"He arrived. It was flashy, you should have seen it...err...heard...it."

Before L sat a man. He wore a dusty old jacket, and ripped green trousers. Green trousers. It irked L that neon green trousers existed. It irked L more that a man wearing neon green trousers existed. It wasn't that the man was strange, he wasn't particulary odd looking, he was just a man. In fact there was nothing at all special about him. Or odd. He was as normal as one could determine from the senses. He never would have been a child at Wammy's House nor even a good school, in L's opinion, but he did have information the L needed. But it wasn't exactly for a new case at all. Or an old one.

"Heard? What sound was this?" said L, cocking his head to the side, examining the man. He noticed small flakes of dandruff on the man's coat. Thankfully Watari always took care of his hair. The washing of it, not the styling.

"Well it's hard to explain," the man began, almost standing before he was pushed back into his seat by the peering L.

"Do or do not, there is no try!" L has placed his finger on the man's nose, and was wiggling it with a strange kind of manic joy, which didn't appear on his face only the finger which rotated more than a microwave oven.

Upon seeing this Watari gave a sigh. He should have never shown him "The Empire Strikes Back."

"Oi guv. Is this kid for real or is always a smarmy little shi-"

What happened next to the rude man was very unexpected.

"If you'd want to leave the room you'll do well to tell us exactly everything you heard and saw?" That was Watari.


That was Watari cocking a loaded gun.

"The Makarov?" L hadn't turned round to see Watari, or the gun, but he knew instantly from the sound what type of gun it was. "Watari," he turned to his friend, his finger still stuck on the man's nose. "Isn't the Tokarev more reliable? However please regrain from shooting the man at this moment in time." He turned back to the man, pressing the finger more until it started to hurt his own finger, nevermind the man's nose. "I'm sorry. These forms of interrogation never work and blood is terribly hard for a ten year old boy and a sixty four year old man with rheamatoid artheritis to get out of the carpets." Like a puppet, he turned once more, all strings functional. "We should get metal floors Watari"

Meanwhile, the man sitting there was sweating all the more. It was insane. A little kid and an old man had chucked him in a van, blindfolded him and then brung him up to a high floor on the elevator [he knew the floor was higher simply due to the amount of time spent in the elevator. It was infact the second floor, but tricks never crossed his mind.] Buckets of relief poured out of him even more when he saw Watari putting the gun away.

"Now the noise, what does it sound like? You were going to tell me unless you want to see the gun again."

Watari smiled to himself. He even let out a little giggle. L was certainly developing an attitude much like his own when he was younger. Feisty. Even if it mellowed out in later years.

The man had became jittery on the notion of being shot so he continued, quickly. "It's hard to describe." His eyes darted to L, looking for recognition or a strange kind of help, but he only found a pair of blank eyes staring back at him. It was creepy enough to make his brain tick. "Kind of like a plane or a train, or both," he shouted. "Yes. Both!" Just for good measure he even attempted to imitate the sound which also gave no reaction from L on the outside. But on the inside that very sound was logged and recorded.

"Did it strike you odd that this box was making a sound?"

The man laughed, patting his legs. "Of course not! You never know what's happening in them. I seen one of them that sold coffee so I just put it down to a radio or something."

"A Police Box that sold coffee?"

As soon as the man nodded L had turned towards Watari, who also nodded knowing exactly what was needed. L wanted one. More funds wasted again.

"But it was all fine until he stepped out."

"He? A man was in the box?" L bit his thumb, smiling. He already knew the answer he just liked asking the questions.

The man nodded as the room became shrouded in darkness.

"Watch," L prodded the man's nose once more, turning him to the direction of an illuminated screen, of which a recording was playing.

On the screen was a man. He was fairly handsome but looked somewhat geeky wearing thick black glasses and messy hair. The man was having a conversation with someone, who wasn't there in the room.

"I'm a time traveller, or I was."

"He hasn't aged a day! Or washed. He's wearing the same clothes.

"I'm stuck. In 1969." And in 1969 that technology couldn't exist.

"We're stuck!" He was cut off by a woman. A beautiful black girl with an engish accent who was obviously perturbed by the situation. "All of space and time he promised me, now I've got a job in a shop! I've gotta support him!" Her name was Martha, as clarified by the man in the recording.

"Never seen her before though. The woman that stepped out with him was as ginger as my Irn-Bru sunshine. Though, if it were her I may have introduced myself -"

"Watari. Get him out"

Watari, grabbed the man with one hand and proceeded to drag him out of the room. He struggled and struggled but Watari, even for his age, could still overpower the younger man. He put on a cold face and whispered the words: "You can walk or I'll shoot your kneecaps and you can limp. Your choice."

The man screamed and went running out of the building, taking the stairs. Fear was a powerful weapon.

People don't understand time. It's complicated. Very complicated. People assume that time is a strict progressionof cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear non-subjective viewpoint its more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... stuff.

They've taken the big blue box. The angels have the phone box. Creatures from another world. Only when you see them. The lonely assassins they used to be called. No one quite knows where they came from but they're as old as the universe, or very nearly, and they have survied this long because they have the most perfect defense system ever evolved. They are Quantum-Locked. They don't exist when they are being observed but the moment they are seen by any other living creature they freeze into rock. No choice, it's a fact of their biology. They literally turn to stone.

It was impossible.
It should be impossible.

But it was real. Oh, it was real. It had to be.

"Watari," L said, thumb still poised even more so upon listening to the recording for the seventy-sixth time and the first time since it was shown to be true.

"Yes L?" he spoke, his calm voice soothing. They both knew what was going to happen now, and both of them were eager. The Inventor and the Detective.

"I'll need to find that blue box, and him."

L pointed his finger at the screen, pausing the image.

"The Doctor."