Hope x Light Love-Love Anthology!

-Story 1: I Hate Math!- Just when he thought he couldn't hate math more than enough.


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I Hate Math!

In a big furnished room, in front of a wide desk a young silver haired boy sat. He was busy concentrating in answering the mathematical questions on his notebook, which were formulated by the young pink haired woman, who looked no more than 23 years old, sitting beside him, on his right side. After he was done answering, the young pink haired lady scanned his answers to the problem. The boy nervously looks at her hoping he got the answers right.

"You got it right!" the beautiful pink haired lady said approvingly, while patting the back of a silver haired boy for a job well done.

"Yeah, Finally!" exclaimed joyously by a young 16 y/o silver haired boy, named Hope.

"But I still hate math." He said as he placed down his pen on the desk, as he placed the palm of his hand on the side of his face. "It's really confusing, so many numbers, formulas, equations and it's really hard." He reasoned.

Hope definitely hates math. But at least this hated subject has brought him something good. Today, his crush Lightning or Light for short, has come over to tutor him. He has admired her a lot. She was beautiful, strong, and stern yet she has a soft side to her. He always looked up to her as a big sister, a mentor, but as years went by, he slowly felt something deeper… and it's probably more than just a crush.

"Really, I don't see what's wrong with it. It's pretty easy" The young woman said, while looking at him.

"That's easy for you to say, you're smart" He whined as he faced the young woman.

"Hope, you're being negative again" She said disapprovingly. "And you're a smart too" she complimented him, which made the young boy blush a little.

"But it's not like I'm going to use it all my life, so it's pointless learning it" He said turning away.

"But math is everywhere" she said as if it's only natural.

"Ok, I think I'll just add that up for reasons in hating it"

"Come on, It's easy if you just concentrate" she encouraged.

"What's so easy about all those confusing numbers and formulas? Plus it's boring." He continued to protest

"Math generally follows a set of pattern, and once you get it, it's not that hard. It's very straightforward. You'll never be caught in a world of subjectivity and possibility, because there's always a definitive answer." She said firmly, trying to convince him to continue studying.

"Straightforward… that sound so like you Light" he chuckled "But I think I'd rather write a 1000 word essay. I like history, English and foreign languages better and are more important" He said and continued "Besides, who needs all those formulas when I can just use a calculator?"

"Well too bad, math is as equally as important as those subjects, and you have to study this to graduate and you'll have to answer manually plus it's good to exercise your brain cells" she said while ruffling his hair.

"And when will I ever need in my life to prove if the two segments are congruent? Or compute graph?" he asked.

"In a subject in school called Mathematics and its different branches" she stated.

"But Light…" He whined as he lowered his head, outwardly defeated.

"Anyway let's move on to our next topic, Asymptote" she said while flipping the pages of the book.

"First let's define it" she said, as she raised the book and read the definition out loud "In analytic geometry, an asymptote of a curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity."

"An asymptote is, essentially, a line that a graph approaches, but does not intersect. For example, in the following graph of y=1/x, the line approaches the x-axis (y=0), but never touches it. No matter how far we go into infinity, the line will not actually reach y=0, but will always get closer and closer." The young woman finished as she placed the book on top of the desk.

"What?" Hope asked confused, as if he just heard the definition in another language.

"In simpler terms, Asymptotes are lines or curves that could get closer and closer to the axis but they can never coincide." She said as a matter of factly.

'I guess he still didn't get it' she thought while shaking her head, after seeing the clueless expression on his face.

"Hmm, let's try comparing it to something, may be in real life, to make it easier for you to understand" She said, as she crossed her arms, lowering her head, trying to think of something.

"Mathematics in real life situations? Impossible." he snorted.


"It's like two people who can get closer and closer but will never be together." She said softly, and then faced the young silver haired boy.


"Did you get it now?" She asked.

"Uh…I guess" he replied after a short pause. "But that sounds so cheesy, like a tragic lovestory" he laughed it off.

"It does?" the young lady asked. 'Maybe I should have used other figures in explaining it.' she thought. 'But using people to replace the lines seemed pretty simple enough, I never thought it would seem like a love story.' she thought logically and literally.


In fact he was actually surprised by the example used. But it made it really simple and easy to understand, and those words struck something deep within him as he slowly realized a fact.

'A tragic love story of two people who can get closer and closer but will never be together… huh…' he pondered.

'Kind of like us… I can be close to you like this, like a little brother or a very close friend, but nothing more…' he thought sadly, as he lowered his eyes.

'Math already made my life miserable at school and now my life as well' he thought annoyed, as he sighed and dropped his head on the desk and faced his head opposite to the pink haired girl.

Even his lovelife can be expressed in math, and it irked him. Not only does this subject brings him trouble, it also reminds him of this unrequited love of his.

'I guess more reason to hate the subject. Hurray!' he cynically thought.

"I really hate math" he muttered sounding irritated and annoyed.

The young woman then sighed and looked at the young boy. His mood seemed to changed suddenly. 'Is math really that bad?'

"You're really such a kid, but I know you can do this. And if you put your heart on to it you might end up liking it" she said encouragingly while placing her hand on top of his soft silver hair.

'I may be a kid in her eyes, but I won't stay a kid forever. I'm 14 then, and I'm 16 now…and I'll grow taller soon, just maybe… she'll fall for me someday' he thought hopefully.

"And to help you remember, the word asymptote comes from the Greek 'asymptotos' which means 'not falling together'" the young woman added as she removed her hand from his hair.

'not falling together...?' he repeated in his thoughts.

His ears perked up while hearing her speak, as if those last three words from the young lady just seemingly crushed what the young boy had previously hoped.

'How ironic….Thanks for the reminder Light. I think I just started hating foreign language now, especially greek words' he thought sarcastically as he closed his eyes.

"Maybe we should take a break for a while" The young woman said after seeing his student looking downcast. Hearing no response from the boy made her concerned.

"Hope? Are you ok?" Light asked worriedly as she placed her hand gently on top of his right hand.

Feeling her soft touch on his hand, the boy opened his eyes and smiled slightly.

But hey at least today he's together with her. This makes his day somehow less miserable.

He slowly sat up straight and faced his mentor.

Then he placed his right hand on top of her hand, and smiled.

"Yeah, because you're here with me" He said softly like a whisper. The young woman looked a bit surprised, but she smiled back gently and kindly.


"I mean, you're the best tutor ever!" he continued, while blushing after the realization of what he just said.

"Oh really?" She asked as he placed her free hand and ruffled his hair, as they both exchange laughter.

"Yup!" he happily said while laughing with her. He likes it when he feels her touch on his hair. It's like what she usually does when he was 14, and she was 21. A gentle yet playful pat on his head.

Being close to her like this is fine.

For now...

---The End---

Author's note:

Sorry for any grammatical or typographical errors. English is not my primary language ^^'

I hate math. I'm very slow at computing and I get all the formulas mixed up. xD

But it's needed currently in my life, in daily life, my course and in computation for research.

Well I'm not really sure what grade you teach asymptotes in other places.

the title was supposed to be asymptote, but it's a giveaway of what the plot is gonna be, if you know what asymptotes are xD

I'm currently not satisfied with this, I might rewrite it. i liked the plot and concept but i can't express it in writing properly.

The setting is... well maybe AU or not xD

I got bored. The stories I read have not updated yet. So I wrote this instead. I hope you liked it :D

It's my first fan fic, and I'm practicing on how to write decently before I do, Contradiction. Since it won the poll of "which story should I work on first". It was just one vote, but it made me really happy that someone cared T^T *tears of joy*

Sorry for making it a seemingly one sided love one-shot. It's mostly Hope's side. So who knows what Light is thinking ;D

But I guess I can't really write cute and sweet fics that well currently ^^'

so all my stories are on hold including this anthology except contradiction. :D