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Chapter 7

Small hands were creeping up her thighs, tantalizingly slow, torturously slow, murderously. She tried to still her breathing, to not let the significant other know how this simple action was making her tremble, making her blood burn through her veins, and building up her breath until her mouth dropped open and she was only releasing short, stuttering breaths. Yet the pads of the soft fingers continued to rise up her legs, and her own eyes almost rolled into the back of her head. With another gasp she let her head fall back onto her pillow.

She shouldn't be doing this, she knew she shouldn't, but this person was so damn persuasive she couldn't help herself. Yet blindly she reached out, pulling the teasing form towards her, causing the Teaser to overbalance and land squarely on top of her, their bodies pressed breathtakingly close. It was delicious.

To feel the flood of hot, sweet breath wash over her face, to know that the Teaser's lips were only centimetres away from her own, to know that she had them and she would never let them escape from this spot. Because this is something she had waited for since... since birth; to have someone hold her and not be disgusted or repulsed, to be wanted, to be loved. What was better is that it was more than that, this wasn't just anybody lying above her with their body pressed against her own, it was the epitome of beauty and goodness in this world, the person who sent her mind reeling with their mere presence and left her craving their company whenever they was gone. She just never imagined that the person she had unknowingly been waiting all her life for would be another girl.

Unperturbed, she laced her fingers through the luscious curls she pulled the beautiful face towards her own, whispering desperately against her lips, "I've wanted this for so long," before finally pressing her lips against the other's, "Galinda."

"Elphaba. Elphie." She scowled a little, the tone reciprocated was depressingly dissimilar to her own, "Elphaba, wake up! Wake up, damn it!"

The green woman was brought back to the harsh reality with a painful jolt.

"Oz's sake! If you're using the same trick I used on you, you're in for a rude awakening!" Galinda huffed, batting the lump in the bed with her handbag.

Elphaba groaned and opened her eyes, "This is a rude awakening."

Apparently content that her mission was accomplished, Galinda's tone changed entirely, skipping away from the bed she chirped happily, "Well it had to be done, honey."

Pushing herself ungracefully from the mattress Elphaba swung her legs out of bed, avoiding the real Galinda's eyes, "I don't know what's wrong with me, being a deep sleeper isn't usually my forte. I blame you."

While carefully applying mascara Galinda replied, "Don't hold me responsible for your own weird and wonderful sleeping patterns. Oh, and you were talking in your sleep again, by the way."

The blood rushed to Elphaba's face and she felt her mouth go dry, the recent dream flashing through her mind, "What? Erm.. I mean.. do you remember what I said?"

Galinda hesitated, "Just the usual."

Raising an eyebrow, "What exactly is the usual, Galinda?"

Galinda didn't answer straight away, she fluffed her hair before turning to Elphaba and biting her lip, "I can't exactly say, Elphie. It's usually just mumblings."

Elphaba had just finished braiding her hair with trembling fingers, propping her hands on her hips she said in a low voice, "You're not telling me something."

Galinda looked thoughtful, "I think the thing you say most of all is 'I don't want to go but I have to' –something like that."

Elphaba gave her a dubious look before turning away to retrieve her long, black frock, hiding her sigh of relief with her back, "Any idea what it means?"

"They're your dreams, Elphie."

With a wry smirk Elphaba replied, "Yes, despite the small fact I can't remember a single thing about them. Next time I'm talking in my sleep, wake me up."

Galinda giggled to herself, "It was hard enough waking you up just then when you weren't dreaming!"

Elphaba blushed a darker shade of green and said nothing before slipping into the bathroom. 'Weren't dreaming'. If you say so.

Upon stepping out of their room Elphaba nearly fell over a suspiciously small young man bearing a suspiciously large bunch of flowers. With a cynical raise of the eyebrow Elphaba groaned, "I thought it was lettuces you used for wooing young women, Boq?"

The young Munchkin looked completely flustered, "Wha-? Lettuces? I don't.. if you're talking about... That was an accident Miss Elphaba and it would be kind of you to remember that. Besides.. you didn't help me in the end anyway."

Elphaba bit back a smirk as she recalled the events only a couple of months previously when the small man-child hand landed unceremoniously in her lettuce patch, naturally seeking an audience with his beloved Miss Galinda. Elphaba had refused, at that point in time she had no intention of saying a word to the blonde airhead, a whining love struck Munchkin wasn't about to change that.

Elphaba shifted her weight onto her hip, folding her arms over her chest and looking down at him dubiously, "What do you want? Wait, let me guess; you came to give your oldest acquaintance flowers? Boq, you shouldn't have! No, seriously. I hate flowers. Why give me something that was once flourishing with life, brutally murder it and hand it over like a serial killer?"

Elphaba stood back, highly amused with herself and Boq's impressive impression of a goldfish as he attempted to interject into Elphaba's comment. She knew very well that the flowers were for Galinda, but the opportunity to torment him could not go unexploited.

Boq was still stuttering, "W-w-w-well, Miss Elphaba, I was actually wondering if.. um.. I.. well, if Miss Galinda was in your room."

A bemused smirk had curled the form of Elphaba's lips, "I'll just check if she's in."

The Munchkin appeared puzzled, "But you've just stepped out of the room..."

Elphaba bit her cheeks, "Nevertheless, I shall check."

Turning on her heel she walked determinedly back into the dorm room and her eyes met a pair of beautifully toned legs. She stopped in her tracks for a brief moment as she watched a silk stocking gently envelop one leg and cling to it tauntingly.

Without looking up Galinda chirped, "Hello?"

Snapping out of her reverie, Elphaba cleared her throat, "Boq's outside, what do you want me to say?"

Galinda remained unaffected as she proceeded to pull the other stocking up her thigh, "Who?"

Elphaba wrinkled her nose, "The Munchkin boy. He's brought you an obscenely large bunch of lilies, stalker case alert, I think."

Standing up from the bed Galinda ran her hands over the creaseless dress, replying in a bored voice, "Tell him that I'm not in and that lilies make me sneeze. In fact, say I don't like flowers."

Elphaba grinned wickedly and turned to leave, "Elphie?"

The green girl stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder, "Galinda?"

She cocked her head to the side, "Thank you."

Boq was still waiting eagerly outside, trying to sneak a glance over Elphaba's shoulder as she stepped through the doorway.


Her face betrayed nothing, "She's not in and lilies make her sneeze. Actually, she doesn't like flowers, full stop."

"But... But you were talking to someone!" His voice had developed a slightly nasal quality which consequently raised both of Elphaba's dark eyebrows, "And how do you know she doesn't like lilies?"

Raising her eyes to the heavens, Elphaba took a deep, patient breath, "Ok." Wrapping a patronising arm around his shoulders she began to slowly lead him away from their room, "Here's the thing Boq, my dear. Galinda is very accustomed and adept at what is known in the society of today as positive politeness. This is when you're talking very animatedly to that blonde vision of a woman, as so many do, and you have every reason to believe that she is listening to every word you say. When, in actual fact, she's merely encouraging you to speak with little encouraging noises; 'uhuh. Mmm. Yeah?' so that she herself can think of a plausible excuse to get away from this dull conversation. And you, my friend, come away none the wiser of what has actually happened."

Boq's mouth was hanging open unattractively, Elphaba continued, "Which leads me to my next point; what you just heard back there? That was another one of your darling love's politeness features. She's not in? Of course she is, she just doesn't want to see you. Lilies make her sneeze? No, she actually has no desire to obtain little orange stains on all of her dresses. She doesn't like flowers at all? A lie, she's Galinda, she loves flowers and would love to be given flowers, just depressingly not from the likes of you."

Boq was scowling, something told Elphaba that he wasn't liking this one sided conversation, she carried on, "I, however, do not conform to such society tricks. When Galinda says goodbye it can be translated in the politest way possible as 'go away'. When I say 'go away', I mean go away."

With a huff Boq did as he was told, stomping away as fast as his little legs could carry him. Elphaba turned and looked down the corridor at Galinda, who she knew very well had been leaning against the wall and listening the whole time. She gave her a grin that Galinda could not clearly read as she walked towards her, shaking her blonde head slightly but unable to suppress a smile, "Miss Elphie, you were horrible. Now everyone will know my secret."

The green girl glanced down at the heart wrenchingly beautiful blonde by her side, smirking at her own inside joke, "Secret? That's nothing."