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His Heart

Timmy groaned in the trashcan that he was pummeled too. He picked himself up, dusted his shirt, grabbed his pink hat, and looked toward the popular kids. Well, one popular kids.

Beatrice Anthrice Tang II

The most beautiful girl to have ever walked the earth, in his opinion. He loved her with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. He remembered saying that in an e-mail his father had sent to Trixie so Timmy could finally tell her he loved her, but… he was afraid that letter was a bit overbearing. He didn't want to drive her away. He could deal with trashcan throwing and humiliation, but the thought of her afraid of him sent him spiraling into depression. So, he kept with the thought of her loving him one day. Even if people say that day was fantasy

He, on the other hand, didn't believe it was fantasy. So many say she was, is untouchable, but for a day, he saw who she wanted to be. A Skull Squishier-loving, Kissy Goo Goo-watching, everyday girl. His accidental wish with Cosmo and Wanda to change gender for a day showed him this side. And now he had an advantage he was never giving up. Not because he thought he was better than everybody else. Being smartest boy on Earth told him that was being conceited. It was because she made him promise to never tell anyone. And whether he was someone else or not, he would not betray her trust like that and it would have been stupid cause then everybody else would have an advantage too. Timmy walked over to his table with his best friends, A.J. and Chester, and his backup friends, Elmer and Sanjay.

"Another failure to win her heart?" A.J. asked

Timmy answered with a lone tear run down his cheek and then he sighed.

"Yeah. I gonna go… think." he said to his group.

Everybody at that table looked wide-eyed after him before concern set in. He walked out, wondering what was the point of love when it would continue to be one-sided.

Her Heart

She laughed bitterly at the pink-hatted boy, hate for her life. None of her "friends" would notice and she could take comfort in the fact it was still a secret. She looked as he shook himself off, making her heart glow and weep.

Timothy Tiberius Turner

How could he love her after the way she treats him. He deserved so much more than her. She was to be shallow, he was open, she was to ignore, he was carefree to any. He had real friends, she had fakes. His life was full of love, hers was full of lies. They only had one thing in common. They both loved each other. Him, with the red hot intensity of a thousand red giants on the verge of super nova. She didn't know how much he loved her, but with the way he kept after her, she could only surmise that it was similar to hers.

She say him say something to his brainy friend before walking out, dejected. She almost cried and had got out of her seat to run and hug him, telling him he was her only and would always be, but her mother's voice stopped her.

"The Turner boy is as bad as his father, Butch Turner. You are to stay away from him or he will taint you with his lower-classmen ship! It is bad enough that your father allows you to play those retched video games in the house in secret. Don't allow yourself to cavort with any of the poorer leeches. They only want what we have and I will not allow what your great grandfather built to crumble because of some little upstart of the new generation of poor people! Trixie, Trixie, Trixie…

"Trixie, what's wrong?" Veronica asked.

"Nothing." she said shakily.

She could not allow them to know or there would be a disowning. She was instilled into this and there was no way out of it. Her secret love for Timmy Turner would remain just that, a secret.

She walked out of the cafeteria, solemn, in the different direction of Timmy, ignoring the calls of the lie her life truly was, crying silently.

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