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WARNING: SEXUAL ACTS. HET AND SLASH. (Drabble #10 contains Rachel x Luke with Nico x Percy and implied Nico x Percy X Luke.)


Drabble 8: Percy/Luke, bakery!AU, sex + cake. a;ldkfjaldjkf make it hot yes? icing on peen strongly encouraged

Percy whimpered as Luke stroked his cock. Holy shit, who knew bakers were so good with their hands? Oh wait, that was supposed to be obvious. Bakers used their hands a lot. Right. Obviously. His brain wasn't working properly.

Luke chuckled, his other hand that wasn't preoccupied reaching out. Panting, Percy followed that hand, eyes half-lidded. His eyes widened when he saw Luke dip his finger into the dark brown icing of the cake Percy had ordered. "Chocolate." Luke announced with a mischievous smirk on his lips.

"I wonder. Is chocolate icing good as lube?" Luke muttered. Percy's eyes widened. Oh fuck. If possible, his dick hardened further at that.

Smiling, Luke placed his chocolate finger on the slit of Percy's cock. He dragged that finger over the head and grinned as he heard a whimper from his very loyal costumer. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Mr. Jackson?" Luke asked, smirking up at the brunette.

Percy gasped and managed to groan out a, "Percy—please. Not—not Mr. Jackson." Gods, he couldn't get it on while someone was calling him by his last name. It made him think of his mom. And shit, he can not think of his mom while having sex with the baker.

"Percy. Short for Perseus?" Luke murmured. He didn't even wait for an answer as he slathered his hand with the chocolate icing and then grabbed Percy's cock in a tight grip. Percy keened at that, arching his back as he lifted his hips toward that hand. Luke chuckled, pumping it twice before flicking his thumb over the slit. He leaned toward Percy, attaching his mouth to Percy's neck. Percy groaned and bucked his hips before tilting his head to the side. "Fuck." He hissed, closing his half-opened eyes.

Luke's lips twisted up at the corners when he heard the profanity. He mumbled something incoherent on Percy's skin and started to gently bite the slightly tanned skin. He changed the grip he had on Percy's cock a bit, his hand sticky with the icing.

Abruptly, he stopped jerking Percy off. Percy cried out, unable to stop himself as he lost the much needed friction. "Luke." He whimpered, slowly opening his eyes. When he did, his eyes widened. "Get off." Luke roughly ordered. Percy obeyed quietly, wondering how the man could dominate him while on his knees. "Grab the table now." Luke said, gentler this time. Percy nodded, hands reaching out to grab the edges of the table, just waiting for Luke to move.

Luke smirked and swallowed Percy's cock. Percy cried out as wet heat enveloped the head of his cock. "Luke." He groaned, his knees buckling. He only managed to stay upright because of Luke's hands holding him up.

Said Luke licked the chocolate icing of Percy, his eyes closed. For a moment, Percy wondered how his pre-cum mixed with the sweet chocolate tasted. That thought was blown away though when the head of his cock hit the back of Luke's throat. He gasped, his thighs trembling and his knuckles white. He ground his teeth, a moan escaping between them. Just as he began to see white stars, Luke pulled off.

Percy cried out at that, "No." He whimpered, bucking his hips. Luke chuckled and hoisted Percy up to the table. He pushed him down so Percy could lay down. He pushed the brunette's weak legs up and knelt in between them. "Do you want me to fuck you?" Luke hissed in Percy's ear, struggling not to betray just how close he was to coming. His hand stroked Percy's inner thigh and Percy moaned at the feeling. "Yes." He groaned. Luke smirked, and reached beside him to dip his finger in the chocolate.

Carefully, he probed the pink puckered muscle. Percy's eyes snapped open as Luke's index finger slipped in. "Oh gods." He hissed, trying to get away from the intrusion. Luke frowned and used his other hand to hold Percy's waist down. "Relax." He murmured, leaning down to pepper kisses down Percy's chest.

He pushed his finger further; his cock leaking as he imagined what it would be like to finally push in with his cock. He purred and swirled his tongue around Percy's nipple. Percy whimpered at that and reached a shaking hand to Luke's dirty-blonde hair.

He clenched his hand in it, and Luke expected him to push him away. Instead, Percy curled his fingers around Luke's hair and almost absentmindedly stroked Luke's head. Luke smiled in an amused manner. Chuckling, he stretched his neck upward to nip at Percy's neck. Doing so, Percy's hand slipped off.

"Percy." Luke groaned while adding another finger. Percy gasped at that. Hearing his name like that turned him on more than scantily-clad men, and the two fingers slowly stretching him weren't helping. Luke pushed it in deeper, groaning in a discontent tone when it wouldn't get any farther. "Fuck. Relax, Percy. You're too tight."

Percy clenched his hands on the upper corners of the table and forced himself to relax. Luke tried to push in again, and smiled when his fingers slipped in another inch. Chuckling, Luke made a scissor motion twice with his hand. Unexpectedly, Percy cried out and bucked his hips, eyes wide. Luke blinked and he smirked mischievously as he understood. He had found Percy's prostate.

Slyly, Luke tapped the previous spot and Percy gasped, bucking his hips and thrashing his head. Luke hurried with preparing Percy then, as his want took over.

Luke withdrew his fingers when he was finally able to thrust in three with ease. Quickly, he slathered the chocolate icing on his cock and positioned himself, leaning close to Percy so they were chest-to-chest.

"Are you ready for the time of life?" He murmured, and grinned in a slightly strained manner as Percy nodded enthusiastically against his neck,

Drabble 9: AU wherein the gods lost but there's still a chance for humanity. Sacred sex acts needed.

Hermes x Percy x Apollo x Hermes

Choices, choices. Percy thought it was over. He thought the prophecy was done. Turns out, the whole thing was about him. It was always about him.


Hermes moaned and thrust his hips. Percy chocked slightly on the head of Hermes' cock. Percy clenched his naked thighs as he had to dig his knees into the soft carpet so he wouldn't fall. Hermes was a sight to behold to really. His whole bare form was shaking and he fell back from his sitting position on the bed.

Apollo, on the other hand was somewhere behind Percy, just as naked. He chuckled and climbed on the bed with the silken sheets. He sat on Hermes' chest, conveniently facing Percy. Smirking, he held down Hermes' hips, so Percy wouldn't choke.

"Be careful." Apollo murmured, chuckling again. Why was the sun god always so happy?

Percy's eyes watered. He wanted to stop. He wanted to hurt the sun god and the messenger god for forcing him into this. But he couldn't. If did, then humanity would be wiped out. The Olympians would fade. Stupid sacred sex offering acts. Damn it. Why him?

Apollo frowned as if he read Percy's thoughts. He probably did. He leaned over so his face was near Percy. "Relax, little cousin. We're not going to hurt you. Remember, this is for you. This is for Annabeth." He murmured, brushing his lips near Percy's mouth softly.

Percy shivered and closed his eyes. What Apollo did was kind of wrong. It was almost... Fatherly. And what they were doing right now wasn't even close to fatherly.

He shook his head inwardly before sucking hard. Hermes gasped and then his mouth was filled with the nectar of the god. He tried to spit it out, but Apollo pulled him up forcefully and kissed him, causing him to swallow some of it while Apollo sucked some out. When he finally pulled away, there was bit of cum dripping down Apollo's chin.

Hermes groaned from under Apollo. "I'm still here you bastards." He hissed. Apollo smirked, unseen by the god of messengers. Teasingly, he bent toward Percy again, sticking his ass in Hermes's face. He froze, as Hermes' tongue touched the pink puckered hole.

He groaned and shivered. Percy blushed as his cock hardened at the sight. What the hell? He was straight, damn it!

When Apollo threw his head back though, and revealed his long tan neck, Percy couldn't help but hoist himself on the bed and attach his mouth on it.

Well. Maybe he wouldn't hate this predicament after all. Besides, it was just sex, wasn't it?

Drabble 10: Rachel is an artist and Luke is a nude model (main: Rachel x Luke, side: Nico x Percy and implied: Luke x Percy x Nico)

"Stop moving!" That was Rachel Dare. All she got in reply was a smirk and more squirming. She clenched her paintbrush. That was it. "Luke Castellan, if you do not stay still I am going to... Going to.. Um..." Rachel retorted angrily, pausing when she couldn't think up of a witty comeback.

"Kill me?" Luke supplied helpfully, lips twitching in amusement. He leaned back, his strong arms supporting him. Rachel glared at him, "Yeah!" Luke gave a small, short bark of laughter. "Let's see you try, Miss Rachel." Luke said, baiting her. He winked at her and beckoned with his fingers. Rachel growled, and took a few steps forward that son of a bitch when her phone rang. She jumped, dropping her paintbrush. "Oh, shit!" She cursed. Luke raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were better than that, master." He said sarcastically.

Rachel glared at him, but couldn't help the twist in her lower stomach. She shook her head, she was not going to get aroused by Luke. Even with those strong arms every girl would want to faint into, that chiseled, hard chest; those gorgeous blue eyes that-DAMN IT. She forced herself to think of other matters, like the way Luke's dic-No! The way Luke's lower lip-Oh forget it, this wasn't working! Rachel picked up the phone, hoping whoever called her was interesting enough to keep her mind busy.

She glanced at the caller ID and perked up, it was Percy! "Hello!" She said cheerfully into the phone, not noticing that Luke had stood up. "Rachel." She froze. This wasn't Percy!

"Um.. Who is this?" She responded tentatively, frowning. She brushed the stray hair away from her face, just as Luke wrapped his arms around her waist. She squeaked, embarrassed. Oh, dayum, she could feel his erection on her lower back.

"It's Nico... Are you okay?" The male replied evenly. Rachel blushed, "Yeah!" Nico sighed on the other line. "I have a little problem with Percy over here." Nico said softly, and Rachel winced slightly as she heard a moan from said Percy. Was there an accident or something?

"Um... Who the hell are you and what are you doing in Percy's house?" Rachel asked, struggling to form comprehend why a stranger was possibly going to rape one of her best friends... Even though that was very hard to do with Luke behind her doing very sinful things.

Nico laughed, and Rachel swore as Luke ground on her ass. "First of all, I'm Nico Di Angelo, boyfriend of Perseus Jackson that was supposed to remain a secret. Second, we're not in his house. We're in my house." Nico answered almost cheerfully. Rachel briefly noted that there was another moan, this time unmistakably one that was not from pain. Pleasure, Rachel thought, blushing redder.

Luke kissed her neck, his skillful tongue leaving in its wake pleasure. Rachel struggled not to whimper. Her grip on her phone tightened slightly. "And why did you decide to call me?" Rachel asked, her voice coming out shakier than she liked.

There was silence on the other end for a while, before Nico burst out laughing. And then Rachel heard Percy complain, "Nico! Give me back my phone! I swear, I'll go out and announce our relationship already! I'll even make it my status on Facebook!" Nico scoffed, seeming insulted with the idea. "And untie you? No way, I'm going to have my way with you. Besides, you look hot."

Rachel laughed nervously, squeaking as Luke's hand found its way under her shirt. "Was that Di Angelo and Jackson?" He murmured in her ear, sucking the tip slightly. Rachel nodded, gasping as she heard something. "I'm going to take you and all you can do is watch. Would you like that?... Mmmm, you do, don't you? I can see the way your cock is begging for me. Do you want me to suck you?" Rachel dropped the phone, asking herself when Percy started to swing the other way.

"I know them. Quite the hot pair, really." Luke continued when he saw the look on her face. "W-what?" Rachel gasped, staring at Luke. "You saw them? Together?"

Luke grinned slyly, "Yes. We had a threesome. They're quite big on dirty talk. And public sex. They told me they did it at a park a week or so ago. And Di Angelo? He likes bondage. BDSM's his thing. It's a good thing that Jackson likes being bonded. He gets hard with just the sight of handcuffs." At that, Luke seemed to get distracted. He smirked, and Rachel briefly wondered if he was reminiscing. Then he grinned at Rachel, "Guess who the sub in their relationship is?"

Rachel blushed, "I'd rather not know." She suspected it was Percy. It was a surprise though, as her best friend was like the leader of their group.

Luke laughed, "I do say, Percy has a very nice..." Rachel squeaked, trying to cover her ears. Luke wouldn't have it. He licked her cheek and blew on it, a sly smirk on his face as he continued. "Tight..." At this Rachel gasped, practically begging him not to continue. "Ass." To exaggerate his point, Luke groped her ass. Rachel squealed, glaring at Luke. "Sick! Shut up! I'd rather not know my best friend's sexual acts!"

Luke laughed, "They're very kinky you know..." Rachel glared at him, "So am I." She retorted, before stripping off her shirt and stalking to her bedroom. Luke paused, staring at her retreating back. He chuckled. If that's wasn't an invitation, then he didn't know what was.

On the other side of the phone, Nico chuckled as he heard Rachel's exclamation. He took Percy's cock in his mouth and smiled when he heard his lover moan his name.


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