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Chapter 8- To Tear Down the Barriers…

Previous Chapter:

"Ya even smell good with rain water all over ya." He bit Ichigo's neck again and Ichigo couldn't stop the moan this time. Grimmjow chuckled lecherously and pulled away to look into Ichigo's eyes. "Tonight, Ichigo…" Ichigo looked into Grimmjow's gleaming and possessive eyes and felt his heart skip a couple beats.

Grimmjow's smirk grew, "I'm gonna make you mine."

Ichigo felt himself gulp and his knees buckle at the very prospect of the meaning of those words. Oh dear god he was excited. He could feel his blood rushing through his veins, hot and bothered. Grimmjow just smirked bigger and bit Ichigo's neck again. Ichigo crammed his eyes shut and opened his mouth in a silent moan. Aw dear GOD! He felt Grimmjow suckling at his collarbone as a hand slowly worked its way down his ribs. The water was warm and there was steam everywhere but Ichigo could not stop shivering. Grimmjow was driving him crazy with his mouth and his hand. Oh don't get him started on his hand; it was playing around with his bellybutton, twisting and tugging, teasing him. He could feel his knees shaking and all the blood rush to his groin. Ichigo turned his head away and bit his bottom lip as he tried not to call out.

Grimmjow could feel how hot Ichigo was getting and couldn't stop himself from chuckling mischievously. He quickly lowered his left hand that had been braced against the wall for support and quickly ran it down Ichigo's front and skipped right on down to his inner thighs. Ichigo whined and dug his fingernails into Grimmjow's back, up and down; his nose buried deep into Grimmjow's neck as his eyes rolled upwards and he panted loudly in Grimmjow's ear. Grimmjow rubbed circles over and over on his thighs, each getting closer to their goal but always just short, driving Ichigo mad with lust. Grimmjow pulled his head back and watched as Ichigo lolled his head backwards to lean against the cold tiles of the shower, his eyes practically closed, mouth gasping for air. Grimmjow growled predatorily and viciously captured Ichigo's lips in a violent and hot kiss.

Ichigo could not stop panting. He was so painfully hard and Grimmjow was just teasing him! Rubbing around and around, and then, kissing him like that! He couldn't STAND IT anymore. He ripped his mouth away to gasp for air and threw his arms around Grimmjow's neck and pressed himself flush against him, digging his erection and hips into Grimmjow's, crying out in frustration; he quickly pushed his lips back against Grimmjow's, fervently kissing him, their tongues twining together, in and out.

Grimmjow growled again, pushing Ichigo harder against the wall, feeling his legs wobble from the abrupt rough sensation on his swollen dick. He quickly moved his hand to Ichigo's cock and squeezed tightly causing Ichigo to grunt; it was a warning to Ichigo to not push him to move faster than he wanted. Ichigo simply whined and continued to sloppily kiss Grimmjow. Grimmjow, as punishment, simply began to hold his hand there, grasping Ichigo but not moving. Ichigo was becoming jumpy. He was so god damn horny and Grimmjow was still just teasing him! Ichigo continued to kiss Grimmjow, trying to be patient until he couldn't stand it anymore. He thrust his hips into Grimmjow's hand, whining loudly and trying to breathe.

Grimmjow smirked and began to, with an agonizingly slow pace, drag his hand up and down Ichigo's cock. He teased the tip with his thumb by pressing down and rubbing slow, tiny circles into the slit. Ichigo couldn't stop himself from crying out and thrusting into his hand again even if he wanted to. Grimmjow gave a violent tug on Ichigo's dick, causing Ichigo to cry out again; his last warning.

Ichigo, with what was left of his mind, quickly grabbed hold of Grimmjow's own dick causing him to freeze his movements. Ichigo grinned evilly as he panted for air and began quickly pumping Grimmjow's cock.

"Sh-shit!" Grimmjow's head fell forward onto Ichigo's shoulder as he squeezed his eyes shut. When had Ichigo taken over? Aw hell naw! He quickly began tugging roughly on Ichigo's dick as his other hand lowered and tightly gripped Ichigo's balls. Now it was Ichigo's turn to fall limp against the wall as he was roughly handled.

His mind was shot to hell. He was making noises even he thought he wasn't capable of. It was so rough and so violent and fast and it felt so god damn good. He felt the rest of his body going numb as the pleasure grew and the pressure more intense; little pinpricks of adrenaline and fire shooting through his system, clouding his eyes with hazy lust and pushing his heart to beat faster with crazy, carnal excitement. Jesus this was good. Ichigo opened his eyes to watch Grimmjow's face; Grimmjow's eyes trained on his face as he continued to rub Ichigo off into oblivion. He rubbed and squeezed and rolled his balls in a circulating pattern, squeezing hard at first then soothingly as he began to rub and then roll over and over and over again, circulating.

Ichigo was all out shuddering as the pool of fire turned into a raging holocaust, about to spread to his every corner. He choked and bit his bottom lip.

"Nyuh-ung-ik-kuh!" Garbled words and sounds were the only things Ichigo could make as he violently came, throwing his head back and hitting it against the wall, not feeling a thing as his orgasm raged through his blood streams, burning his body, leaving him breathless and limp, his eyes not seeing as they rolled upwards, eyes lids twitching and his mouth gaping open.

Grimmjow was panting, watching Ichigo's face, his heart racing. He had to have Ichigo NOW. He quickly turned off the shower and roughly lifted up a still limp Ichigo and carried him back to his room. Grimmjow kicked open Ichigo's door and, as soon as they were in the room, kicked it shut behind him. He briskly walked over to his bed and dropped Ichigo down onto it. Grimmjow climbed over top of Ichigo looking down at him. Holy shit! Now what? He'd never had sex with a man before…. Kinda… and he had always stayed away from this kind of thing. Of course he knew the gist of what two gay men did but… Er…? DAMMIT! He couldn't wait for this shit! He stopped and sighed, forcing himself to calm down and watched Ichigo come back to reality.

Ichigo, finally pulling out of oblivion looked around, still gasping and looked up at a stern Grimmjow. Confused, Ichigo tilted his head at him. What was with that face? Was he disappointed because he didn't get off yet too? Ichigo bit his bottom lip. Whoops….

"Grimm? What's wrong?" Ichigo asked, confusion obvious in his voice.

"I don't know what to do." Grimmjow quickly answered him, glaring at nothing but facing towards Ichigo. Confused, Ichigo lowered his eyebrows and sat up on his elbows.


"I don't know what to do." Grimmjow cut him off, over annunciating, a deadly calm about him. Ichigo just stared at him confused when- it clicked. Ichigo couldn't help but smile.

"Ooooh, so you don't know what to do now, yeah?" He smirked lecherously, teasing Grimmjow maliciously. Grimmjow quickly focused in on Ichigo's eyes and glowered.

"Don't fuckin' tease me! I don't fucking know what ta do dammit! I told ya I stayed away from this kinda shit! This is the first time I've ever done something like this! I'm fucking embarrassed as he-!" Grimmjow's ranting was cut off by a soft and tender kiss from Ichigo. When he pulled away, Grimmjow's eyes were wide and he sighed. Ichigo pulled himself closer to Grimmjow and sat in his lap, wrapping his legs around his waist, smiling down at Grimmjow.

"Don't worry baby, I'll teach ya everything ya need ta know." Ichigo whispered into Grimmjow's ear as he pushed his hips downwards onto Grimmjow's groin, eliciting a groan from Grimmjow's mouth; Ichigo bit down on Grimmjow's earlobe. He gently picked up Grimmjow's hand and kissed his knuckles, smiling into the kisses, staring into Grimmjow's hazy, half-closed eyes.

"I'll be right back," Ichigo got up off of Grimmjow and ran into his bathroom and came back out with a bottle of lotion, smirking. Grimmjow quirked an eyebrow at him, making Ichigo's smile grow wider. "I like this lotion, it smells like cinnamon."

Ichigo sat the lotion on the table next to the bed and he watched Grimmjow, a dark gleam in his eyes. Grimmjow rose his eyebrow again as he adjusted his position, watching Ichigo like a hawk, waiting to see if he moved; and, to say the least, Grimmjow was not prepared for what Ichigo began to do.

Ichigo slowly pulled himself up onto the bed with his hands and knees, both spread apart, showing off his body in between. He licked his lips and began crawling towards Grimmjow, back arching with each movement of his shoulder blades, licking his lips; his dick in between his legs stiffly pointing downwards, swollen and red. Grimmjow felt his body tensing up in sweet anticipation. Ichigo crawled over and on top of Grimmjow, not touching him yet. His nose bumped against Grimmjow's and Ichigo reached out with his tongue and licked Grimmjow's lips.

Grimmjow hissed a breath in between his teeth as he smirked, reaching in between Ichigo's legs and firmly gripping him. Ichigo moaned as he pushed himself forward, knocking Grimmjow backwards onto his back and making him lose his grip. Ichigo straddled Grimmjow as he picked up his hand again and picked up the lotion and squirt more than enough into his palm. Ichigo began massaging the lotion into Grimmjow's fingers sensually, the excess remaining on his finger tips. Ichigo smiled at Grimmjow and lifted his hips slightly and began moving Grimmjow's hand back behind him. Grimmjow watched with anxiety. Ichigo gave a cock-eyed grin and lifted his hand, rubbing Grimmjow's chin.

"Don't worry, I'll guide you through it all." Ichigo smiled as he pulled one of Grimmjow's fingers towards his ass. He waited for Grimmjow's reaction; Grimmjow's eyes were wide as he nodded and swallowed hard. Ichigo slowly lowered himself down onto Grimmjow's finger, pushing it inside him. Ichigo moaned in anticipation. Grimmjow was stiff as he felt Ichigo's soft insides, images flashing through his head. He shook his head, his cheeks flushed, eyes wide and frightened. Ichigo saw this and quickly took hold of Grimmjow's face and turned it to look at him.

"Grimmjow, no matter what, don't look away from my face, okay?" Ichigo pet Grimmjow's hair as he nodded slowly. "Okay, baby, I need you to start moving your finger in and out." Grimmjow nodded again and complied. Ichigo felt his legs twitch as he felt Grimmjow's finger moving, he bit his bottom lip. Ichigo nodded.

"Okay, add another." Grimmjow did so and continued to move them in and out. "Scissor." Grimmjow blushed and looked away from Ichigo's face. Ichigo quickly turned his face to look back at him again.

"Don't look away from me." Ichigo whispered as he rubbed Grimmjow's chin soothingly. Grimmjow stared into Ichigo's eyes as he began to scissor. Ichigo winced a bit but kept silent. Once he felt he was ready, "Okay Grimm, add one more finger."

Grimmjow frowned. How many damn fingers did he have to stick up there? Jesus Christ…. But he stuck it up there anyway, watching Ichigo wince noticeably, he frowned.

"Ya okay Ichi Ichi?" Ichigo looked down at into Grimmjow's worried eyes and nodded.

"Just keep at it."

Grimmjow nodded, his wrist starting to hurt, he rotated his wrist, moving his fingers. Ichigo cried out and bit his bottom lip. Grimmjow, eyes wide stared at Ichigo's flushed face and smiled lecherously.

"Oh? What's this?" Grimmjow moved his finger back to that same spot and pressed down, rubbing around in circles slowly. Ichigo whined and pressed down. Grimmjow growled and bit Ichigo's neck. Ichigo moaned and quickly removed Grimmjow's fingers from him and positioned his cock towards his ass. Grimmjow gulped and Ichigo smirked as he slowly lowered himself onto it, groaning in pain from being stretched even more.

Grimmjow gasped as his cock was squeezed tightly and forced into the small, hot passage.

"Oh Jesus…." He was in utter bliss as Ichigo lowered himself more, sheathing Grimmjow to his base. Ichigo waited until he felt he was adjusted well enough and then he began to raise himself slowly and then abruptly thrusted down. Grimmjow threw his head back and groaned hoarsely. Ichigo began to pick up his pace, quiet moans escaping his throat. Grimmjow looked back up at Ichigo and flipped him underneath him and began thrusting in him, Ichigo's legs wrapped around his waist. Grimmjow fixed his position to better balance himself and struck Ichigo's prostate, causing him to moan. Grimmjow smirked evilly and began thrusting harder and faster into him.

Ichigo's moans grew louder, his legs and arms shaking as he wrapped them both tighter around Grimmjow, his fingernails running down his back, and biting his bottom lip.

"Mmmm-nngghah!" Grimmjow watched Ichigo's pleasure filled face and kissed his eyes. They fluttered open and they stared into each other's eyes as Grimmjow continued to thrust in and out; both their minds hazy with lust as they leaned in and began kissing each sloppily, teeth clacking and saliva running down their chins. Grimmjow's elbows were quivering, trying to support his weight above Ichigo as the pleasure weakened his strength. He was so close to release.

He looked down at Ichigo's cock, pre-cum leaking down and reached towards it, grasping him tightly as he began to pump up and down the same pace with his thrusts. Ichigo moaned loudly and thrust upwards into his hand. It was so hot and good and he was ready to explode.

Grimmjow's thrusts started becoming erratic and fast; his hand no longer matching. Ichigo moaned in choked gasps and cries. Grimmjow felt Ichigo twitch and stopped stroking and reached up and pinched the tip of his dick shut, wanting to come at the same time. Ichigo gasped as his body shook, he grabbed tighter onto Grimmjow, biting his bottom lip to keep from screaming.

Grimmjow felt the searing hot pool expand and then clench tightly, his breath came out in quick bursts and then stop all together. He swallowed hard as his throat clenched. His elbows gave out right as his orgasm blasted out and into Ichigo, causing him to drop his hold on Ichigo's cock. Ichigo cried out loudly as his orgasm was finally released and he covered both their bodies with his fluid. They both just lied there, trying to catch their breath. Grimmjow slowly, when enough strength had returned to his body, sat up on his elbows and stared down at Ichigo who blearily stared back up. Grimmjow smiled.

"Ya know, that was a lot better than any woman I've ever fucked." Grimmjow smirked lecherously and Ichigo blushed crimson, still gasping for air. Grimmjow pet Ichigo's face. "But there was just one problem with it." Ichigo looked up, confused.

"What?" Ichigo frowned, feeling slightly insulted.

Grimmjow's smirk grew dangerously big. "I love it really rough." Grimmjow quickly reached forward and smashed their lips together in a violent kiss and began scraping his fingernails down Ichigo's chest. Ichigo threw his head back, gasping for air.

"Oh, GRIMM! NO!" Ichigo yelled as he was thrown backwards and pushed into the bed as the insatiable beast above him began to ravage him again.



Beep. Ichigo rolled over on to his other side, snuggling into Grimmjow's warm chest.

Beep. Ichigo rolled over again eyes squinted shut, tightly, trying to stay in sweet, sweet slumber.

Beep. Ichigo abruptly picked up his alarm clock and threw it into the neighboring wall without even looking.

Beep. Ichigo sat up in bed, very much pissed off. Didn't he just throw the freaking alarm clock? Why was it still beeping? He looked over at his nightstand and saw his phone lighting up. Beep.

Ichigo slapped his hand against his face and slowly scrubbed it down, silently cursing the damn contraption. Reaching over, he picked it up and swore quietly at the caller ID. He opened the phone.

"What the hell do you want Renji? I was in the middle of some great sleep and yer dumb ass had ta call 'n wake me up." Ichigo scrubbed his free hand over his eyes, trying to rub the sleep from them.

"Well sorry, sleeping beauty, but it is freakin' 2 pm, dipshit. Sorry that yer not like normal people who are already awake and moving about." Renji snapped back through the phone. Ichigo groaned as he rolled onto his other side, staring at a still slumbering Grimmjow.

"What do you want Renji, I'm really tired right now."

"Well, I was just wondering if ya wanted to get together today and hang out. It's been a damn while, yeah? Or is sleeping more important than yer best friend?" Renji's tone by the end was sardonic. Ichigo felt his temper flare and his eyebrow twitch.

"Well, when you put it like that." Ichigo spoke with fake thoughtfulness. Renji squawked on the other side. Ichigo smirked. "I'll be ready in about 40 minutes. Where at?"

"How about at a restaurant? I'm fuckin' starvin'."

"That's 'cause yer a bottomless pit." Ichigo frowned, "I know a nice place. They even have sweets fer yer fat ass." He could just feel Renji smirk. After disclosing the time and location, Ichigo hung up his phone and sighed. Turning his head, he watched Grimmjow for a little longer, smiling. Leaning over, he kissed his forehead. "Be back soon."

Ichigo turned and put his feet over the side of the bed and stood only to have to grab onto the bedside table for support. His other hand flew to grasp at his lower back.

"Ack! Shit!" He turned daggers towards Grimmjow still sleeping peacefully. Ichigo cursed him in his head for being so rough… Today was going to be fun. He slowly, hunched over, began working his way towards his bathroom. Before he even began to think about anything else, he was going to take a nice long, searing hot bath. He turned on the faucet, grabbed a towel and waited.

He climbed into the hot water as it was still filling the tub. He jumped at first but then sighed as he slowly worked his sore muscles into the soothing water. He sat there for 10 minutes before he finally began to clean himself.

After getting out, and feeling completely refreshed (the pain in his back just a slight discomfort now), he walked out into the bedroom. He grabbed a pencil and wrote down a little note for Grimmjow when he woke up on a sticky note telling him where he was and that he'd be back soon.

Having done that, he turned around to peruse through his closet for a presentable outfit. Feeling daring, he smirked and grabbed an outfit that matched his mood perfectly. After getting dressed, he stepped out of his room and went downstairs. While walking through the kitchen, a little note on the counter caught his eye. Wandering towards it, he picked it up.

I hope you two had fun last night!

Just be sure you change the sheets and shower!

Can't have you smelling up the place!

Love Daddy Dearest!

Ichigo felt his eyebrow twitch again. There was even a little heart next to his signature! He crumpled the note in his clenched fist, and exited through the front door. With a strut to his stride, he began walking towards his destination and friend.


Renji sat there, watching this pretty girl sitting across the outdoor pavilion for the restaurant. She was talking on the phone and was flipping her pretty blonde hair, her dress riding up and leaving little to the imagination. If she didn't fix it soon, he was afraid he'd start drooling. He twiddled the tooth pick around between his lips with his tongue. God, that was a nice dress…

"Jesus, yer such a pervert Renji."

Renji turned to yell at Ichigo but instead choked on his toothpick and ended up in a coughing fit, thumping his fist against his chest, trying to breathe.

"And yer an animal too." Ichigo smirked. Renji watched with wide eyes.

"Holy shit, Ichigo… Yer… Yer dressed like a dude!" Renji yelled a little too loudly. The hot girl on the phone turned and looked at them with disdain. Renji looked at her, face flushed in embarrassment, then back towards his very male looking friend. Ichigo was wearing a black hoodie that was barely zipped at all with no shirt on underneath, showing off his muscles. His pants rode low and were tight enough to show off his muscular legs. Renji gulped. He forgot how much of a man his friend could really be.

"Ya gonna stare, or are we gonna eat, dipshit?" Ichigo smirked at his friend, now sitting beside him. Renji returned the smirk.

"Hell yeah, I'm still fucking starving."


Ring ring. Renji stopped mid-sentence and looked down at his phone lying on the table next to his empty plate. He picked up and looked at the caller ID; he groaned then answered.


Ichigo watched as Renji went from the smiling idiot to a serious and stressed out looking old man; he inwardly giggled at his thoughts. He couldn't hear the person on the other side of the line but judging by Renji's face, they weren't getting along.

After a couple minutes, REnji flipped his phone shut and clenched it tightly in his fist. Ichigo shifted in his chair uncomfortably.

"Who wuzit?"

Renji's frown deepened. "My boss."

Ichigo's face lit with understanding. "Oooooh, that dickhead, Byakuya?"

Renji nodded his head grimly. Ichigo scratched the back of his head, grimacing.

"Jesus Ren, what did he want this time?"

"He told me that he wants me in early to work tomorrow… There go my plans of going to visit Stark…" Renji sighed desolately. "I'm not in the mood to hang out anymore, Ichi Ichi… Perhaps another time?"

He looked up to see Ichigo gritting his teeth and a vein throbbing in his left temple.

"Of course, Ren Ren." Ichigo said in a forced and sickly sweet voice. Renji blushed and snorted.

"Whatever bitch. Check ya later." Renji got up and waved casually as he walked away.

"See ya, asshole." Ichigo shook his head, and sat back relaxing. He planned on sitting there and enjoying the rest of his coffee.


Grimmjow groaned as he rolled over and rubbed his face. What time was it anyway? He had a monstrous headache. He must have over-slept. Reaching out for the only comfort he knew at the point in time only to pull back empty handed. Frowning, he sat up and looked at where Ichigo had slept. Seeing that it as empty, his frown turned dark and he got up, still naked.

Scratching himself, he set a leisurely pace towards the bathroom when a sticky note stuck to the door stood in front of his face.

Hey Grimmpa,

Went out to get something to eat with Renji.

Be back soon… Maybe.


Grimmjow felt a vein pulse in his head.

"Grimmpa? That little bastard…." Grumbling, he strode into the bathroom and began cleaning himself.


Plodding down the stairs, rubbing his grumbling belly, Grimmjow meandered his way to the kitchen. He stopped when he saw three heads turn and look at him.

"Good afternoon, Grimmy-chan." Yuzu smiled at him from over top her magazine she was reading. "Are you hungry?"

Grimmjow frowned. "Of course."

Yuzu closed her magazine and got up and opened the fridge. "Hmmm… What do you want to eat?"

"Anything's fine, I'm too hungry to care."

Yuzu giggled, "Cook's choice it is then." She pulled out a bunch of different ingredients and pans and set to work.

Karin looked away from the soccer game she was watching and stared at Grimmjow. Grimmjow, also engrossed in the game didn't notice right away. He blinked and then turned his head towards her; an eyebrow raised in question.

She frowned at him for a couple more seconds. "Why'd ya guys git up so late? I mean, hell, it's 4 pm. Wudjya do, fuck 'til the crack a dawn?"

Isshin, who had been sitting quietly for once and drinking coffee, shot up out of his chair and put a foot on the table, hands on his hips. A hand rose and pointed to the ceiling in triumph.

"HOW SWEET INDEED! MY DEAR, INNOCENT SON HAS FINALLY GOTTEN LAID AGAIN! GOD KNOWS HE NEEDED IT!" Isshin crushed his fingers into a fist and smirked towards Grimmjow.

Grimmjow had stopped watching the game and turned to watch, in silent bemusement at the entire spectacle. A minute or so passed of silence, Grimmjow staring wide eyed and mouth agape at Isshin who still had his foot on the table and fist clenched. Abruptly, Grimmjow threw his head back and cackled, loudly too. Isshin's smile split his face as he slowly sat back down to finish his coffee in quiet peace. Grimmjow, still chuckling looked about the kitchen.

"Where's Ichigo?" His laugh stopped and a frown marred his handsome face.

"He's at work right now." Karin spoke without even looking up from her game or any enthusiasm. "He's gonna be gone 'til 8-ish. He walks home…. So yeah."

Grimmjow's frown deepened. "Where's he work?"

Everyone turned their heads to look at him.


"Thank you, sir and come again." Rukia smiled as she clasped her hands in front of her and bowed gently at the man she had just been serving. Slowly, she rose her head and looked around. She had gotten quite the shock of her life today. Not only had that new girl, Neliel, started her first day here but Ichigo had even shown up dressed as a guy! How long had it been? She had forgotten how attractive he was.

Kisuke had taken it all in stride and simply smirked from behind his fan and told one of the other male employees to get him a spare uniform. Now, Ichigo was currently serving a table full of girls who were giggling and quite obviously hitting on him. Rukia smirked in secret, sadistic pleasure. She could tell her friend was uncomfortable and getting agitated. She could see the vein throbbing on the back of his neck.

She turned around towards the back and looked inside seeing Nel, as she preferred being called, eating her lunch in silence; a far off and dark look tainted her pretty face. Rukia, feeling merciful, walked over quietly.

"Would you like to come out with me into the sitting area? We could eat lunch together." Rukia smiled as Nel looked up at her wide eyed and surprised.

"Really? You don't mind at all? I mean, seeing as how you don't know me and all cuz I'm new and don't know a thing about you and-"

Rukia held up her hand to cut off the woman's nervous babbling.

"Trust me, it's fine. In fact, Ichigo will be joining us." Rukia's smile grew when she the woman's face lighten up. "C'mon."

She waited for Nel to stand up, gather her lunch, and start moving towards the door. They both entered side by side, smiling.

Nel looked around the shop and towards Ichigo. She was surprised to see him dressed as a man but wasn't surprised to see just handsome of a man he was. She could see why Grimmjow was attracted to him. She smiled bitterly. If only she could talk to him and fix things but she knew she had already lost that chance years ago; even god didn't deem her worthy enough to answer her desperate prayers.

She violently shook her head, trying to shake away those bad thoughts. This place was her start to a new life. What was she moping about thinking on her dark past? That defeated the whole purpose of her trying to pull herself back together… But that didn't mean it wasn't hard.

It was at that time when Ichigo sat down and joined them, his eyebrows pulled closer together than normal.

"Stupid women… Not taking the hint and leaving me alone…" He grumbled while taking a vicious bite into his sandwich. Rukia and Nel giggled and he turned his nasty glare towards them, but when he saw the soft look on Nel's face, he felt the anger and scowl melt away. He felt his heart lighten and a small smile crept up onto his face.

"Oh surely, Ichigo, not everyone is like that." Rukia said, obviously teasing him.

"Tch, if they're desperate enough they will." He scoffed and rested his chin in his palm, elbow resting on the table. Rukia just smirked more.

"So Nel," Rukia turned towards her. "How has your first day of work been so far?"

Nel smiled and giggled. "Pretty good, I suppose. The cupcakes look really yummy and the people here are nice." She swirled her straw in slow circles round and round in her cup absentmindedly. "Also, The uniforms are cute; both for the guys and girls."

Ichigo smiled and laughed. "Is that so?"

"Ahem." Everyone stopped smiling and turned to look towards the voice and saw Kisuke smiling.

"Well, I must say, since we now have this lovely woman working here now," he motioned towards Nel. "We've had a lot more men come in." He looked towards Ichigo. "And since you're dressed in men's attire, we've had even more girls come in too. I suggest we keep this going… It's good for business."

Kisuke smirked as he turned and walked off; Ichigo felt his brow twitch in annoyance.

"Smug bastard." Ichigo grit his teeth. Rukia and Nel looked at each other and Nel started giggling uncontrollably.


Grimmjow strolled into the little sweet shop as if he owned the place and looked around. The place was cute… He grimaced as he looked around some more. He wouldn't be caught dead working here. He was looking at the huge array of sweets when he noticed a man from behind the counter, peeking around the corner, smirking at him from behind a fan. Grimmjow shuddered, thoroughly disturbed.

Quickly, looking for an escape he caught it when he saw a head of bright orange hair sitting at a booth, laughing and smiling. Grimmjow's breath caught in his throat. His laugh was gorgeous and his face looked so young and innocent like that; Grimmjow was awe stuck, so much so that he was blushing.

A smirk in firm place, he marched over towards Ichigo.

"Hey, Ichi Ichi how's it goin?"

Ichigo gasped and looked up, shocked. He quickly glanced towards Nel, her face white as a sheet and sickly. Ichigo looked back up in time to see Grimmjow reach the table and turn towards it. Abruptly, the smirk wiped off his face and he looked stricken and horrified.

"Ma? What the fuck er you doin 'ere?" He backed a step away as his face hardened and his arms crossed over his chest in defiance. Nel looked like she was about to die.

"Hey hunny… Hu-how are you?"

Grimmjow's disgust was shown plainly on his face. "I believe I asked a question first." His sneer turned vile as he looked her up and down in nasty disdain. Her chest heaved as she tried to keep the tears pushed deep inside.

"Well, er I- What I mean is, er i-!"

"She works here Grimmjow!" Ichigo's stern voice caught off the poor woman's blundering and his glare was intense and threatening towards Grimmjow. "And I will not have you harassing any employees while they are here no matter who you are to them."

Their glares were causing the tension to rise and everyone could feel the friction of their tempers grinding together, soon to snap and explode. Rukia sensing a fight she quickly stood up.

"Grimmjow, right?" She held out her hand. "Yer Ichigo's boyfriend, right?"

Grimmjow's eyes stared at Ichigo, violently for a few more seconds before they slithered towards Rukia. His curt nod was the only response she got. She nodded and her smile, though still forced, grew bigger and she pointed towards the empty spot next to Ichigo. Grimmjow grudgingly sat down, arms still crossed.

Nel looked back in forth between them in trepidation. Grimmjow was looking everywhere but towards them. She cleared her throat as bravely as she could and looked him straight in the eyes when his gaze rolled towards her.

"Hu-how have you been, Grimmpa?" Her voice only shook once, making it appear she was far more confident than she felt. Grimmjow sneered and looked back off into the distance away from them.

Ichigo felt the vein throb in his head again. "Grimmjow, talk to her. You both need to hear what the other has to say. Please, Grimmjow, for me?"

Grimmjow turned towards Ichigo, hearing the plea in his voice and seeing that helpless look in his eyes had his temper cooling. He felt his heart thud painfully, seeing that hurt expression on his Ichigo's face; it killed him inside. In a deep and drawn out sigh, Grimmjow relented.

"For you, Ichi Ichi."

Ichigo twitched but smiled sickly sweet. "Thank you Grimmpa."

Grimmjow felt his temper flare a bit and he looked heatedly towards Ichigo who was smirking in triumph. Ichigo leaned forward and kissed Grimmjow on the forehead.

"C'mon Rukia, we gotta git back ta work." With that, Rukia and Ichigo both got up and set back towards the work room to clean up.

Nel watched them helplessly. She glanced towards Grimmjow fearfully and then away again, her face hot and worried. She had wanted this chance for so long and now that she had it, she was too scared to do anything. She looked back up at Grimmjow, seeing him staring at her nonchalantly, and eyebrow quirked waiting for her to speak.

When she opened her mouth to finally speak, no sound came out. She closed it and covered her mouth her hand, hand and lips quivering with repressed tears.

Grimmjow watched her face contort in emotional distress and felt the disgust rising in his throat, but he had said he would do this for Ichigo. No going back now.

"I'm so sorry, Grimmjow. Honestly, I am. I was so scared and so helpless. I wanted to save you, I truly did but if I had even moved he would've killed you. You don't know how many times I've cursed myself for being so weak and unable to help my baby. You don't know how many times I wished it had been me he held hostage and hurt so you wouldn't of had to go through that torture. I know you hate me but I hate myself so much more. I know you won't forgive me, but I just had to tell you that. I know I'm one of the worst mothers on the planet, but I do love you son and wish I could've been the savior you needed me to be…" She held herself tightly as the tears rolled down her cheeks, her voice shaking as she bared her soul and sins.

Grimmjow watched at first with disgust but slowly felt his anger melt when he saw the true anguish hidden poorly behind her features. He saw his mother's soul crushed and dying; he felt his throat tighten and constrict with grief and guilt. FUCK! His hand came up to cover his mouth and he turned to look out the window so she wouldn't see his watery eyes.

'Damn you, Ichigo… Look what you've done to me…' Grimmjow thought as he tried looking out the window but his eyes kept straying to his mother's pain stricken face. He released a shaky sigh and looked towards her, hands clasped together on the counter, rubbing together nervously.

"We- ahem!" He cleared his throat as his voice cracked. "We never have seen eye to eye. What with me having to clean up your messes and me having to suffer through you being hurt. What did you think I felt when I watched countless men hurt my mother? Huh? Did you think I thought it was funny and laughed at it all? No! I was dying watching my mother die before my eyes with each new man she brought home. And when I finally really needed you…" Grimmjow looked away as he choked.

Nel watched her son's face, her eyebrows furrowed in distress. Her heart clenched as she watched her little boy choke on a sob and without thinking she got up and sat down next to him throwing her arms around him. Immediately, Grimmjow tensed up but slowly relaxed as she rubbed circles in his back.

"And when I finally really needed you, I thought you were just sitting there and you didn't care. I thought my mother had died and finally gave up on me. I thought you didn't care if I died. I- I was so scared, mom… I thought I was going to die." Grimmjow looked into her eyes with sorrow that she hadn't seen in so long and she threw her arms tighter around him and hugged him close, tears running down her face, sobs racking her body. Grimmjow clenched his fists into her uniform, hugging onto his mother for comfort, eyes squinted shut.

Just for a moment, he would pretend that he was a little kid again, ignorant of the world and all his pain. For now, he just wanted to hold his mother close and know she still cared.

They stayed like that until Grimmjow pulled away and sniffed, looking out the window. He stared out it for a minute before he spoke again.

"We tell no one of this, agreed?" His voice was stiff and stuffy, his nose plugged from holding back his sobs. She smiled and nodded.

"Of course, baby."

Grimmjow looked at his mother. Her sweet tone had his heart racing and he swallowed. "Ma…. I know I ain't the best person out there and I know you were hurtin' too, but I can't just change the way I feel like that… It's gonna take me some time, but… I'm gonna try okay?"

Nel smiled sweetly. "Of course, Grimmpa. I wouldn't expect anymore from you, in fact this alone is more than I deserve. Thanks hun." She rubbed his cheek and they sat in companionable silence for a few seconds before Grimmjow heard his mother scoff.

"But I must say," Grimmjow rose an eyebrow towards her haughty smirk, her voice playful. "Since when did you become such a softy?"

Grimmjow just blinked in shock at her, mouth agape. Her smirk turned into a smile and she giggled, hiding her face with her hands. Grimmjow blinked owlishly a couple more times before he smirked too.

He watched his mother giggle behind her hand, tears still streaming down her beautiful face.


Ichigo smiled as he watched from behind the counter, resting his chin in his palms, leaning against the glass. Rukia walked up beside him and watched with her hands on her hips. Both were looking towards Grimmjow and Nel sitting side by side in silence holding hands. Grimmjow's hand was slack but his mother's were rubbing his knuckles in comfort, both looking out the window.

"They look a lot better." Rukia spoke quietly. Ichigo turned his eyes towards her and smiled.

"Yes, they do. I know for a fact that they needed that." Ichigo's smile was soft and gentle, watching with a soft expression. Rukia watched him from the corner of her eyes; she smiled.

"You really like him, don't you?"

Ichigo sat up quickly, blushing. "We-well, er I mean…"

Rukia laughed heartily at his embarassment. "It's okay Ichigo, I know. Don't be embarrassed." Her smile was playful and he felt his face cool and smile back.

"Oooooooh? What's this? Two cuties come ta place my order, ya shouldn't 'ave."

Ichigo and Rukia both turned their heads towards the chilling voice and stood up straight. The man gave them a creepy grin. Both Ichigo and Rukia shared looks then turned back towards the man.

"How can we help you, sir?" Ichigo asked a bit perplexed. The man had white hair yet looked to be fairly young. He was dressed completely in skin tight black clothes and chains. 'What in the world? Why would this type of person be here? He's completely out of his element judging by his looks.'

The man's grin grew and he pushed his sunglasses higher up on his nose. "Yeah, can ya git me a snickerdoodle er two, babe?" The man openly looked him up and down.

Ichigo blushed as the man shamelessly checked him out. "Right away, sir," he said between gritted teeth. Rukia watched Ichigo walk over and grab wax paper and take out a couple snickerdoodle cookies and put them in a bag and walk back over. When she turned forward again, she couldn't help but jump; the man was a few inches away from her face, just staring!

Ichigo punched in the order into the register. "Yer total is $1.25. Will that be all, sir?" He asked as he handed the man his bag. The man smirked at him as he handed over the money.

"Howzabout you, sexy?"

Ichigo stood back stricken, his face red and scowling.

"Excuse me?" He asked, his voice loud and dangerous. The man just cackled, the very sound of the creepy laugh made Rukia and Ichigo shudder and back away from him.

"I like 'em with spunk. I think I'll come here more often, ne? See ya round hot stuff." The man turned and walked out of the shop. Rukia was baffled and disturbed while Ichigo was more offended than anything.

"How dare he!" Ichigo's fists clenched and he gritted his teeth. Rukia frowned.

"C'mon Ichigo, let's go help other people; git that crazy, creepy guy out of our minds, okay?"

Ichigo looked at Rukia's hopeful expression and he nodded. Briskly, he walked over towards a group of young giggling girls who pointed at him and shamelessly flirted. He was so distracted by thoughts of that asshole that he didn't even register their insistent flirting.

'Next time I see that asshole, I'ma give 'im a piece a my mind…' Ichigo thought heatedly, clenching his pen tightly as he jotted down the girls' orders.

Retribution would be his.

.:.~End of Chapter 8~.:.

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