Author's Note:

Hey, this is the dreaded author's note arriving. I know how bitter these false alarms can be, so I'll jump straight to it. This is not a notice saying this story is abandoned. Far from it. I will be continuing DEAD BLACK ROSES as soon as I find Rose's voice in me again. I have it planned out. I actually have an arc! It's just that I spent so long from Rose that I can't remember how to capture her personality right.

So yes, this story will be continued. However, I will be rewriting it at the same time.

I looked back at it, was proud with what I had done, but felt I could do better. I am tightening up the plot and the writing, while changing the direction I took in later chapters a smidge. I got inspiration and decided I needed to pad out my older!Rose a little. That is what I am doing in the rewrite CASTLE OF GLASS.

I'm not asking you guys to redirect your love and attention over to the rewrite. You can remain here and continue what we started together, or you can check out CASTLE OF GLASS by heading to my profile. I really don't mind. The rewrite is more for my own vanity than views or reviews, plus I miss writing. By tweaking DEAD BLACK ROSES I hope to get back into the habit of writing proper.

Anyway, an update is on the way, as well as a rewrite. You can find an improved (I hope) opening chapter for CASTLE OF GLASS on my profile page.

Thanks for the patience,