I tried not to post anything new but I couldn't help myself. Besides, this will just be a collection of one shots so it doesn't really count lol. This is going to be where I will store all the one shots I write that have been based on snippets or comments on the McMahon Family, mostly HHH/Steph of course. Rather than have a whole bunch of one shots I thought it would be cool to put them under the one heading and thus - Got Kayfabe? was born! You can count a McMahon Family Dinner in here even though I missed the boat with that one! This is also my chance to write about some cute little moments that I have read about that wouldn't fit in anywhere else.

But this isn't just about me. If there's something you read that you would like turned into a fic, just let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!

So I've just got one question people..................Got Kayfabe?