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CHAPTER 1: Shards and sand

Today was a long day. Taking all of the classes she was taking was rather exhausting. Rose grabbed her History of Magic book and put it in her bag with her notes. She poked Albus in his ribs to let him know the class had ended. He always slept through history lessons. If it wasn't for her notes he wouldn't have gotten his OWL. Next to him Scorpius had laid his head on the table too. She poked his sides too. None of the two boys reacted. Well I tried. Rose thought. She opened her bag and pulled half of the content out of it. On the bottom of her bag she found her wand. She looked round her. All of the other students had already left the room. Even professor Binns was gone. He didn't even care that there were still two students sleeping on their desk. She pointed her wand at the two sleeping figures and muttered "Aguamenti." A jet of water left the tip of her wand and soon they were soaked from head to toe. They both jumped up startled and turned their heads to the source of their awakening.

Rose smiled at the two before her. Albus' chair had fallen to the ground and he was looking from Rose to his clothes and back at Rose again, not really sure if what he thought had happened, really happened. His hair stuck out more than ever and his slytherin tie hung askew . Scorpius on the other hand was scowling at her. His blond hair plastered to his forehead. "Really funny, Rose. Freaking hilarious!" Rose just shrugged and placed her books back in her bag.

"When did class end?" Albus asked still not quite awake.

"Uh, about 15 minutes ago." Rose pointed her wand at the two of them again and casted a dryingspell. Rose smiled innocently at them. "And you don't have to thank me for waking you up. You're welcome." Scorpius glared at her.

"Well, let us repay the favour. We'll carry your books, won't we, Al?" Albus nodded and took her bag from her.

"I'll carry it myself." Rose strode over to him and tried to take her bag from him, but he held it over her head. "You know I don't like it when people touch my stuff."

Albus grinned before changing his expression to an obviously fake hurt one. "But we're not just any people are we, Rose" She rolled her eyes at him and stuck out her hand.

"My bag."

"Fine here it is." Albus placed it in her hands, but then snatched something out of it. "What's this?" He held out a long golden necklace with a round pendant. It was inscribed with runes and in the middle of the pendant, there was a little hourglass filled with what almost looked like silver sand. "I haven't seen this before." Rose's eyes widened.

"Give it back."

"This seems important, don't you think Scorpius? Who did you get it from? Have you got a boyfriend we don't know about?" Rose scoffed. Albus threw the necklace towards Scorpius who caught it with one hand.

"Stop throwing it around!"

"Guess it is from a boyfriend, Scorpius." Albus laughed, while Scorpius was still looking at the pendant.

"Boyfriend huh?" He asked. "Since when?" Rose walked up to him, but he threw the necklace back to Albus.

"Guys, come on. Give it back."Rose jumped up and down between the two them, trying to get it back. "This...is... so...juvenile."

"Oh, Rosie we're just having fun. You know fun, you should try it some time." Albus spoke before throwing the necklace back into the air again.

"I had fun a few minutes ago when I woke you two up."

"You do know we still have your necklace, right? If you ever want it back, I wouldn't laugh at us." Scorpius passed it back to Al.

"Fine ok, I'm sorry, but just stop throwing it around. If it breaks then..."

"Then we'll buy you a new one." Albus threw it back over her head.

"It's not just a necklace you idiot, so give it back! Aha!" Rose had grabbed the golden string that was attached to the little hourglass. She gave it a yank, but Scorpius had gripped the other end of the cord and pulled it back. The cord slipped out of Rose's hand and Scorpius who had expected some resistance fell to the ground. Albus tried to catch the necklace, but even his Seeker reflexes weren't fast enough to prevent the following event. The little hourglass whirled around frantically until it made contact with the hard stone floor right between Scorpius and Rose. The glass shattered in a million pieces and the sand covered all of their shoes and even Scorpius' pants. Rose took a step back.

"I'm sorry, Rose. I'll buy you a new one, I promise." Scorpius said standing up, while wiping the sand of of his trousers. Rose tore her gaze of the broken shards on the ground and gave him the most menacing look he had ever seen.

"You'll buy me a new one?! You don't even know what that was, do you!" Scorpius looked at Albus for help, but he had taken a step backwards, hoping he would be safe from Rose's wrath. "It wasn't a necklace, you idiot!" Before Rose could start yelling again a wind swept the sand into the air, so it surrounded all of them. The sand whirled around them and Rose's threatening look had turned into a frightened one. But as quick as it had started, it ended. The glistening sand fell to the ground and disappeared. Rose turned her head and looked around before sighing.

"Nothing changed." She exhaled relieved. Albus gave Scorpius a quizzical look before scraping his voice in the most cautious way he could master. Rose gazed up at him.

"What just happened?" was his genius input.

"You should thank Merlin, that nothing happened, because do you know what could have happened?" Albus opened his mouth to answer, but Rose ignored him and went on with her tirade. It was best not to interrupt her, so Albus closed his mouth. "Of course you don't. Well that WAS a time-turner. We could have been send to the past! What if we suddenly appeared here two weeks in the past?! Do you know what that would do with the timeline?! Well?" She looked from Albus to Scorpius.

"Well, nothing happened, right? So let's just go to our rooms, put away our stuff and go eat." Scorpius said. Albus nodded and Rose rolled her eyes before responding with a sigh. "Whatever."

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