25. Nichts, Nichts, gar Nichts - Elisabeth

Glinda gazed down upon the celebrating crowds below. She forced a smile and waved to the citizens of Oz. How she hated this. Celebrating her best friends death? How could she ever justify that?

Sighing, she wandered back into her room from the grand balcony that she had been stood on. Glinda threw her wand and crown on the floor and once managing to escape from her ;arge dress, she sat at the dressing table.

She used a small cloth to clean the layer of makeup that she had been wearing as she gazed at the newspaper that sat on her vanity. It was another story about how good she was. She spent her life trying to help people and what good had come of it?

Glinda was forced to lie about so many things from her past. Her life seemed nothing more than a lie to her recently, deceit, a deception. She wanted to run, escape everything, to be free from these ridiculous rules of society that she had to live up to. But she was bound by her loyalty to her people, she was responsible for Oz and she couldn't leave now.

So her life may have been for nothing, but she would carry on living it. For the sake of Oz.