Back to silly! And apparently, this all takes place in New York, because New York=Paris. Kinda.


Azelma is sitting on her bed, watching Eponine primp in the mirror.

AZELMA- You aren't seriously going to ask him?

EPONINE- Why not? I mean, I know him pretty well, it's not like that Catholic School girl would really take him seriously.

AZELMA- Why not?

EPONINE- She's way out of his league. I mean, private school girls don't go out with boys who live in the projects; their daddies don't like it.

AZELMA- So you think he'll go with you?

EPONINE- Why the hell not? I'm pretty, aren't I?

AZELMA- Well….you could be. (Eponine looks mad) I mean, if you had your hair done all nice and a pretty dress and stuff.

EPONINE- Yeah, gotta figure out how to get my hands on a dress.

AZELMA- Speaking of pretty dresses, isn't your boyfriend gonna be mad if he finds out you asked out another guy?

EPONINE- Who, Parnasse? It's totally over between us—he's an asshole. Besides, he's more interested in how he looks than how I look. Talk about metrosexual! I need a real man.

AZELMA- And Pontmercy is a real man?

EPONINE- (considers that.) Well, one who doesn't go around with a switch blade, anyway.

AZELMA- So you're really gonna do it?

EPONINE- I'm gonna try.

AZELMA- What are you gonna say?

EPONINE- I don't know—I'm just gonna corner him when he gets back from stalking that convent girl in Central Park, and ask him.

AZELMA- You think he'll say yes?

EPONINE- I don't know—it's not like he's got any other girls waiting in the wings. He's scared shitless of girls.

AZELMA- You don't suppose he's a little—

EPONINE- No! He's got the hots for the convent girl, remember?

AZELMA- Oh, right.

EPONINE- ( turning to face Azelma) So how do I look?

AZELMA- Okay, I guess.

EPONINE- All right, I'm off! ( she opens the door.)

AZELMA- Take an umbrella, it's raining.

EPONINE- So? Rain never hurt anyone.

She leaves.