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Her Spirit

She had never really seen death up close like this before. She looked on with morbid curiosity as her love spread on the ground. The tears streaming from her face weren't even noticed as she tilted her head to the side, her eyes dilating a filmy purple haze.

Her body didn't even feel, just floating as if on air, and yet it was so cold. It froze her skin to the point of frost. She could feel her breath on her lips as she licked them.

Her hold on Poof was merely instinctual, making sure as to not drop the important load, but even then, she barely paid any attention to his whines and moans, all directed at her, but not even she could respond in kind. She herself wanted to just let go, whine and moan, letting her completely agony of this-this abomination of a situation, this NIGHTMARE!

Then her heart did it for her.

"Ooooh, Timmy…why? Please tell me this is a joke. Please just say that all that has happened was only a figment of my imagination."

"Dear, maybe you don't understand. He's gone and can't hear you any longer. He's dead.

She didn't even give the voice that was speaking to her any attention. Paying attention would make it real. She could just pretend that this was only a hyped imagery of her overactive eyes. Her mother said she shouldn't read comics, wasn't ladylike. Who knew they could have fucked up her eyes so bad she would see Timmy Turner's death. Ironically, fake blood had nothing on the horror of real blood.

His Soul

DT looked down at his blade and sighed. He twisted it and turned it, but nothing changed the stain of red gush on its mirror. He briefly had the wonder of what its taste would be like. They did say that if you ate the body of your enemy, their power, soul, and spirit lived on in you. He thought about how he would cook Timmy.

He looked to his other side to see sad foe. Timmy laid there so indignant, it made him almost feel ashamed he left him in that position. He scoffed at the notion and quickly passed the corpse as if it were disease ridden. He walked up to his new slave and watched that last bit of hope begin to fade.

"Ooooh, Timmy…why? Please tell me this is a joke. Please just say that all that has happened was only a figment of my imagination."

He smirked sadistically. He realized this was cruel, but it made him feel so good. It fed his entity all the dark feelings he needed. He grinned as he answered her lost call.

"Dear, maybe you don't understand. He's gone and can't hear you any longer. He's dead."

He went back to trying to flake the stains of blood off his sword, shaking it comically as if it were mud.

"I didn't even know blood was this hard to come off. Wish I knew that before I did it, would have used his own sword. Fuck."

His Battle

Poof hadn't seen it happen, wasn't old enough to understand as to why his big brother was lying on the ground like that. There was so much red goop on the floor around him. Mommy was going to be mad that he got dirty. But then again, there was something wrong with Mommy as well. She had turned into that black thing that kinda reminded him of a monster in the closet, the same as Daddy, which brought him to the person that looked like his brother only he didn't feel like him.

This person looked so much like his big brother, but there was a difference. His big brother was super nice and cool, nothing like this boy before him. He frightened him, made him want to dig into the sweater of the girl his big brother liked. She felt warm, but she was beginning to shiver, kind of like she was scared or sad. Poof was smart baby; maybe she just needed a bigger hug. He wasn't his big brother's size, but he would do what he could.

"Poof, poof?"

The girl looked down at him and that was when he noticed she was very pretty, he almost lost his focus to just see her. She looked like she wanted to cry, but there weren't any tears to come out. He reached up and pushed a cheek in, creating a dimple in her face. She blinked down at him before smiling weakly. He smiled lightly and brought his hand back, opening up his arms for a hug, like his mommy does when he was sad. The girl hugged him gently, but she felt like she wanted more, like she needed someone bigger, but his big brother was lying on the ground. So he wished to read into her mind to find someone that she might cuddle with that was big enough. He smiled when he found that person and wished himself into her. The girl looked up at him although now he was a her, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she could hug him fully. The girl widened her eyes, but didn't say anything, only looked up to her.


"Poof, poof!"

The girl shook her head before she burst into tears and clutched onto him/her as if he/she were teddy. She wasn't his big brother in the hug department, but she was a darn second best.

His Battle

"He really wants to kill me!"

"I think that's certain. How about you step it up? Like kill him before he does you, for real this time."

"B-but, I can't kill him!"

"Says who? Not him, he's already decided about what he's gonna do! You have no other choice."

"Cupid, I can't…"

"…Destroy his sword. If you can't kill him, destroy the power behind his force."

"How? We're evenly matched."

"Leave that up to me. Now let's recap…"

His Battle

Timmy saw DT coming for him and shielded himself, but it was no use. He flew into the air, blood spurting from his stomach. Pain surrounded him; so much so, he couldn't feel the back of DT sword as it hit him in his chest. He spun in the air, landing on his back, his head pounding from the impact as his hood slipped off. Guess that would have killed a normal human since it only hurt him with the sucking of his blood from a vamp.

He saw DT falling from the sky, but didn't make any movement in reaction. He could only lie there as his nemesis came at him with his sword. He pulled his mask from his face, grabbing at it repeatedly. It either came off real easy, or he was in more pain than he realized. He was already starting to feel the cold effects of death, but he didn't want to die. He had so much more to live for and it was across the room, waiting for him.

He raised his head to see her, but the crater was too large for him to look over. He hit his head on the ground again and sighed as his breaths were coming in slower and slower. DT was speeding towards him, only a couple of feet away by now.

He didn't see his life flash before his eyes. What did flash were his friends, his fairies, his parents, and his girlfriend before his eyes, all smiling at him in joy. He smiled back.

DT's sword shoved straight into him, passing his heart, lungs and spine before exiting his back. Oddly enough, it didn't even hurt.

His Battle

Timmy felt like his entire body was like lead. He didn't want to make any unnecessary movements that would draw attention to him and his body barely having the ability to move aided that factor. DT was more distracted with talking to a distraught Trixie; he barely even noticed Timmy's slight shaking.

His face was cold. That was the first thing he wondered about. His mask was completely missing from his face and it almost worried him to check for its appearance. Maybe DT took it off him before he dropped him.

"Wait my face feels weird."

Timmy cautiously probed his face and found it to be very cold, almost ice. He didn't even feel alive anymore. He was a zombie.

That was the reason he was still conscious, but apparently, not living. His mask turned him into an undead 11-year old boy.

"…well that was just sheer luck."

He breathed slowly, calming himself steadily for another face-off with DT. Poof noticed him get up and almost cried out. He quickly motioned with his hand to keep quiet, lest he blow his cover. He rose to his feet and brought his sword up to his side. DT was still gloating before Trixie and Poof. Timmy smirked at his occupied adversary and brought his sword above his shoulders, aiming for the mirror in DT's hand.

"It's over!"


The persons before him completely stilled before snapping their faces up towards him. Or his body. His face fell to the ground in surprise and he could only look at them as the air grew silent.


"You're fucking alive? How- how the hell is that possible?"

"Dude, you're asking like you don't know. I just happen to have the right things at the right time, in the right place."

Timmy's body brought the sword down heavily, striking for DT's sword. DT sprinted up towards the air, away from Timmy's biting blade. The chance to attack was gone.

"Damnit! That's just great!"

Timmy's body grabbed his head and set it back on his shoulders and he turned to the cage.

"T…Timmy? You're alive!"


Timmy rubbed his nose, the mask appearing back onto his face as the white nekomata. He extended his sword and cut open the cage with ease. He grasped for Trixie and crushed her to him, not that she complained. They sank to the ground and sighed in relief. The reunion was cut short from an arrow from above, almost hitting the pair in the head.

DT floated in the air, his face angry with the results of how Timmy's death ended. His face grew stoically cold again, ready for another round. Timmy stood, ready to take off, but Trixie grabbed his hand, stopping him.

"You can't beat him. He's too good. Even if you do get him down, he still has the darkness to help him, something to watch his back."

"What can I do? I can't just walk out of here without beating him; he has control of everything in Fairy World!"

"Poof, poof!"

Timmy and Trixie shot their heads up as Poof floated up next to them and placed his tiny hand against the cool glass of the mirror. The glass shined, reflecting Poof and Trixie's faces. Timmy didn't understand why they were being shown.

"When I said leave it up to me, I meant it."


The blade flashed again, but wind pushed around them this time, pulling Poof and Trixie toward the sword.

"What is this?"

"Cupid, what's happening?"

"You're gonna need that extra boost to beat him. Without their help, it will just continue to be a stalemate. Let them in."

"But they'll get stuck!"

"Trust me, I promise you they won't."

Timmy was skeptical and was afraid of what was going to happen. Trixie shot her arm out and grabbed his, making him look her in the eyes as she held Poof in her other arm. He pulled his mask up so he could see her without peep holes.

"That guy, he said something, didn't he? He keeps talking in my head that I should just let go, that'll be like a dream."

Timmy swallowed hard and clenched his hand down on hers, fearing the outcome of this decision.

"It's okay. I know you need us. That's what he keeps saying, so, it's okay!"

Trixie let fly a couple of tears from her eyes, maybe from the wind blowing harder or even a little fear herself, but she smiled through it. She let go of his wrist, wrapping onto his neck instead and brought him in for a kiss she thought they would never have again. A chaste one for the show.

She let go and the wind pulled her into the glass of the mirror along with Poof. Even as the wind settled, the beat of magic, from the kiss and the sword, didn't stop.

His Battle

DT stared at the spektical from above. Timmy's sword just swallowed both the ball of squish and the girl.

He didn't know how to react to it, but it was apparent that it was intentional, not that it mattered. Timmy was still gonna die. He was gonna-

SWISH! Timmy was on him before he could blink, cutting and dicing faster than he could truly keep up with. He tried to fly away, but Timmy not only kept up with him, but was faster, striking him in the back before he could react. He slammed into the same crater Timmy had, instead, making it larger.

Timmy swayed to the ground and touched down with ease. The storm from outside grew even harder, the rain pelting the windows like bullets. Thunder bellowed in the clouds. Timmy kept his head down, DT unable to truly see his face. Then, lightning flashed in the air.

Timmy's form was as fast the light, changing into the Beast, only this time, his claws were chained outward, like when he fought Tootie, before the light ended and he was back. Again, lightning struck, Timmy into his Knight, the hammer holding fiery gels at each end. A third, the Jester, the whip splitting into threes at the apex.

Timmy lifted his face and jumped at DT, fast the bolts from the sky. He upper cut his blade, hitting DT's and creating a crack in the mirror.

DT landed disoriented before he righted himself and looked up. Two swords stuck into the ground by Timmy's side, one rose, the other amethyst. Timmy shook off his hood, his head coming from its frame. DT started to sweat. Timmy picked his hat from atop its perch and grabbed the nose of the nekomata with it. He pulled the mask up to the top of his head and rubbed once.

Magic burst in the air. Atop Timmy's head was a magician's hat. The swords rose from the ground, hung in the air by magic itself. Timmy looked to his sides in surprise then grinned at DT. He brightened for a second.

"Ya know, this is actually kind of anticlimactic."

Timmy rose in the air and the storm grew into a Nor'easter in a matter of seconds. He crossed his hands before he shot them out, making the swords twirl in the air and lightning to surge in a bundle of roars.

"That's what I'm talking about!"

It was the Magus' turn to play.

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