Just some cute litte one-shots about the Mizzies going to prom, because i feel like being silly.

Marius and Cosette

Marius is sitting on a bench in Cosette's garden. She is in her Catholic school uniform, Marius in street clothes.

MARIUS- Have you asked your father about prom yet?

COSETTE- Not yet. ( she is quiet a moment.) Marius, I really don't think he's going to let me go.

MARIUS- Why not?

COSETTE- He doesn't approve of me having boyfriends. To tell the truth, I haven't even told him about you yet.

MARIUS- So, sneak out!

COSETTE- I can't do that to my father—he'll worry.

MARIUS- Everyone does it!

COSETTE- I was raised better than that, Marius. I'm sorry, but I can't come to prom with you.

MARIUS-What? Cosette, if you don't go, I won't have a date!

COSETTE- What about that Eponine girl? I hear she's nice, and I always thought she kind of had a crush on you.

MARIUS- She's a psycho! I caught her writing Mrs. Eponine Pontmercy on her notebooks in science class.


MARIUS- I am not going to prom with Eponine. Besides, her father's kinda poor; I don't even think she can afford a dress.

COSETTE- Well, aren't all your friends going?

MARIUS- Friends?

COSETTE- The ones who hang out at the Musain. Aren't they going? Just go with them. I'm sure some of them don't have dates.

MARIUS- I am not going to prom with any of them. I don't want anyone thinking we're gayer than they already do.

COSETTE- Oh please, Marius, like there isn't something going on between Joly and Bossuet. Besides, I didn't mean that. I meant, just go in a group. Lots of people do it.

MARIUS- Right. Last time I hung out with them, Combeferre made me feel like a phenomenal idiot.

COSETTE- What did he do?

MARIUS- (getting embarrassed) He…said something.

COSETTE-What did he say?

MARIUS- He said ' to be free.'

COSETTE- I don't under—

MARIUS- It's complicated. Anyway, I am not hanging out with the school's biggest stoner, the emo poet, the resident nerd, the hypochondriac, the bald one, the one with anger issues, Apollo, Don Juan, and Poland Guy.

COSETTE- Poland Guy!?

MARIUS- It's complicated. Be glad you don't sit next to him in World History. Anyway, Cosette, you've just got to go! If you don't go, I won't go either!

COSETTE- Fine, it's settled!

MARIUS- Wait, what?

COSETTE- Neither of us will go! (Marius starts to leave) Where are you going?

MARIUS- I'm going to see if I remember Azelma's number. She doesn't talk much, but at least she isn't a Catholic school girl or a psycho.