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Table of Contents:

First Chapter:

Drabble #1: Apollo Kids/Percy with implied Apollo/Percy. Making out.

Drabble #2: Apollo/Percy blowjob while Apollo's driving the Maserati.

Drabble #3: Nico/Percy Highschool!AU. Fluff.

Drabble #4: Nico/Percy Waterbondage. Full on sex.

Second Chapter:

Drabble #5: Luke/Percy blowjob in Elysium. Rachel sees it and starts touching herself.

Drabble #6: Nico/Percy UST, wet dreams. Nico masturbating.

Drabble #7: Luke/fem!Percy Percy gets turned into a girl. Luke realizes that he still gets aroused even if she's female. Best friends turned more fic. No smut.

Third Chapter:

Drabble #8: Luke/Percy bakery!AU. Food!sex.

Drabble #9: Apollo/Percy/Hermes/Apollo. Gods lost!AU. Sacred sex act needed to save humanity.

Drabble #10: Rachel/Luke. Implied!Luke/Percy/Nico. Rachel's an artist. Luke's a snarky nude model.

Fourth Chapter:

Drabble #11: Luke/Percy. Crossover with 'Midnighters'. Midnight comes at 4:30. Things stop. They don't care and have almost!public sex.

Drabble #12: Luke/Percy. Crossover with the Uglies series. Percy greets the new Crims, Luke's jealous. Possessive!sex ensues.

Drabble #13: Nico/Percy & Luke/Percy. Crossover with 'Supernatural'. Percy can't get it on with his brother (Nico) anymore. He turns to angel!Luke.

Drabble #1: PercyxApollo Kids (Plus implied ApolloxPercy)

"Percy?" Michael Yew asked for the whole Apollo cabin as they all turned around, expecting to see another of their brothers/sisters. Percy ignores him, settling for suddenly appearing in front of him. Michael raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing...?" He said hesitantly, his brothers tensing, looking to see if Percy would attack Michael.

They expected any kind of attack, the attacker being an impulsive one. Well, what they didn't expect was for Percy to suddenly grab Michael by the shoulders-since he wasn't wearing any shirt- and kiss him. "Mhhhmp!" Michael gasped, losing his balance and falling, Percy on top of him

The rest of Cabin 7 had stopped moving, their mouths open. "Wow... Didn't know that the son of Poseidon's gay..." Kayla whispered to Will. She gasped as she was suddenly pushed forward by a mini-wave of water toward the pair on the floor.

She fell on her knees in front of them, staring at their mouths that were still connected. She blushed bright red when Michael moaned, his usually smart mouth that was full of insults busy. Percy chuckled inaudibly at that. Finally, they both parted, eyes half-lidded and a string of spit still connecting them.

"Damn." Michael hissed, a smirk on his face. "You're a good kisser, Percy." Percy's lips twitched at that, "So are you." He replied easily, before turning to Kayla and kissing her too. He licked her bottom lip and Kayla happily opened her mouth. His tongue twisted with hers and Kayla was struck with the thought that he was a good kisser.

"Holy shit..." Michael cursed in awe, getting aroused. Who can blame him? Hell, he had the person he had just made out with plus his half-sister kissing on top of him. Percy stiffened for a second, feeling Michael's reaction under him. Then he smiled against Kayla's lips, nipping it lightly. Kayla whimpered.

Percy ground against Michael, causing him to cry out. Percy and Kayla parted, Percy glancing at Lee Fletcher with a meaningful look. Lee drew in a quick breath, face red. Percy grinned and winked at him.

The others watched, surprised as Lee joined the trio, his hand slipping between Percy and Kayla to cup Kayla's breast. Percy smirked, placing an open-mouthed kiss on Lee's lip. Lee immediately responded, kissing back almost too eagerly. Lee groaned against Percy's lips, motioning for the others to join him.

Percy grinned, murmuring a "Thanks" when Lee and him parted momentarily for air. Lee raised an eyebrow, asking why when they parted again, moments later. Percy laughed, turning away from Lee to plant a hot, wet kiss on Michael's neck. Michael gasped, eyes shut closed with pleasure.

"Mmm. Yes... Oh gods, Percy." Michael moaned, tilting his head so Percy could access it easier. When Percy drew back so he could shut Michael up with a kiss on his lips, there was a noticeable hickey.

They parted, and by the time they did, the whole Apollo cabin was involved. Percy noted that he didn't know a lot of them, and the only one he could actually consider a friend was Michael. Well, do you really have to be friends with someone to make out with them? Percy sighed, this will probably do something to his reputation. But then Will nipped his bottom lip and any thought about his reputation was cast out of Percy's head, focusing on Will Solace.

Maybe Aphrodite's curse was starting to wear off... He was only thinking of sex now when he was stimulated, not every single second. The need to fuck was still high, but bearable.

Michael had slipped out under him, kissing one of his brothers, but his hand was rubbing Percy's groin teasingly. Percy moaned, and turned toward Austin, catching his lips with his own. Percy massaged Austin's tongue, moaning as Micheal's hand groped him deftly. Percy was filled with pride in himself, it was a good thing he picked the Apollo cabin to release his sexual tensions... They were good with their fingers. Really good.

Percy supposed that came with being good musicians. He'd have to thank Apollo later for being the God of Music. Maybe during the bonfire? Poseidon wouldn't mind... It was just a one-time thing. Oh gods, did Kayla just pinch his nipple?

Damn, she did. Her fingers were talented too, it seemed. Oh, Micheal just unzipped his pants...

"Michael." Percy whimpered, bucking his hips into Michael's hand. Gods, he was going to regret this when the curse wore off. But he didn't really care right now, did he? Percy didn't even know who he was kissing now... Some random girl, his brain supplied cheerfully. Percy blocked it out, his hand squeezing another boy's ass. He moaned, turning to face Percy. Their lips met, gods, it was so wet.

And then it was ruined.

The door burst open, revealing a very pissed sun god. Almost everyone freezes, Percy turning in shock toward the door.

"Perseus Jackson! What the hell are you doing to my kids?" Apollo growled, glowing slightly. His kids got their clothes back on, faces red. Percy calmly zipped up his pants, standing up to face the god.

"Well, Lord Apollo, I guess you can call it 'making out'." Percy replied easily, the bulge in his pants noticeable. Apollo twitched, opening his mouth to reply. A ring cut him off. He frowned, dug in his pocket for his cell phone and answered it, still looking at Percy.

He motioned for Percy to come with him, a slight glare in his eyes. "Hermes, what is it?" Apollo said to the receiver, breathing hard. His lips twitched, "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill my cousin. Poseidon will get mad, won't he?" Pause. "Yes, yes, I know. I'm just going to kindly ask him why he was practically fucking my kids. Gods, Hermes-" Another pause. "Yes! He practically corrupted my daughter! Kayla was never like that!" Percy winced at this, glancing at said Kayla. Her face was red.

"Dad, it's not Percy's fault. I was willing." She voiced out, her hands playing. Apollo glanced at her, his eyes softening. He nodded. "We were all willing." Michael added, taking his chance. Apollo's gaze switched to Michael. His lips twitched, acknowledging him. Well of course, Michael was his pride and joy.

"Yes, well, see you Hermes." Apollo finally said, hanging up. He turned again to Percy, surprised at seeing the guilty expression on the demigods face. Percy shifted under his gaze, smiling apologetically.

"Percy." Apollo sighed, looking like he had dealt with this before. "Yes?" Percy replied, smiling like an angel.

"Why are you suddenly horny?" Apollo asked, his eyes twitching. "Aphrodite's Curse." Percy replied immediately, smiling. Apollo's lips twitched and they both laughed. Cabin 7 stared at them, looking confused. A minute ago, Apollo looked like he wanted to kill Percy, and know they were laughing at some unknown joke between them.

Apollo reached over to Percy and his kids stiffened, expecting Apollo to hurt Percy. But instead, Apollo ruffled Percy's hair. It looked almost brotherly. Percy smirked, "Now, cousin. Do you care to leave us so your kids and I can continue?" At that, Apollo rolled his eyes.

"Hades, no." He replied easily, sighing. Percy's jaw dropped,


"No buts." Apollo chastised, grinning. He slapped Percy's ass, causing the younger to squeal. "Except yours." When he said this, he gave a wink. "Not in my cabin. Got it?"

Percy sighed, "If you insist, Lord Apollo."

Michael, Kayla, Lee, Will, Austin and etc. looked very confused at this point. Apollo bent a bit as he whispered something in Percy's ear, grinning as Percy blushed.

You think they're good? I'll show you good. I am their father, after all.

When Apollo snapped his fingers, the door opened once more. "Same time, same place?" Percy asked abruptly, staring at Apollo. The sun god smirked, nodding.

Sorry, I can't write sex. I'm horribly inexperienced. The furthest I can write is blowjobs. :)) That's why I left it like that. Use your imagination. Let someone continue it!

Drabble #2: Maserati Ride: ApolloxPercy. One sucking the other while driving.

"Seriously, Percy." Apollo says, trying again. He glances at Percy, tossing his blond hair back with one hand on the wheel of his golden Maserati and another resting on the back of his chair. Percy chuckles and slightly smirks at the meaningful look Apollo send his way. Di immortales, that god could kill with just his looks alone. And the thing is, he knew it. He gestured for Percy to join him in the shotgun seat. Percy yawned, and was in it in less than a minute.

He seemed to have forgotten that Zeus didn't like him flying. Maybe because Apollo had woken him up at an ungodly hour? Sheesh, he had just fallen asleep when he was suddenly outside three hours later! And then, he was suddenly in the sky with Apollo... In his nighties, no less!

Unfortunately, that only consisted of boxers. So he was pretty much naked. It was a good thing the Maserati was so hot, or he'd freeze to death in his attire.

"Lord Apollo, look, no offense, but I don't think I really want to... To do that..." Percy declined smoothly, trying to hide his grin at the frustrated look Apollo got. Apollo clenched his fists on the wheel, taking an unexpected jerk to the left. Percy winced. A certain part of Illinois (namely Chicago) was going to experience some heat waves...

"Lord Apollo...?" Percy asked, worried over the state of the sun god. Was his refusal really making Apollo like that? Or was there something more? Apollo pouted, glancing once more to Percy's direction. He paused, before launching into a haiku.

"Percy is crazy,
Denying my hot body
His amazing mouth"

Percy chocked, shaking his head. "Uh-huh..." He briefly contemplated if he should insult the god. "That was..." Weird "Nice..." Apollo raised an eyebrow. "Nice? It was the epitome of awesomeness, Percy." Apollo remarked, adjusting his sunglasses further up his nose. Percy nodded, not looking convinced. Apollo sighed, "What? Do you want a limerick too?" Percy rapidly shook his head, looking sick at the very suggestion. He actually have never heard one of Apollo's infamous limericks, but Artemis and her huntresses have talked about them.

"I just want to see how good you are in giving head, is that so bad? Come on... You know you want to suck me off. Or are you afraid you're just... inadequate?" Apollo added, purring slightly. The hand hanging on his seat was suddenly on Percy's thigh. Percy froze at the light touch, "I-I can tell you Lord Apollo, that I'm pretty good at it." Percy remarked proudly, nodding his head.

Apollo raised an eyebrow, "Now, now, Percy. How would you know that?" He asked, slightly amused. Percy froze, suddenly realizing what he had said in order to defend his pride. "Ah..." Was all he managed to say.

"Percy, you know you can tell me. I am the God of Truth after all!" Apollo voiced out when Percy didn't add anything. Percy scoffed, "Not the God of Keeping Promises."

Apollo rolled his eyes, "Percy, really. You have no trust in me. Come on, I swear upon the river Styx that I will not tell anybody how you got so good in giving blowjobs but you have to suck me off." He said, smirking. Percy glared at him, "Do you really want to know?" Percy asked, looking slightly disgruntled. Apollo nodded, grinning. He took off his sunglasses to look at Percy in the eye. Percy stared at him, his plump lips parting slightly. Percy shook himself out of his daze. Damn. Percy shivered inwardly, those eyes were so distracting. What was it they were talking about again?

Oh yeah.

Percy sighed, "I got it on with Nico Di Angelo." Seeing Apollo's look, he added, "Remember him? Son of Hades… Brother of Bianca Di Angelo?" A spark of recognition finally appeared in Apollo's eyes. Almost like a miniature sun, really. Wasn't enough for Percy, so he added, "Has a nice ass?"

Apollo groaned in mock annoyance. He shook his head, smirking. "I guess he does have a nice ass. Maybe we should try a threesome." Percy spluttered, coughing. Apollo raised an eyebrow, "Alright there?"

"Fila mou to kolo, Apollo." Percy groaned. (Kiss my ass, Apollo) Apollo raised an eyebrow. "Gladly. But before I do that, you haven't done your part of the deal." Apollo replied, grinning. He gestured grandly to his lap, winking.

Percy twitched, thinking of the pros and cons of this situation. Finally, he sighed and stood up, walking over to Apollo. Apollo froze and looked very surprised. Now that was rare. I mean, how often do you get the God of Prophecies surprised?

"Now?" He asked, part amused, part aroused and part worried. Percy smirked, "Now or never, that's my motto, Lord Apollo."

Apollo chuckled, "Since when?" He asked, even as Percy knelt in front of him, squeezing into that space so he was in front of Apollo's crotch.

Percy rolled his eyes, not bothering to reply. He brushed his fingers on the slightly noticeable bulge that could be seen. Apollo couldn't help but hum in appreciation, his erection hardening slightly.

Percy looked up at Apollo, smirking. Apollo's mouth hardened into a straight line as he struggled to keep his eyes on the roa-sky. He grinned slightly as he brought his mouth to the zipper of Apollo's unmercifully tight jeans. Percy's tongue flicked out to make the metal stand up so he could bite it. When he succeeded, he dragged it down slowly, smirking as he heard Apollo tap his finger impatiently on the briefly rubbed his face against Apollo's groin, smiling against it as it hardened further.

He pushed the jeans away with his face, raising an eyebrow when he saw that Apollo was not wearing anything underneath it. "I didn't know that you were the type to go commando." He mumbled incoherently. Apollo seemed to be able to understand him, though, because he chuckled.

Percy looked at the erection in front of him, nodding in approval. "Get on with it, Perseus." Apollo said calmly, looking like this happened everyday. Well, considering the fact that he was hot plus a God... I can't put it past him to have blowjobs every single day.

Percy chuckled before teasingly licked Apollo's hard on from the base to the head. Apollo didn't even reply, he just rubbed his cock on Percy's lips. Percy slowly, teasingly, swallowed the head. His tongue deftly flicking the slit that started to leak precum. He felt, rather than saw the Maserati gain in speed for a slight second, so he stopped his mouth from further moving. Apollo got the clue and slowly, the speed lessened to its original.

Percy took as much of Apollo's erection into his mouth as he could, moaning at the feel. He sucked at it, his tongue wrapping around the length. His hands sneaked up under him, pulling the jeans off Apollo for better access. He heard a slight gasp from above him as his hands stroked what he could not fit. The head of Apollo's cock was bumping the back of Percy's throat as his head bobbed up and down, licking, sucking, nibbling. Percy's gag reflex had disappeared slightly after all the months of experimentation with Nico and several other men. Namely, sons of Apollo. Funny, really, how he ended up giving head to their very father.

That thought giving Percy an idea, he licked the vein on the underside of Apollo's cock, at the same time squeezing the base slightly. He hummed as he heard Apollo moan softly, the Maserati Spyder shaking slightly. He dragged his teeth over the head gently, giving it an exaggerated suck and a flick of his tongue once more over the slit, mixing Micheal Yew's preferences. Like father, like son, right?

Percy moaned in relief as Apollo bucked his hips, giving a slight whimper of pleasure. Oh gods, he wanted to hear more of those noises. He took Apollo deeper into his mouth, his tongue working overtime. Damn, this god lasted long-Not saying he'd been with other gods before... Damn, who am I kidding? Percy Jackson was god whore. But to Hades with it! Hermes was good with his fingers!

Seeming to read his thoughts, Apollo throatily replied in a low, sultry voice, "S'okay, little cousin. Hermes is the Olympian bicycle."

"Uh-hmmm." Percy replied without taking his mouth off the head. His cheeks were flushed as he sucked Apollo, trying to distract the sun god of thoughts about Percy and Hermes getting it on.

Well, it got Apollo to stop talking. Apollo didn't seem like he was able to make coherent thoughts. Percy chuckled, sending pleasurable vibrations up Apollo's spine. Apollo briefly thought that Percy was quite vocal while giving head. Pssh. Who was he to care? It felt good anyway.

"A-ah" Apollo moaned, his grip tightening on the wheel. Percy smiled, all it took was a suck and a clever roll of his tongue. "What was that?" Percy asked, amused. Although with his mouth preoccupied, Apollo really didn't get the message. Percy dragged a tooth once again over the vein, tongue pressed against the slit.

Apollo groaned, his eyes clenched shut. Suddenly remembering where he was, he forced himself to open them with a gasp. His eyes widened, realizing that he was really off course. Oh man, he hoped nobody noticed that it was hotter than normal in North America. He quickly jerked the wheel to the right, causing a displeased noise from Percy. Oh shit, at the rate this blow job was going, he was going to come.

A few more bobs of Percy's head, plus some licks and sucks added in between was all it took for Apollo to finally come, his head thrown back in mid-orgasm, gasping with the effort to not land his Maserati in the middle of his work and just screw that demigod senseless. Or maybe he was gasping with the effort not to scream.

When he falls back from his high with a pleased expression on his face, he glances down at Percy. Percy swallowed Apollo's release, drawing back and slipping between that small space so he could sit down. He's panting, and gods, Apollo thinks, he looks hot. What, with that look on his face, as if he was the on the receiving end of the blow job he so wonderfully gave. The come he wasn't able to swallow was dripping down his chin slowly. Apollo smiled, glanced at the sky in front of him briefly to check they were on the right track and leaned over to Percy.

Apollo's eyes looked over Percy's flushed face. The come was almost on his neck now. Apollo grinned as his tongue darted out sneakily to catch it. Percy opened his eyes, raising an eyebrow at Apollo's nearness. "So?" He asked, his voice sounding hoarse with that post-blowjob sound. Apollo grinned, "Pretty good, if I do say so myself. In fact, I'd like to repay the favour."

Percy, this time, was the one to freeze. "Now?" He asked, mouth slightly open at the idea. Apollo smirked, "Cousin, dearest, I'm not as impatient as you. In fact, I think I should drop you off now. I mean, Uncle's probably pissed at me."

Percy raised an eyebrow, sitting up to glance at the ocean. His jaw dropped as he saw the waves. "Man... He is angry." He remarked. Apollo laughed, "So's Father Zeus. Gods, did you see the lightning?" At that statement, Percy paled. I mean, he didn't really mind that his father was mad... It was mostly directed to Apollo, anyway... But Zeus? Now, that was something to be afraid of.

"Okay, drop me off now!" Percy decided, glancing at Apollo. Apollo sighed and fixed the bottom half of his body. He zipped up his pants and looked at Percy meaningfully. "Um... Percy? I'm in the middle of something... I can't just drop you off."

Percy sighed, pouting slightly. Apollo stared at him and decided that Perseus Jackson was one hot catch.

He then backed away from Percy, frowning. Percy watched him, licking his lips at what he saw. He stood up and grabbed his backpack, searching for something inside it. Apollo didn't seem to hear him as he languidly drove the sun. Apollo sighed, smiling slightly. He loved being the sun god... It was so relaxing. Apollo concentrated on getting the sounds of the waves beating angrily on the shores, the sight of the blinding lightning with no thunder out off his head. It was like that time when Zeus though Poseidon stole his master bolt.

Apollo sighed guiltily. Despite his friendly attitude, he felt... disdain at the young son of Poseidon. The sky and the sea acting like they were at war with each other wasn't giving him relaxation. But after he'd met the little demigod... He couldn't help but erase all those previous feelings... And -can he say it?- feel a little bit attracted to that body that was beginning to show some muscle.

And it really didn't help that his younger cousin's mouth was just so alluring. At that time, he told himself it was wrong. But every single thought of that was replaced with one that said that they weren't really related. Gods didn't have DNA after all... But, well.. He wasn't getting it on with any other god, was he? Well, except Hermes...

When he was contemplating about that, he realized that fucking his cousin wasn't as bad as fucking his kind-of-brother. And here they were, suffering post-blow job bliss. And really, what he wanted was post-shag bliss. But that had to wait for after a week or so. 6 days at the least. Percy glanced at him, hands playing with the waistband of his boxers. Appreciatively, Apollo looked his body over once more. Percy had sat back down, drinking some water. He could practically hear Percy's quiet sigh of relief. Apollo looked at Percy's chest, it was covered with a thin sheet of perspiration, giving Apollo an idea.

"I see my Percy
sweating after giving head
I want more from him"

Percy's impatient hands stilled, his head turning to look at Apollo with a What-the-hell? look. "I'm yours, now?" He asked, an amused undertone. Apollo smirked, "Well of course. I didn't see you declining my offer, did I?" He grinned and watched Percy's reaction.

Percy laughed, causing Apollo to grin wider. Percy bent down to grab Apollo's forgotten sunglasses. "When did you take this off?" He asked, completely off topic. Apollo rolled his eyes, catching it as Percy threw them at him. "Does it really matter?" He asked, sighing. Percy bit his lips, shaking his head.

Lightning struck, exceptionally bright. Percy and Apollo winced, shielding their eyes. Apollo shoved his sunglasses on his face and turned to Percy. "Look, I'll talk to you later when Artemis and I shift. 5 days. An hour after sunset. You have to go now. Zeus won't hit you-Not now, when I'm with you and doing my job. I'll get Hermes, get ready to go, kay?" Apollo said hurriedly, remembering that Percy, being the son of Poseidon wasn't welcome in the sky. He just had to take him in the morning, did he? Why couldn't he have offered at night?

It was all his fault. Apollo shook his head, getting guilty thoughts out off his head. Zeus wasn't even serious about striking Percy down... Was he? Apollo grabbed his cell phone, pressing 2. (Speed-dial) He pressed the phone to his ear, biting his lip at how frantic Percy looked. "Hermes!" Apollo said the moment Hermes picked up. He sighed in relief. It was hard to get to Hermes.

"What." Said Hermes answered, almost annoyed. "Now, now, Hermes. Can you deliver Percy to his home? I'm sure you know where it is, with your fooling around with him." Apollo chastised, glancing at Percy. Percy's face was red, glaring at him.

"What?" Hermes repeated, surprised. Apollo opened his mouth, but Hermes had already hung up. Apollo tapped his fingers in impatience, grinning when Hermes finally appeared with a pop, flying next to the car. He glanced at the sky and sighed. He looked at Percy, surprise on his features. Percy grinned, wondering why he was surprised. I mean, he already knew he was here!

"Perseus." Hermes said with a sigh. He briefly ruffled Apollo's hair, causing a slight scowl to come from the sun god. Percy mused about their relationship, forbidden thoughts about a threesome crossing his mind. Hermes extended his hand for Percy to take and Percy grabbed it, standing up.

"See you, Apollo..." He murmured, glancing at the blond. Apollo looked up at him, a smirk gracing his features. "Of course. I'll see you 5 days from now." He chuckled, before glancing at at the Messenger of the Gods, "Hermes would you like to join us?" He said almost politely, grinning when Hermes looked at him, suggesting he knew what was going to happen 5 days from now. Then Hermes smirked, "Of course. Percy over here is exceptionally good with his tongue, as I'm sure you've experienced." At this, Percy's mouth dropped open, face completely red. He stared at Hermes and Hermes glanced at him, winking. Then Hermes directed his attention back to Apollo, nodding.

Apollo grinned, and waved, switching his attention from Hermes and Percy to his route. He felt a pop near his side, telling him Hermes and Percy had left. Zeus let another lightning strike, before everything quieted down. Apollo glanced at the sea, frowning when he saw it in a false calm look. Zeus was a lot like his brother, looking very calm sometimes, but really angry. It was the look of the sea just before the storm. He frowned, maybe Zeus was serious.

He grabbed his phone, sending Hermes a quick text message.

Z mite be mad. Stay w/ P.

Drabble #3: Not Alone, Never Alone: PercyxNico. AU Highschool

"I want to do something." Nico said steadily, his voice soft. Percy glanced at him from his lofty position on the 'Pres' Chair'.

"What?" President asked, flipping the accounting book almost lazily. The corner of Nico's mouth twitched. He knew Percy wasn't really looking at it, just pretending to. Sure, he was one of the best presidents Half-Blood High School, an all-boys school ever had, but that didn't mean that Percy didn't have any flaws. One of them was the need to help people, whether it be a friend, enemy, lover, or cousin. And it just so happened Nico fit all of these roles.

"Doth thou hero agree to soothe thy lover's pain?" Nico asked, smiling slightly at Percy's shocked look. Percy stared at Nico calculatingly, as if debating with himself if Nico was joking or not. Finally Percy dropped the accounting book and replied in the same tone Nico used, "Thy heart is ever at thou's heed." He bowed and winked at Nico, a sultry smirk on his lips. Nico raised an eyebrow. He hadn't expected Percy to respond with a Shakespeare quote. He briefly scanned his brain for a response and shrugged. "So wise so young, they say do never live long. I need thy help to make thy impact in this meaningless life." He said, voice low and needy. Percy's eyes widened, chocking slightly at Nico's tone.

"The lady doth protest too much! All the world's a stage. Do not worry, tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow shall be thy lady's day! Thou will help for thy lady has captured thy heart!" Percy replied, shaking his head at Nico. A small smile was on his lips, his eyes full of mirth. Nico's mouth dropped, "Why then tonight let us assay our plot. Lord, what fools you mortals are." Percy laughed. He smiled at Nico and slipped off his chair gracefully. He encircled his arms around Nico from behind. Nico's head turned to look at him. "I'm not a lady." Nico murmured softly before their lips meant. Percy hummed in response. "Of course you aren't. I don't like ladies, remember? I like men." Percy said when they parted.

Nico laughed, "Right." Percy grinned, "Especially men named Nico Di Angelo." He piped up cheerfully, kissing Nico on the cheek and stepping away. Nico blushed bright red, "Well, Perseus Jackson." Nico voiced, uncomfortable. "Yes?" Percy replied cheekily, brushing his hair back. "How do I make an impact?" He asked. Percy laughed, "Haven't you noticed? You have made an impact. If you want to make a bigger impact on the world-Well, maybe just the school for now-, come with me tomorrow. Tomorrow shall be your day, remember?" Nico shifted his weight from his right leg to his left. "How?" He repeated, frowning.

Percy smiled, grinning. "Secret." He drawled cheekily. Nico groaned, an awesome person Percy may be, but he was still annoying sometimes.

Drabble #4: PercyxNico. Shower sex. Water bondage

"Shh!" Percy hissed, pressing up against Nico in the shower. He didn't notice that Nico's breathing was heavy, or that Nico's face was pink. They both heard the footsteps go past them, not noticing two teens in the shower... Alone... After school hours...

The moment he heard a door slam, Percy sighed in relief, "Now, that was close!" Nico nodded a bit in agreement, looking flushed. Percy was silent for awhile, listening to see if that person was coming back. Obviously pleased with himself, Percy said, "Okay, no one's here. Let's go."

Percy took a few steps toward the doors of the locker rooms but abruptly stopped when he noticed Nico wasn't following him. He turned toward Nico, raising an eyebrow. "Nico?" Percy said hesitantly. Percy retraced his steps slowly, "What's wrong?" He scanned Nico's body, checking to see if the son of Hades was all right. Nico's face was slightly red, but there wasn't any wounds on him that Percy could see.

Percy stepped closer to Nico, his hand brushing Nico's forehead. Nico gasped and looked like he was burned. "Percy..." He whimpered. Percy frowned, "You feel hot. Do you want to abandon the mission? I don't think you're feeling okay..."

Nico snapped out of his kind-of-daze, "No!" His eyes were wide. "We can't! I'm sorry, I'm just distracted. I'm not sick!" He babbled, trying to reassure Percy that he was okay damn it! "I'm not sick..." He repeated when Percy frowned, his I-don't-believe-you face on.

"Seriously." Nico said, his face betraying him. If possible, his face kept growing redder. "Nico... Just for a while." Percy said softly, caring obvious in his eyes. Nico instinctively pouted. "No, Percy! I'm not a baby, I can take care of myself just fine, okay?" Nico said defiantly, glaring at Percy. He stomped past that son of Poseidon, nearing the double doors when he heard the shower running.

Oh, shit. That was Nico's last thought before a giant water-hand grabbed him. "Percy! Stop it!" Nico yelled, trying to get out. He struggled as it dragged him to Percy, looking like he was watching a movie.

Nico glared at Percy as the water receded. The hot, strong shower pounded on their heads. Aside from that, everything was quiet. It was like everybody stopped to see the drama between Percy and Nico.

"No." Percy said calmly. His face, though, was very different from his tone. He was smirking, his eyes twinkling mischievously. Nico opened his mouth to say something else before he was suddenly pinned against the wall. He thought that it was Percy who was holding his hands above his head, but it wasn't. The shackles that stuck his wrists together against the cold tiles were water. Water.

It seems that Perseus Jackson can do sinful things. He wasn't so goody-goody after all. Just to prove that point, Percy stepped closer to Nico. His fingers were slightly twitching as he directed the water into a much smaller hand, the size of his own. It grabbed Nico's chin and forced it up so Nico had to look Percy in the eyes. Percy stared at Nico and Nico stared back.

"Stop it Percy." Nico whispered, although his voice held no defiance.

"Why should I?" Percy murmured. "You've been disobeying me ever since this mission started. I tried to help you, but you didn't want to tell me your damn problem!" Percy hissed, never breaking eye contact with Nico. "You're not helping me now, Percy..." Nico murmured softly.

Percy opened his mouth, eyes wide. Realizing what he was doing, he backed away. Oh, yeah. He was truly a son of Poseidon. Moodiest father on Olympus, that's for sure. But then again, (and I quote), you can't control the sea.

But Nico didn't let him back away. Just as Percy took a step back, Nico grabbed Percy's waist with his legs since Percy conveniently forgot to release him and pulled that son of Poseidon toward him. Nico pushed their lips together, because he was not going to let Percy get away with this. Percy gasped, giving Nico a chance to slip his tongue in. The kiss was rough, needy-and Gods- it was lustful. Every single pent up horny thought was released. When they finally parted, they both felt as if a huge weight was taken of their shoulders. But that still wasn't enough.

Nico wanted more, and he was going to get it, even if it killed him. No pun intended. He growled, lustily, pulling Percy once more toward him. Percy didn't even resist. Nico twisted his foot into Percy's shorts, pushing it down, slightly. Percy moaned, nibbling on Nico's lower lip. Nico smirked, grinding into Percy's erection. Percy hissed against Nico's mouth, "Shit. Nico, you cock tease!" Nico chuckled, "No. You're the cock tease."

Percy responded by grabbing Nico's hips and grinding harder into it. Nico whimpered, "I hate you, you know that?" Percy didn't respond, he just panted. Nico worried, thinking that Percy actually believed him. "I was joking." Percy chuckled, burying his face in the crook between Nico's neck and shoulder. "I know." He mumbled into it. Those were his last words before he pulled down Nico's pants. Nico gasped as water hit his half-hard cock. "Percy…" He moaned, trashing his head back as his erection hardened. Percy nipped his neck in reply, one hand removing his own shorts all the way. "Fuck." Nico murmured as he saw Percy's length. "Later…" Percy replied, teasing.

"See what I mean about you being a cock tease?" Nico voiced out quietly, momentarily surprised when he wasn't getting wet anymore. Percy chuckled, "Do you seriously want me to reply to that?" Nico responded by half-laughing and half-crying when Percy rubbed their erections together. "Oh, God" Nico moaned, arching his back at the feeling. "Gods." Percy gasped into his shoulder, slightly whimpering as Nico bucked wildly. "Fuck, Nico…" He hissed, grabbing Nico's hips and stilling him. "Percy!" Nico whined in response. Percy frowned, backing away. He looked surprised at himself. He released the water binds and Nico fell to the floor. Nico felt an odd sense of anger at him. Why was he leaving him like this?

"I…" Percy muttered, his eyes lost in thought. He seemed to have realized something. "I'm sorry, Nico… You know, for everything." His mouth was set in a grim line. "I just don't have time you know. This demigod thing takes up so much of my days.. I just can't… You know… Fuck…" His eyes were guilty.

"Percy." Nico groaned, rolling his eyes. Damn, Percy apologizing wasn't turning him on. iAt all./i Fuck, he really needed to get off…

"Percy, Percy, Percy…" Nico repeated, as if Percy's name was something that could save him from his sexual tensions. "What makes you think I'm not enjoying this? I was the one that kissed you first didn't I?" (Haha, I was so close to typing 'I was the one that killed your father') Nico inquired softly, his voice low and sultry. Percy's eyes widened, his erection becoming harder again. "Percy, I need this as much as you do. I've wanted you since you pressed up that body of yours against me a while ago.. So give it to me." He purred, swaying his hips sexily as he placed his hands on Percy's chest. That was all he had to say.

Percy tentatively took a few steps forward, looking to see if Nico was serious. Nico rolled his eyes and grabbed Percy's shoulders, pulling Percy toward him. Their lips met messily, teeth clanking against each other. But after awhile, they fixed it, Percy tilting his head to the right a bit as he furiously attacked Nico's lips, pinning him once again with water to the wall. This time, his legs were spread wide, water making them unable to move. Nico moaned, obviously pleased. "Do you want me to fuck you?" Percy hissed, finally letting go of his morals. "Oh gods, it's about time you realized that." Nico replied, his eyes half-lidded with pleasure.

Well, his eyes suddenly became wide open when Percy's hand grabbed his cock and ran his water slicked thumb over the vein at the bottom. Nico hissed, his back bowing off the wall. "Percy!" He gasped, his fists clenching on top of his head. Percy pumped him a few more times, nails scraping over his skin.

"Just fuck me, damn it!" Nico moaned out, his eyes shut again with pleasure. Percy froze, his hand stopping their movement. Then he smirked, "Why would I do that?" He asked innocently. "I'm having so much fun already."

Nico narrowed his eyes at him, "To Hades you are. I swear upon the river Styx that if you don't fuck me today then I'll make sure you won't be able to walk for a while!" He threatened eyes serious. Percy chuckled. "Ooooh, that's scary." But while he was saying this, his fingers were inching up to that tight hole. "I'm serious, Perseus Jackson!" Percy grinned, slightly strained as he struggled not to slam into Nico. Oh no, he was going to make this hard for Nico. "I know you are, Nico." He retorted, before he slipped one finger in.

"A-ah!" Nico gasped, throwing his head back. Percy kissed Nico, slipping his tongue in while he added another finger. Nico sucked on Percy's tongue, his own coming out to play. Their tongues danced with each other, tasting each other. Percy grinned, leaving Nico's mouth. He dropped down to his knees, eyeing the length that was in front of him. He glanced at Nico's face, his fingers still thrusting inside Nico. Gods, Percy almost had an orgasm with Nico looking like that, so wanton and trusting. It turned him on. He opened his mouth wide and pretty soon; Nico was gasping and moaning, hips bucking erratically. The head of his cock was bumping Percy's throat and Percy sucked harder, licking the bottom, his tongue wrapping around the length.

"Percy." Nico moaned, trashing. Percy hummed in reply, sending vibrations across Nico's spine. "Gods!" Nico yelled, his back bowing in their uncomfortable position. Then Percy withdrew, his mouth and his fingers. "Please!" Nico whined, hips bucking in search for fulfillment. Percy stood up, snapping his fingers so the freezing water turned warm again. "Do you-" "Yes!" Nico gasped, impatient. Percy shook his head in amusement before thrusting in without warning.

They both gasped, surprised. Percy put his forehead on Nico's, his eyes squinting in pleasure. "Gods, you're tight." Nico laughed but it morphed into a scream as Percy pulled out and slammed back in. "Nico…" Percy moaned as he set up a pace, Nico slamming down on him while Percy was thrusting up. Nico moaned back, closing his eyes. White light danced on his eyelids. "Harder!" Nico demanded in need. Percy slammed into him, the head of his cock bumping Nico's prostate, causing Nico to howl in pleasure. Nico briefly wondered why nobody was checking the lockers, before all thought was lost and Nico was soaring, his spirit leaving his body with the climax. Percy thrust into him for two more seconds before he came in a series of convulsions. The water binds released Nico, Percy too preoccupied to keep it up. They slid on the wall, collapsing in a heap.

"Round two?" Nico asked, still in a daze after what he felt. "Mhmm." Percy murmured into Nico's shoulder, tired. Nico stood up, shakily. "Please?" He asked, grinning slightly. Percy groaned, "Tomorrow." Nico rolled his eyes. "Promise, Jackson?" Percy nodded before he lazily flicked his hand. Water hit his face, giving him energy. He stood up, easier then Nico had. "Okay, how about we continue this at home. We'll just do this mission tomorrow." He proposed, his hand on the wall for support. "Yeah, sure. Whatever." Percy grinned and grabbed his hand. He snapped his fingers and the shower stopped running. He smirked, looking like he had a secret to reveal. Nico raised an eyebrow at him, before gasping. They disappeared.

Only the smell of the sea was left.

I said above that I could write sex, m'right? Well, I forgot that I could. XD

Sorry for it being so long! XD

Also, I think some of you are wondering if they are all connected. I don't intend them to be. :D But if you want... Then connected it is! (For you, at least. XD) If it was connected, though, then Drabble #4: PercyxNico. Shower sex. Water bondage, would be the first. Then Drabble #2: Maserati Ride: ApolloxPercy. One sucking the other while driving. would be second, then Drabble #1: Percy x ApolloKids (plus implied Apollo x Percy would be the last. :) And Drabble #3: Not Alone, Never Alone. Percy x Nico, AU High school would be... A completely different thing. XD What would have been if things were different for LOVE? Yeah, let's go with that.