Looking back on stories come and gone, it seems that Survival Stories are always ones which will make people laugh. As such, I have decided that in the near future DBZ Survival Skills 217! Those of you expecting a direct sequel however will be disappointed. This will be another survival skill story altogether, just with the same old fun characters. There won't be the learning of chi which was so popular in 101 but there will be restraints, such as a ki restraining wristband which only allows Gohan to access enough power equal to double the strongest member of the class, aka Videl.

The class will not be taught by Bulma like last time, who is to teach it I am unsure of. But friends of old, I'm talking within the first season will make a reappearance since the location of the camp is... your decision. That's right, the setting of DBZ Survival Skills 217 is officially up to you. As such, please visit my profile and have your say in the poll as to where you want to see Gohan and the crew suffer. The poll will only be up for a limited time so now is the chance to have your say!

Hope to hear from you soon.