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The phone rings.


"Hello. Is G there?" An excited voice called out.

There was a pause on the other line, and then a faint voice could be heard calling for the first Storm Guardian. Rustles of the phone receiver being exchanged in hands, a voice spoke.


"G!!! Hey G! G! G! Isn't this amazing?! The inventions of this centu-"

Beep... Beep... Beep...

"Hello? Hello, G? Are you there?"

Gokudera watched as his overseer slammed the phone down. "What's wrong?"

The red-head gave him an expression that the little Italian himself knew very well. Asari Ugetsu... A talented musician (just like the baseball idiot in baseball), a cheerful demeanor (just like the baseball idiot), and an idiot (just like the baseball idiot)... He's somewhat like, no, an exact replica of the current Rain Guardian. Simple-minded fools...

They exchanged understanding looks for a while. Something that could be felt only between the two, they knew it well, they feel each other's pain. They sighed.

The phone rang again, catching their attention. Gokudera contemplated on whether or not to answer the phone. G just sighed and shook his head. He was definitely not picking that thing up again unless there are important matters. It's not his house anyway. Gokudera on the other hand, thought that it could be the Tenth, even with that slightest possibility, he picked up the receiver.


"Hello? I would like a word with G." A more calm and collected voice asked. Strange. Where had he heard this voice before?

"Oi, your phone call." The tenth Storm Guardian called out to the other, who was apparently making himself at home on his couch. G gave him a look of disgust and Gokudera knew it without having to ask. "No, it's not him."

All respect for the First Rain Guardian, (maybe some still intact, hidden, like what he did with Yamamoto's) threw itself out of the window when the Italian found out that the respectable first Rain Guardian is like a duplicate of the moron. Joy.

G raised an eyebrow but stood up nonetheless and made his way to the phone. The little Italian passing it over and went back to the couch for his reading.




"I see. I can hear you clearly. This certainly is a wonderful contraption..."


From the living room, Gokudera glanced over at his mentor. That expression, he knew as well. Mentally sighing at the revelation, he decided it was safe to say that it was the same for Giotto and the Tenth. When the First Family weren't serious mafiasos, they were like this, just like them. Just like the Tenth Family. He smiled to himself a little. At least it's nice to know that there's still a side like this to the oh-so-serious First Guardians. He turned on the television and it drowned out the voices of G keeping his boss company on the invention so amazing they call -- the phone.

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- Tsuna really HAS his moments where one would seriously deadpan. Only, I can't think of any now... But even if he really doesn't, I just felt like messing with Giotto's serious-ness xDD gawds, he's hot...

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