Lesson #1: Don't Piss Off The Prince

Gohan sighed as he watched the clouds float by. This was not how he wanted to spend the next month; his mother had forced him on this school excursion as she explained that it would allow him to better know his peers. What's there to know? thought Gohan as he turned his attention to the inside of the air bus, looking at the babbling mob which were his classmates. He had only been at school for a week and he had managed to hide his powers pretty successfully. He hadn't shown off any strength and all of the jocks called him a nerd which he had learned to live with.

The one thing he couldn't stand was the intimidating glare which stared at him with every given second. The eyes which gave that stare belonged to the world renowned Videl Satan. While the glare wasn't as life threatening as his mothers or Vegeta's Gohan still couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable around it. It was always there and Gohan could never shake the feeling. Even now while Erasa blabbed away in Videl's ear her eyes were locked on him. The first day this had been confronting but Gohan just figured that it was her habit and chose to ignore it.

This had infuriated Videl even more. She knew that he was hiding something she just didn't know what. Her most powerful weapon, her glare, had been effective on the first day but when she went to interrogate him with the same tactics the next day it was as if it had no effect. She knew that that wasn't possible. She'd scared robbers into dropping their weapons just by staring at them and had tormented several students, including a very persistent Sharpner. Yet he was different and she had no idea why, but she was determined to get to the bottom of it one way or another. This little excursion of theirs gave them the perfect opportunity. It was especially good since everything was packed away in the bags in the cargo bay. All students had been forced to hand over all their mobile phones and even Videl's police watch but she knew she would get it back by the end of the day.

With the rising crime rate in the city, the school had decided to send a group of students on a survival camp. While many had disagreed at first it was then known that Bulma Briefs would be running the camp to conduct a few experiments. They had got a few ears to prick up and suddenly it seemed like everyone in their grade had wanted to go. The teachers, knowing full well that this diversion would give them a well deserved break (even though they only just got off of holidays), sent them all off planning on spending some time outside the concrete jungle.

The students had no idea what they were getting into. Bulma's experiments which were clearly written on the bottom of the pamphlet that had been handed out clearly stated that they would be learning martial arts as part of their survival. Most of the jocks claimed that no matter what they were taught on this expedition it wouldn't be up to the standard that they received at Mr Satan's Dojo. While they were strong in comparison to most there were three who stood out. Gohan, for obvious reasons was stronger than everyone but chose not to show it, Videl was the top crime fighter in the city while Sharpner was one of the top students at the dojo. Everyone knew this fact but he was always glad to say it every now and again to make sure they didn't forget.

"Do you reckon these so called fighters have got anything on us?" suggested a cocky Sharpner.

"Just because they are trained differently doesn't mean that they are bad warriors," said Videl. She had watched the videotapes of her father's martial arts tournament and instead of paying attention to the bulging figure with the afro she had watched his opponents. From this she had realised how vast and wide the world of martial arts was and even though most tactics had flaws in them, she was shore that if one was mastered correctly that they would be unstoppable.

That's why her fighting style was unique.

However her father had never let her watch any of the material from tournaments in years past. He told her that those warriors fought with light tricks and magic like those warriors from the Cell games. Videl remembered the Cell Games well; it was all her father had boasted about for months on end. She had been convinced by the media and her father that it was all a trick and honestly she didn't know any better, after all people didn't go shooting balls of light out of their hands at random.

As the air ship flew close to its destination, Gohan felt the ki levels of some very familiar friends of his which gave his face a worrisome look. Videl noticed this and try to figure out what had him scared so much. She looked out of a nearby window and saw that they were just about to touch the ground. Probably just feeling air sick, she thought as the door opened to let in the harsh midday sun.

The students squinted and put on sunglasses as they walked out into the open air. Videl, Sharpner and Erasa eyed off their surroundings, it was if they were in a giant fish bowl. All around them there was a cliff wall, trapping them within along with the wildlife that called this place home. Dense forest covered the area and the sound of nature could be heard, most of the girls were stunned by the sound they had never heard of.

"Gather round, gather round everyone," called a blue haired woman standing near them. Everyone went into a hushed silence as they paid attention to one of the smartest people in the world. Standing in all her glory was Bulma Briefs, the owner and president of Capsule Corp. Standing next to her were five men, a blonde haired woman and two children, all of whom Gohan knew directly.

"Alright, you're here to learn how to survive in the wilderness," Bulma continued. "These people standing beside me will be the ones training you."

"Bah," pouted Sharpner walking through to confront the group. He stood in front of them, the cheesiest of grins on his face. "These people don't know the first thing about fighting. I bet I could take any of you down right now."

His challenge seemed to go unnoticed until an old man walked forward. His white beard and moustache glowed in the sun while his eyes hid behind a pair of red sunglasses. His walking stick came to a stop as he stood in front of Sharpner. "Young man, I have fought and won more martial arts tournaments than you have witnessed in your life," he said.

"Who do you think you are old man?" asked Sharpner infuriated that he was going to have to beat up an old man.

"My name is Master Roshi, I also go by the titles of the Turtle Hermit or Jackie Chun," said the wise man. Sharpner paused in his thinking for a moment and many of the students gasped, including Videl. Is this really the incredible Jackie Chun? Videl thought. He vanished years ago and now he pops up to train us. This is so exciting!

Sharpner however had a different reaction. "You're an old timer," he said in an intimidating tone. "Get back in line and let someone younger have a shot."

"Let me put this wager on then," said Roshi with a twisted smile as he pointed into the forest. "If you can knock me to the ground before I launch you into that tree you can fight any warrior here."

"Ha, you're on old man," said Sharpner kicking at Roshi's staff and sending it a few feet away. Many people expected the old man just to fall over but he just stood there, calm and relaxed. Snickering Sharpner made his move...

...And found himself embedded into the tree Roshi had pointed at earlier.

The students watched on stunned, well they had tried to watch on but the fight was over before it had even began. With a swift left hook, Roshi had evaded the oncoming attack and connected sweetly with Sharpner's jaw and sent him skidding twenty feet into the base of the tree. Sighing, Roshi bent down and picked up his staff before walking back in line.

"Anybody who feels like they can't learn something while here can get back on that air ship," threatened Bulma. The students stood there frozen in fear and shock. Bulma nodded to the captain who nodded in return before starting up the engines. Everyone turned around as they saw the ship take off and fly away. A few awkward moments passed before the class realised what had happened.

"All my gear was on there!"

"What am I going to wear tomorrow?"

"How am I supposed to survive without my phone?"

"There goes my jet copter," muttered Videl as several of the girls started crying. She then turned and with newfound fury marched to the front of the group and pointed a fierce finger at Bulma. "LADYI WANT YOU TO GET IN CONTACT WITH THAT MANAND GET HIM TO COMEBACK HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANCE!"

Bulma was about to respond when a figure stepped in front of her. "Girl, if you know what's best for you, you will never speak to my wife in that tone again!" Many hushed whispers were heard in the main group as the girls finally found out who Bulma Briefs husband was, even the gossip queen Erasa hadn't known this fact. While his size was small his bulging muscles gave the message of don't screw with me.

Videl however felt otherwise.

Summoning all her power and glory she unleashed a horrific glare at the small wind and for a moment the wind stopped blowing and the birds stopped singing. Yet this man stood there and took it. That was when Videl quivered. Not only had her glare not worked but this man was glaring back at her in such a way that it burnt a cold icy fire into her soul.

Videl was frightened, frightened of this little man who was using her own weapon against her. She wanted to turn tail and run but her feet were frozen solid to the ground. The man walked forward, his spiky hair standing upright. Videl forced herself into a measly fighting stance which caused the man to stop. Videl thought that she had finally regained control before the man started laughing hysterically.

She was being taunted and this finally caused her body to kick into overdrive. With a battle scream she rushed forward to attack the laughing man and she unleashed a savage left punch only for it to be caught. Stunned, Videl now found herself within the man's grasp and once more she felt fear. She felt like she was going to suffer the same fate as Sharpner but only fell to the ground as Vegeta pushed her away.

"You've got guts girl, and I like that," said Vegeta smiling. His face did a complete 180 and turned into a vicious scowl. "But if you ever do something like that again I will not think twice to break every bone in your body!"

Videl quivered in fear as the prince of Saiyans stared down at her. "Same old Vegeta," said a voice from behind the group causing everyone to turn.

"Brat what are you doing here?" demanded Vegeta.

Bulma however took a different approach. "Gohan, I didn't know you were coming."

Had the students just heard right. Had 'THE' Bulma Briefs just referred to Gohan by his first name? Erasa's mind was working furiously. How does Bulma Briefs know Gohan? This man just gets more interesting by the minute. I have to make him mine!

"Good to see you to Bulma," said the teenage Saiyan.

"Anyway," said Bulma regaining control of the students. She walked by each of her comrades and called out their names. "My associates are Master Roshi, Trunks, Goten, Krillen, 18, Yamcha, Tien and my husband Vegeta. They will be teaching you every second day from tomorrow onwards about all the skills you need to survive out here, I trust you take these lessons as you will need them in order to survive. They will also be walking around the forest to make sure you don't hurt yourselves too much. Until tomorrow morning you have to learn to survive by yourselves." The group turned and began to walk away.

"Wait," called a very intimidated student. "What are we meant to do until we meet here tomorrow morning?"

"Survive," called out a pissed off Vegeta as they disappeared into the forest.

That is the moment that the school's students lives changed dramatically.

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