AN: This actually came to me while I was sitting in my car and the song 'Low (T-Pain and Flo Rida)' popped up on my IPhone. I won't spoil it for you. I can tell you it's a ItaHinaSasu fic fo srs. I'm not entirely sure if I'll do another one shot concerning this fic although I certainly could considering the ending. We'll see. For now it's a one shot, enjoy! (It's listed as M cuz of cussing? Whatever, it's just standard for me to slap a M on my stuff.)

Ruby Slide

Although it wasn't cold, Hinata made sure to adjust her short jacket to ensure her chest was adequately covered. This was due to the fact that the blouse that had been picked out for her didn't exactly button up to the collar like she would have wanted; then again she hadn't brought the blouse in the first place. At least they had let her wear jeans, although they were skinny jeans and was so snug it felt like a second skin. A delicate chain hung from her wide hips and she looked absolutely terrified as she was pushed – literally – into Ruby Nights, a brand spanking new night club that was all the rage.

Behind her was Sakura who was actually pushing Hinata along. They had somehow convinced her to come and even to dress in tight fitting clothes but that didn't mean she had to like it. The Hyuuga had never once gone clubbing with her female friends, finding crowds intimidating and she wasn't fond of loud music. Said music was thumping to the point where one could hear it from the outside despite the doors being closed.

The entrance to the club held two rather large bodyguards standing in front of large crimson and gold doors. There was a line that wrapped around the building practically but that wasn't a problem. Every single female, Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Hanabi and Tenten had connections due to their families. No standing for these beauties.

"Hinata-chan," Sakura grumbled, tossing her long pink hair over her shoulder, revealing a long fashionable dark green shirt, a jean skirt and black leggings. "You promised you'd come along and cooperate. This is not cooperation."

"B-b-but…I know b-but n-now I'm nervous." The long haired brunette protested, clutching her purse close to her chest. "I mean there's going to be so many guys there and I'm…"

"Looking hot as hell?" Hanabi offered, raising an eyebrow. Hinata's little sister, who was now almost in her twenties was clad in a little brown number that revealed more than it covered with jewelry that made it almost impossible not to look at her assets. Hinata looked down at her sister in the brown stilettos; how Hanabi walked, much less danced, in those she'd never know. Thankfully, they had allowed her to wear some rather fashionable black boots that came up to her calves.

"Neji is going to be there," Tenten offered "And so is Naruto." The tomboy smiled in her glossy red turtle neck shirt with no back and long flowing pants that looked almost like a long skirt. She also had on boots but they came up to her ankles. "You should try and let loose every now and then Hinata-chan. You're almost twenty five and you're already all work and no play."

There was a small squeak when Ino appeared beside her and wrapped her arms around the brunette's arm. She was wearing a dark purple blouse where the buttons started at her cleavage and the sleeves flared out. She was also wearing skinny jeans but with high heels. "C'mon Hinata-chan," she purred "We'll be here. You don't even have to dance if you don't want to, just sit at the table with us and let loose a little bit."

These were all arguments she had heard before and she sighed in defeat. Her friends were doing this because they were worried about her; she never went out and she worked full time along with overtime. Deep down, she knew she did need to just go out with her friends and enjoy herself but…she still felt apprehensive.

All of the girls dug into their purses and pulled out their V.I.P. passes. One of the thick-looking bouncers shifted his body and opened the door for the girls, ignoring the protests from the people waiting to get in.

The door closed behind them but Hinata couldn't hear a thing. All she could hear was the loud music and all she could feel was the bass as it reverberated through her body. Hanabi grabbed her hand and began to lead Hinata off to a corner. The club was elaborate; there was a huge dance floor that was full of people and there were even a few cages that Hinata discovered you could dance in if you paid for the time. The club was dark save for a few normal lights with red lights stretching across the entire building in various places. The bar had some sort of waterfall thing going on where the lights changed colors giving the water a strange glow. There was a large booth where two men were already sitting. Upon seeing the females the two males stood up, the man with the long brown hair and eyes identical to herself and her sister scanning over them. His eyebrow twitched at Hanabi's outfit but he said nothing. With a thin smile he walked over to his girlfriend, pulling the woman close to him with a small smile. Tenten's arms came around his neck and they kissed.

"No making out by the booth!" Hanabi snapped with a roll of her eyes. The other male a blonde, walked over and loosely put his arm around Sakura's waist, pulling her close. He said something to her but it was too loud for Hinata to hear.

"You look nice, Hinata-sama." Neji remarked "Who picked out your outfit?"

Face burning, Hinata poked her fingers together "Hanabi and Ino-chan…" she murmured. Was she really a hopeless case as the girls all said she was that not even Neji believed she could dress nice on her own?

"Sasuke's gonna be late," Naruto explained as they all sat down "and Lee's on his way." That earned him two groans from Tenten and Neji.

"Just…just don't give him alcohol." Neji sounded exasperated "Please don't let him have any, not a drop."

"Trust me Neji," Sakura remarked, scooting close to Naruto "We know. I think I speak for everyone at the table when I say that we do not wish a repeat of that tragic and sad night."

Confused, Hinata looked around at everyone. Of course, she had no idea what they were talking about because she never went out with them. "Lee goes crazy whenever he has just a little bit of booze." Hanabi explained beside her "He trashed the last club and we got banned from going there ever again."

Pale eyes widened in surprise. Gentle Rock Lee trashed a night club? She had a hard time wrapping her head around it.

Something bounced off of Hinata's leg and landed underneath the table. Noticing that it was Hanabi's pen she bent over to retrieve it, not noticing the hand and mouth signs the younger Hyuuga gave the rest of the group. Only Neji seemed uncomfortable but relented when Tenten reassured him that everything would be fine.

"Hanabi," Hinata lifted back up and handed her sister her pen "This fell out of your purse."

Blinking, Hanabi gave her sister a wide smile "Thanks sis."

A waiter came and everyone placed drink orders. Just before Hinata could make her order, which was going to be just some juice, Hanabi piped up.

"She will be having a Ruby Slide."

"Hanabi!" Hinata gave her sister a look and she smiled as the waiter walked away.

"Relax, it's not what you think it is." Her little sister lied "It's a really fruity slushie kind of thing."


Rock Lee entered the club around that time, looking around for their table. Tenten waved at him and he walked over to them, a cheerful grin on his face.

"Good evening everyone," he said politely as Hinata moved to let him sit in-between herself and Hanabi. He immediately found it to be a bad idea when he looked down at Hanabi's state of…undress. He opened his mouth and Hanabi, not even looking at him, held up one finger.

"Don't. Start." The girl snapped "You're fighting a losing battle, just ask Neji. He's long since given up hope on me." The male Hyuuga pretended not to hear her and instead nuzzled his girlfriend's neck, causing her to giggle.

Lee spluttered for a moment or so, Hinata and Hanabi were like little sisters to him, before letting out a soft sigh. Sometimes it was hard for him to admit that Hanabi wasn't that scrawny little girl anymore and that her personality had virtually been the same then.

Drinks arrived and Lee took the opportunity to order orange juice; blushing slightly when Neji informed the waiter under no certain circumstances should any of Lee's drinks be spiked. Or else. Everyone giggled lightly at Lee's dejected expression and Hinata gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder.

"It's okay Lee-kun," she said "I'm not drinking either."

Cheered up, he grasped Hinata's hands "I am glad to know I will have someone sober to talk to tonight." Hinata giggled.

Taking a sip of her drink she found that it really did taste like a fruit slushie. Pleased, she had no problems drinking it down within ten minutes, just enough time for another drink sweep and another round of a few drinks was ordered, along with some shots.

"Man, where is that bastard anyway?" Naruto grumbled "He said he'd be running late but it's been an hour already!"

An hour? When had that happened? She was finishing off her fourth Ruby Slide and chatting with the others before she realized she had to use the restroom. Since she was sitting on the edge anyway, she politely excused herself.

The moment Hinata stood up her mind began to swim and she found herself a little off balanced. Slightly confused but otherwise uncaring, she forced herself to stand up straight and walk to the restroom. A few minutes and she reemerged, feeling a little better. A really enticing song suddenly popped up and Hinata suddenly felt a strong urge to go out to the dance floor. From a distance she could see that Ino, Naruto, and Sakura had already gotten up to get some dancing in. Maybe they liked the song too. Feeling rather good and confident, she strode out to the dance floor. If she had seen herself, she would have noticed how not only did she not look drunk, she actually looked seductive with her walk. It was too hot and she shrugged off her jacket, revealing the top half of the low cut blouse. It had short sleeves and a pendant that couldn't be seen before reflected in the light a bit. Still feeling hot, she felt herself undo the three buttons to her top, revealing quite a bit of ample cleavage. For some reason she couldn't bring herself to care, she wanted to dance and this song playing was calling specifically for her. Hinata briefly ignored the jaws that dropped from the remaining members of the table when she walked over, tossed her jacket on the chair, flashed them a smile and a little wave with her fingers before she sauntered out to the dance floor.

All Hinata knew of club dancing was from movies and some of the dances she had went to in High School. Once again uncaring she skillfully weaved herself into the crowd and her body just moved. Face flushed she raised her arms, letting the silky strands of her hair glide over them as her hips and legs seemed to have a mind of their own. Letting out a throaty laugh she continued dancing, not knowing what she was doing and not caring. So what if she was laughed at, she was having fun!

Ino had come up to her one time, her own face flushed, blue eyes taking in Hinata's appearance in approval. The two girls danced together for a while, Hinata followed Ino's lead for a bit, unknowing that a few men had begun to come around to them. After a few more songs Ino went to go sit back down and when Hinata looked over it seemed that everyone was back at their table. Oh well, she wanted to keep dancing.

She felt two sets of dark eyes on her, one coming from her table. Hinata knew the man to be Uchiha Sasuke, but she didn't really know him that well personally. He was standing, a very strange expression on his face as he watched her move. Because he was watching she began to 'show off', flashing him sultry grins every now and then. By that time he had sat down but his eyes didn't move off of her and every time she flashed him that smile his eyes would grow even more heated and a small smirk would emerge.

After a while Hinata found herself being swallowed up by the crowd and didn't care. Dancing was exhilarating, why didn't she do this more often? She felt a little off at times and that part of her mind that was timid and shy was screaming at her to stop it and go sit back in her chair but it was easily ignored. Why was she going to sit down when she was having so much fun? Screw inner voices.

The song was geared towards the women, the lyrics talking about 'getting low'. After watching a few girls move along to the song she felt confident enough to do it. She dipped low, her hands moving through her hair again as her body curved back up in a very seductive manner.

"Good evening, Hyuuga-san."

A warm but strong arm came around her midsection and she could smell a soft, masculine scent coming from him. The voice was deep but familiar and she didn't at all protest when he pulled her against his body. Still moving, she tilted her head back just a bit to see who the man was and blinked.

"Uchiha-san?" the surprise was short lived as her lids lowered and a sultry smile emerged "I didn't know you danced." Was that her voice sounding sexy?

Uchiha Itachi smiled down at her, keeping her back pressed tightly against him, his hand sliding down her stomach. His other hand slid up her arm and he bent down, his lips near her ear. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Hyuuga-san." It was said low and there was a tint of amusement but it was the smooth, silky tone of his voice that made her shudder in excitement.

She and Itachi worked at the same firm although he was a bit higher on the food chain than she was. Sasuke also worked there but he had only started earlier that year while she had started at a point where Itachi hadn't been so high up and they had become…friends? More like acquaintances that went to lunch together every now and then and held pleasant conversations. Right now though, with his hand moving along her midsection and his other hand grazing over her arm and shoulder, she didn't really give a damn what he was.

Fingers slid up her arm and moved through her hair, pulling some of the strands back. She could feel the warmth of Itachi's breath on her neck "I have to admit I'm surprised," he drawled, the amusement still in his voice "it was an…interesting experience watching you dance. I didn't know you could."

She laughed "I can't!" she turned to face him, her hands sliding up the dark silk crimson shirt. "I've never danced before, I know I'm horrible but I don't care." She giggled, her pale eyes flickering up to his onyx ones. He had that look, the same one Sasuke had earlier, except this was…different. She liked it; it made her feel sexy. His hand slid down to her lower back and once more he dipped his head, his lips once again brushing along her ear.

"Trust me Hyuuga-san," he murmured "you are a very enticing dancer."


"Hey, sorry I'm late." Sasuke said as he walked over to his friend's table. He was still in his work clothes although the tie was gone and he had unbuttoned his shirt a bit. His blazer was hanging off his back held up by his hand. "Traffic was hell." Tossing the jacket in the booth he noticed how a few of them were looking out on the dance floor, as if entranced by something. Actually, all of them, including Rock Lee, were staring so hard that he got the feeling that no one even knew he was standing there.

Slightly annoyed, he looked over in the direction everyone was so entranced by and started. There, in plain view, was Hyuuga Hinata. He didn't know her very well, Itachi had introduced them once and he sometimes saw her around the building. From the impression he had gotten initially, Sasuke had thought the girl to be meek, timid, and self-conscious. She constantly wore clothing that did hid her figure and her hair was always in a severe bun on top of her head.

This woman could not be the same Hyuuga Hinata he knew. There was no way she'd be wearing clothes that hot – damn she had a nice body – and dancing so provocatively. She turned to face the table and their eyes locked. Her lids were half lidded and she flashed him an incredibly sexy smile before her back was to him again. He wasn't even being conceited, that heated gaze had definitely been directed to him.

It couldn't be the same woman, but they looked identical. Her hair was long and flowing down her back, those eyes…one didn't forget those white eyes. Her skin was pale like his co-workers although her cheeks were flushed from dancing. When she turned and flashed him that sultry smile again he smirked, not even trying to hide the fact that he was looking at her body as she moved. Very, very nice. Looks like tonight…

"Sasuke!" someone snapped.

"What?" he snapped, irritated at being dragged out of some rather interesting images of him and that brunette flashing him the smiles. It was Hanabi, she was tugging at his sleeve and glaring up at him. He couldn't help his eyes from drifting down to her barely covered breasts as she looked up at him from her seat.

Fuck,he thought to himself I'm not even drunk yet…maybe I do need to get laid if I'm looking at Hanabi like that.

Hanabi he did know, they had worked at the same fast food joint when he had been a teenager. Most of the time she was annoying, sometimes he felt like she was the little sister he never had. Unfortunately, she had caught him staring and she smirked up at him when his eyes flickered back to her face. "Naruto's calling you. Perv."

"Took you long enough, you bastard!" Naruto yelled at him and downed a shot of what Sasuke could only determine to be vodka.

"Whatever," he sat down in the booth, his back facing Hanabi and his eyes floating back to the woman with the sexy smile. Curious, he turned to face Hanabi who raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you have another sister besides Hinata?"

"Huh?" she asked rather lamely and he realized that she was drunk. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I believe he means," Lee bent down to whisper the rest in her ear. Hanabi tilted her head past Sasuke and then looked back at him. A smile split and she started laughing.

"What Hanabi-chan means to say," Lee began his face a permanent shade of red for the night "Is that that girl is Hinata-chan. They are not twins."

Sasuke stared at them as if they were stupid. There was no way. He turned back and took another good look at the woman. Right at that moment she had turned to him and seemed to be laughing a bit, those eyes of hers looking smoky from where he was sitting. There was no way. Turning back to the two of them he scowled "Stop fucking with me."

"Lee's serious!" Hanabi was still laughing. She leaned back on Lee who tried very, very hard not to look down. "That hot chick with the purple hair and skinny jeans is none other than my big sister." She hiccupped "She's drunk."

An eyebrow rose "She doesn't look drunk to me." He deadpanned "She looks like she knows what she's doing."

Yeah, she knows exactly what she's doing.

"Well, do you know how when I partake in drinking I become a different person?" Lee tried to explain and Sasuke shrugged. "Well, it would appear that when Hinata-chan partakes in drinking she…becomes like that."

"My sister turns into some sort of sexy seductress!" Hinata chirped happily "Man, I am so glad I got her drunk, we are totally doing this again."

"Yeah…I gotta admit," Naruto said, looking appreciatively over at Hinata "I think I like her when she's drunk…Ow!" he grabbed the back of his head as Sakura smacked him.

"Keep your eyes over here." She growled and Sasuke could tell that the couple was also drunk. Blinking, he realized that the booth seemed a little empty and he turned to Lee, the only other sober man in the group "Where is Tenten and Neji? I thought they were going to be here."

Rock Lee coughed "Ah, well. You see, when Neji saw Hinata out on the dance floor he began to um, become very angry so Tenten took him home." He chuckled nervously "Even drunk it seems that Neji is protective over his little cousin."

Sasuke could understand considering. He could see Hanabi letting loose like that but quiet, meek Hinata? Never in a million years. He was definitely going to start talking to her more after tonight.

When Sasuke looked back over to the girl something hard dropped in his stomach and he paled. It couldn't be…

"Holy shit is that Itachi?" Ino exclaimed, practically bowling over Sakura to look "Oh my god he is dancing with Hinata and it is a really good thing Neji isn't here because that…those two look really…hot."

It seemed the entire table was once again stunned and focused on the dancing couple. Itachi had Hinata's back pinned to him, his hand sliding dangerously low along her abdomen, his other hand trailing up her arm. His head was bent so you couldn't really see his face but it was clearly Itachi holding the little seductress as they danced. Or rather, Hinata moved against his brother and Itachi went with the flow, his hand sliding back up her stomach before drifting down again.

This was not good. He turned to the others "When did Itachi come in here?" Lee was the only one who looked concerned at Sasuke's severe tone. He was ignored by the other drunkards and Lee shook his head.

"I am not sure," he answered honestly "I was also a little late tonight and I did not see Itachi when I walked in so I believe his seat might be on the other side of the room. Is something wrong Sasuke?"

"Yeah," he remarked, turning to see that Hinata was now facing Itachi, her arms around his neck. His hand had her once again pressed against him but there was no mistaking the hand that was beginning to drift down past her lower back. Sasuke turned to Lee "He's drunk. Heavily."

Round eyes widened to an almost impossible level "I-Itachi is…he is drunk?"

"He doesn't look drunk to me!" Ino said, still looking at the two practically on the verge of making out right on the dance floor. "He just looks like he wants to take little Hinata-chan home for a little while." She giggled.

"He's drunk." Sasuke snapped "Trust me. Itachi doesn't get like that unless he's drunk." His older brother was way too rigid and withdrawn to dance with a woman like that; especially a co-worker and he definitely wouldn't feel her up like he was doing right now.

With two drunk and obviously horny people dancing together Sasuke turned to Lee. As if he had read his mind the dark haired man nodded with a very serious expression on his face. Party time was over. If they didn't break those two up something bad was going to happen. Sasuke didn't even know if Itachi liked that girl like that, a one night stand was out of the question.

Now he was annoyed because he had practically just arrived and now he had to leave. In a smooth motion he stood up and began to walk over to the couple engrossed in each other. Itachi was saying something to her that he couldn't hear and she laughed low. Damn, even her voice sounded sexy now.

Slender eyes drifted over to him and Itachi raised his head, a small smirk on his face "Hello, Sasuke." He said calmly. It was like Ino said, Itachi didn't look at as if he were drunk. In fact, one couldn't even tell the difference until Itachi started doing abnormal things. "Don't you think Hyuuga-san is an excellent dancer? I was just complimenting her on it, since she says she has never danced before."

He almost called bullshit on it except for the fact that Lee didn't know the Drunken Fist style unless he was drunk. Whatever. "Yeah, she dances nice." Understatement of the year.

Hinata tilted her head to look at him, hair spilling down her back as she looked at him with smoky eyes and that smile. "Hello, Sasuke." She repeated and he just stared at her for a moment before regaining his wits. Yeah, definitely different while drunk.

"Hey," he said to her and looked at Itachi who had stopped paying his brother attention and was looking down at the woman in his arms.

"I was thinking of asking her to accompany me back to the apartment." It came out smooth and serious as his brother's dark gaze drifted along her face and neck.

This was bad and annoying. Itachi didn't get drunk often but when he did…it was really difficult to keep the guy in line. He wasn't a violent drunk, just intimidating. And horny. Incredibly so.

Why the fuck did you even get drunk in the first place? Sasuke thought, annoyed You're the one always telling me not to let you drink. After the first few mornings that Itachi had awakened to find a woman in his bed he had went to his younger brother and asked him if he could keep him in line if he ever got drunk again, although he had no intentions of doing so.

"We gotta take her home, Itachi." Sasuke muttered, reaching out to take her arm "She's drunk."

A delicate eyebrow raised "Oh?" Itachi looked down at the flushed woman "She doesn't seem drunk to me."

Sasuke put a frustrated hand through his hair "Seriously Itachi, we gotta take her home." He tried to rationalize again "If you take her back to the apartment you'll wake up regretting it and shit will get awkward at work."

Another slow smile "I doubt I'd regret it. I've wanted her for quite some time now." His hand slid under her shirt, fingers trailing along her spine. She giggled and he looked down at her. "Years." He added as if it was an afterthought.

O-kay, he had not known that. Sure, Itachi went to lunch with the Hyuuga every now and then but he hadn't known that Itachi was attracted to her; he'd never even hinted at it.

"Sasuke," Rock Lee came up beside him, holding Hanabi bridal style. She was giggling and hanging on his neck. "I am going to take Hanabi-chan, Sakura, and Naruto home. Could you take Ino? I would but I am worried that if one of them needs to um, throw up…"

"Yeah, I got Ino." He cut in when Lee trailed off "Ino lives in the same complex as Itachi and I so it's no big deal."

"Ah," Lee's eyes drifted to the couple, Itachi still had not relinquished his hold on Hinata and in fact seemed to be ignoring them again as he bent down to place kisses along her neck. Lee paled "D-do you need assistance?"

Growling, Sasuke yanked on Hinata's arm. Surprised, Itachi let go of her. Before she could do anything else he bent down and shifted Hinata so that he was carrying her fireman style. She let out a happy squeak and kicked her feet a little. "I got it." He reassured Lee.

"Sasuke." Itachi. Identical eyes locked. His brother wasn't mad, but he was definitely annoyed. "Is there some reason why you're carrying Hyuuga-san?"

"We're going to take her home." He said firmly "Trust me, you'll thank me in the morning." He turned his head and called for Ino who happily jumped up, grabbing Hinata and Sasuke's belongings before staggering a bit over to them. An uncomfortable feeling came over Sasuke when he realized that Itachi didn't even look in Ino's direction, something he normally would have done while drunk. Itachi didn't really discriminate while drunk when it came to women. No, his gaze was completely and totally on Hinata, whose rear end was currently facing him. Turning to the side he grabbed his blazer and proceeded to walk out of the club, Ino and Itachi following. The valet brought him his car and he tried to get Hinata into the back seat but she was either sick or falling asleep at this point. Itachi was strangely quiet behind him and Ino couldn't stop giggling for some reason.

"Lookit at Hina-chan," Ino sang horribly "We get her dressed up and sexy and now two men want in her pants." Apparently, Ino thought this was hilarious while Sasuke felt annoyed. Piling Hinata into the back seat and getting her in a sitting position, with much difficulty, he had to stop Itachi from joining her in the back seat.

"You shotgun." Sasuke snapped at his brother, feeling like some sort of fucking babysitter. What a shitty way to end a day after work. He looked at Ino "You, sit with Hinata."

Itachi, thankfully, didn't complain although he didn't look too pleased with his younger brother. Whatever. Piling everyone in the car Sasuke turned to Hinata "Where do you live?"

"On the moon!" she exclaimed with a giggle.

Oh for the love of fucking… "Ino," he looked at the blonde "Where does she live?"

Blue eyes stared at him blankly "Uh, I think she just moved so…"

"Fuck, are you serious?" Now shifting from annoyed to pissed off he shoved another hand through his hair. What could he do? Well, Ino lived in the same complex as them, he could dump Hot and Sultry over there. "Alright. Ino, she's going to stay with you tonight."


Thankfully the ride was silent and no one vomited in his car. He probably would have kicked them out while still driving if they had. He just had it cleaned the other day. Every now and then Sasuke would feel Itachi's eyes on him and he knew his brother was doing his equivalent of glaring. Sasuke ignored it.

When they got to the complex Hinata was knocked out and would not awaken, leaving Sasuke once again having to carry her. Ino was a happy drunk so she was skipping and staggering along, swinging her arms in exaggerated movements. When they got to Ino's floor she walked up to her door and began to dig in her purse.

Then she stopped.

"This isn't my purse." Ino said with a blink. She looked up at Sasuke "This is Hinata-chan's purse…"

You have got to be kidding me. "Let me guess, you forgot your purse at the club." Ino looked at her hands which held Hinata's purse and jacket and nodded, pouting a bit.

"Great. Just fucking great." He sighed and resisted the urge to bang his head against something solid. "Alright fine, Ino stay at our place for the night, you and Hinata can sleep in my room." He debated on going to get Ino's keys but leaving Itachi alone when he was drunk, horny, and very, very focused on Hinata was not a good idea. They'd just have to get it in the morning.

"Sleepover!" Ino cheered and Sasuke gave her a thin smile that did little to hide his annoyance.

He got everyone inside the condo and pointed Ino over to his bedroom. From there he plopped the brunette on his king sized bed, trying –and failing – not to look at how her breasts had bounced with that top unbuttoned and how she laid on his bed in a rather innocent pose. She made a little sound and shifted. Sasuke told Ino to take care of Hinata and got the hell out of there. Innocent-looking woman who he had wanted to take to bed earlier that evening on his bed was just…not good.

I really need to get laid.

Closing his door he looked at Itachi who stood, his expression impassive. "You." He said to Itachi "Do not go in there, alright? No passing Go, no collecting two hundred dollars, none of that shit."

His brother merely smiled at him and Sasuke resisted the urge to just launch himself at the man in anger and frustration. Whoever gave Itachi booze was going to fucking get it tomorrow.

AN: Ruby Slide is just a name I made up because of the club's name. It's supposed to be their signature drink. I'm kind of liking how this went so I'm going to debate on doing another one shot. I don't want to get too caught up in series fics because I got a lot of those I'm working on already. XD Hope you liked it!