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Diao: 'God, you always cry when you finish a story. Can't you for once be sensible?'

Me: 'No. Thank you all for reading my story, I really thought no one would read it but alas you did. So I'm very happy you have read every drop I wrote, I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it'.

Chapter 20-Epilogue/Pictures

'Come on Joey!' Bakura hurried.

'Hang on!' Joey shouted back 'I hate these new models, can't find anything on them'.

They stood outside their school. It had been two years by then and it was all their last day, after then they would be on their own.

'It's sad' Yugi said 'We're not going to see each other like we used to'.

'I don't know' Yami said wrapping his arms around Yugi's neck 'We can call each other and stuff, and you know you won't get rid of me that easily'.

Yami gave Yugi a kiss on the cheek.

'Come on mutt' Kaiba hurried.


'Even your boyfriend is getting impatient Joey' Marik chuckled, Joey muttered a few things.

Marik and Bakura were still a couple, same with Yami and Yugi. Joey had met Seto Kaiba, son of a business tycoon, and even after a rocky start to their relationship they managed. Ryou had met an exchange student from Egypt called Malik, and they got off really well, and after Bakura had done double checks on him they were finally dating.

Bakura sighed and grabbed the camera off of Joey.

'Get back to your lover Wheeler' Bakura said as he played with the camera.

Joey sulked back to Kaiba, he put an arm around Joey's waist and pulled him close.

'Don't worry, technology isn't for everyone' Kaiba reassured.

'Right. Everyone ready?' Bakura asked.

Everyone moved about so they were in a good position, Bakura clicked a button and set the camera on the tripod, he ran back to Marik and they waited for the timer to go off.

There was a flash from the camera and their picture was taken.

And that was the end of their school year.

Diao: 'So that's it?'

Me: 'Yeah. I just wanted them to take their picture, and…that's it'.

Agil: 'Well, a sequel maybe?'

Me: 'Meh. I haven't really thought about it much. But if I do think of something it'll be said. You know? Que sera sera. But for now, I can make new stories!'

Diao: 'Oh god'.

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Agil: 'Just leave your opinion in your review and Vann will read them all'.

Me: 'Now the final word'.

Me, Diao and Agil: 'Thank you for reading and reviewing!'