and drunk was pestering a young woman, a group of five others standing with him, laughing. They were circled around the woman and pushing her back and forth amongst them so that she would fall into their arms. She was scowling and looked like she was barely keeping herself in check as the morons kept harassing her.

"I already said no thank you, jackass. Now leave me the hell alone, ALL OF YOU!" she stomped her foot on the man's foot who was currently holding her. He yelled out in pain, threw her away from him, and grabbed onto his foot. Grimmjow took in her appearance as he watched the spectacle. She had shoulder blade length orange hair that was tousled and slightly pulled up to make it look wavy and sexy. Her face was done up with red eye shadow and glittery shiny lip gloss. She had on a black skin tight leather corset with no sleeves that had red lace on the hems and up through the front and back to tighten the garment. She had a smaller chest size and the corset was high enough not to show cleavage, though, the bottom of the corset was pretty high up: Grimmjow had a perfect view of half of her toned and tan stomach and belly button piercing that was glittering in the street lights.

She wore a tight black skirt that was obviously too short and the bottom of her ass was visible, much to Grimmjow's delight, and that she was wearing a thong. Her legs had thigh high fishnet stockings on that had straps on the tops of them that attached to the skirt underneath to hold them up. On her feet were some serious kick ass stilettos: the heels of the shoes were at least 6 inches and were black with a bow on the top part of the strap that went over her toes. When Grimmjow noticed her heels, he grimaced. Poor fellow, that had to have hurt like hell.

The woman, seeing the opening, started running for it when she was grabbed from behind and slammed against the alley wall with her stomach pressed against it. She let out a startled cry and tried to twist her head around to glare up at the man who had thrown her against it but he was pressed too hard into her back for such free movement.

"Fuckin' bitch! Yer gonna pay fer that!" he yelled and then a sickening smile slowly grew across his face. "And I think I know just how yer gonna do it too." His hands then lowered to her legs and began rubbing her thighs, making circles that traveled in between her legs and onto her inner thigh. She cried out in alarm and tried to close her legs but he noticed it and before she could fully respond, he shoved his right knee in between them, thus rendering her movements useless.

His hands then began inching higher, her cries turning into those more of pleasure than fright, but it was still there. One of his hands moved away from her legs and up to her stomach and he began feeling up her stomach slowly to her chest. By now, she was all but moaning though she was scowling and you could see her anger clearly through her rigid body. When his hands were right below her breasts, he bent over and bit her ear lobe, making her cry out as he grabbed on to her left breast and squeezed harshly. His hand on her thigh rose under her skirt and up to rub at her crotch when he froze up and pulled his head away with a frown.

"What the fu-…" He never got to finish his sentence as he was elbowed in the face by the woman and she kicked backwards, right in between his legs, and right into his crotch. He coughed and squeaked as his face scrunched up in pain, doubled over, and fell to the ground clutching his nuts with both hands. The others yelled and ran at her which she just smiled at with a wicked grin and a scowl still present on her face.

Before Grimmjow could fully understand what was going on, she had lifted her leg and kicked one of the men in the face, effectively rendering him unconscious as he fell to the pavement. The others didn't wait and just came at her all at once. Grimmjow watched as she elbowed, kicked, and punched her way through them until they were all laying on the ground either rolling around groaning in pain or unconscious. She began dusting herself off and straightening out her outfit. He smirked, 'Damn. What a beast.' He thought but his smirk quickly faded when he saw one of the fallen men stand up with a disgruntled look on his face and a gun in his hand; her back facing him.

Grimmjow's eyes widened and he moved faster than he ever thought possible as he yelled, "LOOK OUT!"

The girl whipped her head around with big startled eyes to look at him when she saw him grab the scruff of the hoodlum's neck and twist his arm with the gun around behind his back, the hoodlum grunting and squirming in pain at the awkward position. Grimmjow hit the young man on the back of his skull and kept hold of his gun as he fell to the ground knocked out cold. Grimmjow expertly took the gun apart and threw the pieces into the dumpster near the entrance of the alley. Grimmjow looked back up at the woman before him only to see her looking at him with suspicion and curiosity.

"When the hell did you get here?" she said coldly as she glared at him. He noticed that her voice was deeper than most women. He scratched the back of his neck as he took her appearance in again: this time from the front and a lot closer. She was gorgeous. She had a nice pointed chin and hazel eyes that held such a fiery passion. He shook his head when he noticed he had gotten lost in her eyes and had been staring too long; he noticed her scrutinizing him too. Well, not to brag or nothing, he knew he was damn sexy. Fuck, he knew damn well that he was like sex personified in human form, and he could tell she was enjoying the view from the look in her eyes. 'Heh, good thing I didn't bother with buttoning up my shirt.' He thought as a nasty grin split across his face.

He was tanned, though not so much as she was, and was very well built and toned with his muscles hard and rippling with every slight movement he made. He had a huge scar across his chest, but hey, women found that sexy about him. He had on a light blue, short sleeved button-up shirt with the buttons un-done and opened widely, showing off his muscular arms and great chest. His pants were a more loose form fitting type and were torn up, purposefully, up and down the legs. They were a light grey color and were faded up and down the front and back but not the sides.

He had on white shoes that had very thin soles and were shaped to his feet. Grimmjow's teal hair was in a disarray pieces sticking up this way and that, tousled obviously from recent sex. His bright blue eyes were staring straight at her, and her breath hitched a little when she saw the look in his eyes: lust, anger, and most importantly, a wild look of pure untamed power. She felt her cheeks heat up a little, and Grimmjow noticed.

"Well, I had been walking by when I heard some noises so I came to check out what the hell was going on and I saw you and," a pause as Grimmjow looked down at the hoodlums and sneered, "those going at it."

She tilted her head at this and stared even more intensely at him. He continued, "Though I gotta say, yer quite the beast, you totally kicked their asses." A grin split across his face again as his eyebrows furrowed and he stared her in the eyes: unashamedly showing his lust for her. Her face reddened more as she shifted weight from foot to foot. That's when Grimmjow noticed just how tall this chick was. His eyes grew big as he stared. With those god damn six inch heels on, she was his height: And he's fuckin' 6'4".

"Thanks I guess…" She scratched the back of her head, still scowling, putting more weight on her right leg then the other. "Hey listen, as cool as it is that you just saved my ass, I'm in a hurry and I'm already gonna be late. So if you don't mind, this is where I'll be leaving. Good night."

And with that, she turned away from Grimmjow and began to walk away. He felt desperate, which pissed him off to no end and before he could even think of stopping himself, he reached out towards her and ran to catch up.

"Hey! W-wait up!" Did he just freaking stutter? Goddammit! Grimmjow scowled. He didn't like that. When he saw her stop walking and turn around with a huff, annoyance clearly written across her face, he stopped walking towards her and rubbed at his neck. "What's yer name?"

She just stared at him with blank eyes and the ever-present scowl. "Ichigo," she said after about a minute of silence and turned around again and was walking away. This time, Grimmjow decided to walk with her instead of stop her.

"Ichigo, huh?" He liked how the name sounded coming from his mouth and judging from the shiver he saw pass through the woman walking next to him he guessed she did too. He smirked in triumph. "My name is Grimmjow. Where ya headed?"

"….Los Noches." She answered very annoyed. He smiled. Aaah, so that's why she was dressed this way. She was heading to the club back where his car was. She was out to party.

"Cool. Actually I'm heading there myself, left my car there while I…. went off on my little adventure." He smirked again. "Howzabout I walk with ya to the club? Ya know, to make sure ya don't get shot in the back by any stray bullets, ne?" He stopped abruptly and his grin faded when he saw the woman turn her head violently towards him and pure disgust and hatred leaked from her eyes.

"Listen," her voice came out tersely and strained, as if holding back her fury, "I don't know who the hell you are so just knock it off. I ain't some easy whore you can swoon and take back to yer place to fuck senseless. And I ain't no damsel in distress either. I can freakin' hold my own and the only reason that guy almost got me was because I didn't hear him get up. Don't think that just because of that incident that I'm some helpless bitch."

Her hands were on her hips that were cocked to the side as she ranted and raved about how independent she really was. Normally, Grimmjow found being bitched out rather repulsive, but the scowling face and insults were only turning him on more. He thought he was gonna burst and jump the poor woman soon if she didn't shut the hell up. Luckily enough for him, she did. Her breathing was labored and audible as she tried to calm herself down. His cock-eyed grin returned. Her scowl deepened. "What's with the shit eatin' grin?"

Grimmjow chuckled at the comment and shook his head slightly. "Oh nothing, it's just, normally women who bitch me out piss me off but I simply find you all the more interesting. And to answer the ranting before, I never said you couldn't kick some serious ass. I said I'd be here to watch yer back if there were any stray bullets that you needed protection from."

She snorted at his comment. Grimmjow inwardly smirked. 'This woman is so much different from other women. And god damn is she hot!' He felt his eyes lower to her breasts, then her exposed navel, and then onto her gorgeous long legs as he thought this. 'What I wouldn't give to get a piece of that fine ass.' He watched it shake from side to side with each step she took. GOD he was so fuckin' horny! He frowned at the feeling and a little whine escaped his lips; he didn't even notice he had even made a noise, but she did. And she thought that it was adorable and wanted to hear it again.

This man named Grimmjow was openly staring at her ass and she knew it but didn't care. In fact, she loved it, I mean c'mon! The man that was lusting after her was like a freakin' sex god. If she could, she'd be staring at his ass too. GOD it looked so firm just like the rest of him. She could tell from glancing at how his pants fit around his crouch to that he was VERY well endowed as well. She really wouldn't mind getting it on with this stranger. Her mouth began to water at the thought of him pushing into her as she tightened around him and cried out in pain and ecstasy. She blushed ferociously at her turn of thoughts and shook her head to wipe them away. She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and saw that he was looking right into her eyes and her breath hitched. His eyes were so beautiful, and the emotions that played through them caught her attention and made her want to stare into the bright blue pools forever. She blushed again.

Needless to say, Grimmjow could feel blood rushing down and his crotch twitching each time she blushed. GODDAMMIT! He needed to stop noticing such things about her or he really would lose his control and jump her. When he saw her eyes look into his, he watched her emotions play around in her eyes and saw lust and desire. He was ecstatic to say the least. He also took note that when her eyes were clouded with lust, they became darker: Almost a red violet hue to them. Damn, she was so pretty. He felt blood rush to his face as well and shook his head and looked up and forward trying to stop the blush that was starting to form across his face. He blinked twice, his eyes wide. He saw the line of people and the bouncer there letting the same number of people in as that number of people left.

"Wur here," he uttered a little in shock. Time had seemed to have gone so fast. How long had they been standing there? She looked up and saw the building. He looked at the door, then at her. Grimmjow looked at the bouncer and showed him his ID and the bouncer's eyes widened and then nodded. He looked back at Ichigo and reached for the door and opened it, bowing. "Ladies first."

She scowled at him then stared down at her feet. She didn't trust him yet but she didn't want to lose his company just yet. Having made up her mind, she just knew she was going to regret this later on.

"Uhm.. Er… Do-Do you want to join me?" She fumbled around on her words as she blushed down at the ground, not making eye contact with Grimmjow. He was shocked and stared at her wide eyed for a few seconds before shaking his head vigorously to clear it and grinned.

"Sure, why not? I ain't got nothin' better ta do anyway." And with that she looked up at him and smiled, WITHOUT her scowl and walked in with him following. The bass had been audible outside the club but once inside, everything hummed and thumped along with it. The building was darkly lit with strobe lights moving and flashing around at the dance floor. There were people everywhere: dancing, sitting at tables, at the bar drinking and many of them were making out throughout the room.

The smell of sweat and alcohol permeated the air; in certain areas, more strongly depending on how close you were to the dance floor or the bar. Ichigo glanced around the club and stood even more on her tippy-toes as she looked for… well whoever she was looking for. Grimmjow didn't have the slightest clue. He watched as he saw her eyes widen and a smile quickly grow on her face as she waved her arm frantically at someone on the other side of the club. He lifted his head and his heart dropped. There was a red headed man sitting at a table, huge smile across his face, waving as frantically as she was. Ichigo's smile grew bigger as she briskly walked over to the table, with Grimmjow in close pursuit behind her. Once at the table she put her hands on her hips and cocked them to the side.

"Where the hell is everyone else, eh?" She had lifted her left eyebrow while saying this, a crooked grin adorning her face. The red head snorted as he lift a glass a quarter full of translucent hazel colored alcohol and drank the rest of it in one gulp.

"They couldn't come," he said in obvious annoyance. "Freakin' said they were 'too busy' to come out 'n party tanight with us." When he said too busy, he raised his hands and his middle and ring fingers moved up and down in quotation marks: his tone mocking and drawn out childishly.

The red headed man's eyes widened as he looked over at Grimmjow and then back at Ichigo. "Who the hell is this guy? Where'd jya pick this dude up?" Grimmjow growled quietly and glowered at the man at being talked to and referred in such a condescending way.

"Ah, right. Renji, this is Grimmjow. Grimmjow, Renji." She motioned back and forth with her hands to the corresponding person as she said their names. "Grimmjow found me being jumped by a group of fuckin' hoodlums and saved me when a guy I thought was out cold pulled a gun on me."

The man now known as Renji, eyes widened when he heard this. He looked at Grimmjow; newfound respect and gratitude shown in them. Grimmjow inwardly smirked 'That's what I thought,' he thought. He took in Renji's apparel and appearance. He had long spiky hair pulled back into a pony tail with a bandana tied around his forehead, sunglasses over his eyes. He could see black tattoos traveling down from underneath Renji's bandana and in other areas too. He was wearing a skin tight plum colored long sleeve shirt, the sleeves covering half his hands as well. He was wearing skin tight black jeans as well the bottoms of them loosening slightly to come partially over top of his black and purple high tops. There was a purple studded belt and two long chains that criss-crossed from leg to leg. His entire outfit showed off his great build and muscles. Renji tilted his head, also taking Grimmjow's appearance in.

"So. Uhm, you go clubbing a lot Grimmjow?" Renji awkwardly tried to start some small talk, if only to end the weird silence that had befallen the small group besides the blaring music and voices of those all around them.

"I guess you could say so….. You?" Grimmjow answered somewhat awkwardly.

"I guess you could say so too. Er, or at least me and Ichi-Ichi here do." Renji responded. Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at the nickname and felt his spirits dampen and his heart lower more. Nickname? An affectionate one at that too. Was Renji Ichigo's boyfriend? Well fuck that would suck. Grimmjow let out another whine but this one went unheard underneath all the noise of the club. He really didn't want to give up on Ichigo, for god's sake! He had just met her!

"Oh. So yer her boyfriend then?" He just had to ask. Not knowing was killing him. Ichigo and Renji shared a look then looked back at Grimmjow. Renji shook his head no and began laughing: VERY loudly. Grimmjow scowled at that. How dare he laugh at him? Like hell he would've known that they weren't dating. He just freakin' met them! Ichigo looked at Grimmjow and nodded once, stepping closer to him.

"Ya wanna go dance with me?" Grimmjow's and Renji's eyes widened at her question and Grimmjow wordlessly nodded. He allowed Ichigo to drag him to the dance floor, squeezing through the undulating bodies, and into the middle. She looked him in the eyes and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck smiling as he placed his hands on her hips and she slowly started swaying side to side.

After the awkward feeling was gone, she turned around with her back facing Grimmjow and he pressed up against her. Her head turned to the side and slowly moved her left arm backwards to play with his hair as they began swaying side to side again, her ass rubbing up against his crotch. Grimmjow loved the feeling of it and was soon pressing harder against her and his hands were slowly moving to her front and resting on the area where her hip bones were, his fingers gently rubbing her crotch. He felt her hands move over top of his and she intertwined her fingers with his.

Grimmjow was starting to lose it. He spun her around and pressed a leg in between hers, noting that her face was already flushed and that it turned beat red at his action. He merely smirked. There was a thin sheen of sweat between their bodies, making them slide from the slickness whenever their bare skin touched. His hands now cupping her ass, he was pushing her forward and into him while she moved further up his leg, pressing her legs closed tightly against him and grinding against his thigh slowly. When he couldn't stand that anymore, he pressed their bodies tightly against each other and ground his crotch against hers. He barely heard her gasp over the deafening sound of the raving music. After a few more grinds against her, he felt her grind back. His brows furrowed and he smirked in triumph. At first the grinds against each other were slow and hard, but as their breath sped up and the sweat began to drip off their bodies, the pace quickened a bit. Grimmjow groaned.

It felt so freakin' good and he knew he fuckin' had a hard on. This chick just felt too freakin' good. She was thinking around the same thing as she panted against him. She pressed her face into his wet neck and tried to not get lost in the pleasure clouding her mind and judgement.

When she pulled away to look him in the face again, she was taken by surprise as his lips pressed against hers and he kissed her roughly. She moaned, her better judgment long since lost in the pleasure and kissed him back. When she felt his tongue licking at her lips, she opened them and their tongues intertwined and pressed against each other. She felt his tongue go in and out of her mouth, hers going out to meet his, in a desperate attempt to keep as much contact as possible. She felt them both still grinding against each other and pulled away to gasp in much needed air; a string of saliva connecting between their partially protruding tongues. Grimmjow noticed the spit string and pulled his head further away and watched it snap and fall into her chin.

Without hesitation, he moved forward again and licked it off her face. When he pulled away, he saw a gorgeous blush on her face; even visible through her extremely flushed state. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours but only a couple minutes when their mouths came back together and again their tongues laced together. Ichigo felt Grimmjows racing heart beat on her chest they were pressed so close together. She felt her heart flutter and quicken as well.

Normally she was so much more cautious about strangers than this. What was it about this man that made her lower her guard like this? What had he done to her? Grimmjow felt his heart racing and just squeezed her tighter and closer. He never wanted this moment to end. It was just too good.

They danced like this for a good half hour before deciding that they were flushed enough and tired enough to stop. Ichigo excused herself to go to the bathroom to straighten up while Grimmjow went to the bar and ordered a drink. Renji had been watching the entire time and was, well, stunned. He had never seen Ichigo so laid back and openly affectionate let alone sexual with a person before. It was really a rare and curious spectacle to watch.

He turned away from the direction of the bathrooms to stare at Grimmjow's back. Just who was this man that could do that to Ichigo? Make her act like that when with anyone else, she's totally distant and cruel. Renji was really curious to get to know this man Grimmjow now more than ever. At first when Ichigo brought him in, which never happens with Ichigo, he was simply curious as to why Ichigo would even bring someone. But now he was curious to get to know Grimmjow. Funny how that escalated.

Grimmjow just sat there feeling great about himself at the bar, drinking slowly and reveling in the taste of the alcohol. He had just danced quiet provocatively with a very sexy woman. Needless to say, he had a serious problem that he needed to rub out. He looked down at his crotch and frowned. It was bothering him, terribly. He walked through the club, over into the men's bathroom, and into a stall. He unzipped his pants and freed his aching erection. Goddammit, he wanted her to get rid of this problem, not himself. He shrugged. Whatever, it was too soon and his hand was better than dealing with keeping it.

He slowly began to move his left hand up and down his dick, his right eye squinted shut as the pressure slowly began to increase. He began to stroke harder and faster. He lifted his thumb and rubbed it against his slit, feeling pre-cum already there and smearing it around. His other hand fondled his balls and he felt them, too, begin to tighten. He closed both his eyes as the pleasure was driving him crazy. He pictured Ichigo rubbing him and pleasuring him. His pumps began to become more erratic and desperate. Grimmjow felt the pulsing shoot through his abdomen and his cock and knew he was just about there. With a few more pumps he began to whine quietly and with a quiet cry he came.

"I-Ichigo…" He slumped against the stall wall and leaned there waiting for the burning pleasure to subside and allow him to move. Grimmjow sighed. He really wished that had been his cute little Ichigo.

Ichigo, meanwhile, was in the girl's bathroom re-applying her makeup and fixing her tousled clothing, dabbing at her sweaty and sticky skin with wet paper towel, trying to get the flushed look to go away. She had lost her mind. To do that with a man she didn't even know. She sighed and rested her hands on the edge of the sink basin. She was confused. As much as she knew she shouldn't have done that with Grimmjow, why did she not feel regret like she was certain she would have? Her eyes looked up into the mirror and she stared into them and at her reflection. Was she really that attracted to him?

She tilted her head and thought while she watched some women enter into the bathroom while one left. Ichigo decided that yes, she really was that attracted to him and that she wasn't ashamed nor regretted what she had done. In fact, she would very well love doing it again with him. She looked down at her crotch. She could still feel tingles there from where he had ground against her: She shivered at the thought. Ichigo then shrugged, deciding that she would contemplate this later on, looked at herself in the mirror again, turning her head side to side then stepped back, turned around, scrutinizing herself. Deciding that she was presentable, she nodded, gathered up her things on the counter, and went into one of the stalls to relieve herself.

Oddly enough, both Grimmjow and Ichigo exited the bathrooms at the same time and glanced at each other and walked back over to where Renji was sitting there, staring up at the ceiling, deep in his thoughts. Ichigo rapped her knuckles gently against his forehead and his eyes slowly focused back into reality and on her face. He smiled lopsidedly and tilted his head further back to see her better.

"Ya guys done practically havin' sex on the dance floor?" Ichigo blushed crimson at his choice of words while Grimmjow barked out a laugh. Ichigo looked at him with a menacing scowl and looked back at Renji and smiled weakly while nodding ever so slightly. "Well that's good ta hear."

He looked over at Grimmjow who looked disheveled and tired whereas Ichigo looked like she had freshened up but was exhausted. As if to prove his speculation correct, she stretched her arms upwards and yawned a huge yawn. And goddammit, was that freakin' yawn contagious. Soon after she had finished yawning, Grimmjow yawned, and then Renji. Which, in turn, made Ichigo yawn again.

"Howzabout we head out?" Renji said looking at his watch, his sleeve pulled back to see it. "It's already 4 in the mornin' basically." Ichigo yawned again, nodding in agreement while she did so.

Grimmjow just snorted, he felt dead. They all got up from the table, Renji pulling out his wallet and setting some bills down for a tip. After that, they all began heading towards the entrance and stepped out into the cool night air. Ichigo took a deep inhale and exhaled loudly with a content smile. Grimmjow couldn't help but stare at her beauty and grace.

"God, I love the night time." Ichigo said quietly, "it's so serene and calming." She turned and looked at Renji and Grimmjow, Renji smiling and Grimmjow nodding in agreement. They began walking towards the parking lot behind the club and searched for their cars. Grimmjow walked with them over to their cars that were parked next to each other and he frowned in confusion.

"Hey, Ichigo," she looked up at him when he said her name. "How come you were outside walking around away from the club if ya rode in yer car here?" Her eyes widened and she blushed.

"Oh, well, I wanted to go to the store first to get something to eat and I didn't want to drive there, ya know? What with it being so close and the night so nice." Grimmjow nodded at her statement, it was true after all.

"Well then," he scratched the back of his head, a bit of a nervous habit he had she speculated. "I guess I'll see ya 'round then, yeah?"

Ichigo nodded and went to open her door when Grimmjow's voice stopped her again. "Can I see you again sometime soon?" Ichigo looked at Grimmjow then at Renji who was sitting inside his car with the window rolled down.

He raised an eyebrow at her with a look that said 'what chya lookin' at me fer? I ain't got no say in this.' She looked back at Grimmjow's expectant face and lowered her head as she sighed. Grimmjow frowned, he didn't like that sound.

He felt disheartened. "Well , I mean. Er, ya don't hafta if ya don't wanna. 'Specially if yer uncomfortable or nervous." What the hell was wrong with him? Grimmjow was mad at himself. He never fumbled over his words and NEVER because he was rejected. 'What has this women done to me?' he thought worriedly as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He lifted his head when he heard a cute , quiet, little chuckle. Ichigo was genuinely smiling at him, her eyes shining with amusement and compassion. Grimmjow felt his heart pick up its pace and his stomach flutter, his breath hitching.

"No no, it's fine. I really want to see you again too." Ichigo tilted her head to the side and smiled even brighter, her eyes closed. "How about I give ya my number, yeah?" Grimmjow nodded enthusiastically. Ichigo bent over the hood of her car while she pulled her purse out from inside the car and dug around for a pen and paper.

Having found what she needed, she wrote out the ten digits that he needed to call her and tore that section off the paper and handed it to him, his fingers twitching to get a hold of it. Soon as it was in his hands, he looked down at it and read them, pulled out his phone, programmed it into his contacts, put the phone back in his pocket, and smiled at her. She returned the gesture.

"I guess I should get going then. I got work tamarrow." Grimmjow glowered at what he said and Renji and Ichigo laughed. Grimmjow scowled back at them.

"Good luck with that then man, yer gonna need it." Renji shook his head in amused disbelief while smiling at Grimmjow. Ichigo nodded as Renji continued. "At least we went out on a night that we had off." Grimmjow just snorted and sneered at Renji.

"I drink all the time, work the next day or not. Too much fun ta let it go, ne?" Grimmjow grinned lopsidedly and then tried to stifle a yawn, failing miserably. "Well, I think I held ya guys up long enough. Plus I feel like shit. I need some sleep. See ya 'round."

With that, Grimmjow turned off and waved behind at them as he approached his car. Ichigo and Renji waved back. They watched as Grimmjow got comfortable in his seat and got everything adjusted to how he wanted it and turned on the car. Ichigo noted with dissatisfaction and a frown that, as he began to pull out of the parking spot, that he didn't buckle his seat belt. She really didn't want him to get hurt in a car accident because he wasn't wearing his seat belt: Or worse, if he got killed 'cause he wasn't wearing it.

Her eyes softened and began to tear up at the thought of his death. She shook her head no and decided not to think about such things and simply watched him start to drive away. Grimmjow looked out his window one last time at them and waved. They waved back, and with that, he turned forward again and drove out of the parking lot and off into the direction of his house; his tires squealing and smoking as he floored the gas right away and turning along with it.

Ichigo had her eyes closed and was smiling and still waving when she heard Renji from his car. "Ya really like him don't cha?" She looked at him and nodded at him, still sitting in his car. She turned towards hers, grabbed her purse, threw it in and onto the front passenger seat, and got in; all her windows down. She stared ahead blindly, thinking about Grimmjow and how he made her feel.

"But ya know," Renji was rubbing his chin as he spoke. Ichigo didn't look at him and simply hummed in response. "I wonder if he even noticed that yer a dude."

Ichigo sighed and lowered his head and rested it against his steering wheel. "I really have no idea…."

.:.~End of Chapter 1~.:.

OH MY GOD that was so much fun to write. Yes I know Ichigo was written as 'she' or 'her' during the whole thing 'til the end but that was 'cause Grimmjow thought he was a she and so I wrote it how he saw it. LOL! I started writing this chapter at 11:30 pm. It's now 4 am. XD BWAHAHAHAHA! Well I hope ya'll liked it. Hopefully I'll get the next chapter out soon seeing as how the beginning of this hit me while I was taking a shower right before I wrote this. But I'm not worried, I'm actually quite the dedicated person.

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