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Chapter 6:

"Ryo, will you please put that bottle down!" Yukimura snatched away the bottle his princess was holding and glared at it.

"give- it back –hick-" Ryoma's face; flushed red, burning hot, eyes half closed… yes, she was drinking.

Yukimura sighed and put the bottle down beside him. "You do know that if I report you to the police, you're done for…" he sighed, looking at the wasted girl.

"You wouldn't dare…" she glared, but unlike what was intended, the glare filled into what seemed… lustful… Yukimura cleared his throat.

"What the hell is making you do this?" Yukimura groaned in frustration, slapping his forehead repeatedly.

"Why… does it all end up like this…?" Ryoma sighed and leaned towards Yukimura, who stiffened.


After practice was over, Fuji pulled Ryoma roughly into the club storage room.

"Ryoma… no, Ryoga, listen to me, if you fall for Tezuka, or give him any sign of affection… Well… I guess you know what'll happen next." Fuji leaned over and kissed Ryoma's forehead and left without another word. Ryoma hurriedly took her phone out and madly started hitting her keypad, creating an sms.

'seii… are you free today?' a rely came almost instantly.

'Yeah, is something wrong?'

'um… can I come over?'

'sure but why?"

'ttly, I g2g 3"

-end of flashback-

"Um… Ryo-"

"I only need one person to really like me… but… why…?" She snuggled herself in Yukimura's chest and fell asleep in an instant.

'… okay… so, until she wakes up… no moving… yup… no moving at all… simple… how hard could it be…' he thought to himself, waiting for Ryoma to wake up… but… he ended up falling asleep, with one hand placed on Ryoma's head.

"Urgh… maybe drinking was really a bad idea…" Ryoma mumbled shutting the door behind her after making sure her friend was out.

"I told you to stop… a lot of times…" Yukimura yawned. "My school's the opposite direction from yours so… Ja'ne" He waved goodbye and jogged to school.

"I'd… better get going as well…" Ryoma put her glasses on and brushed her hair with her fingers. 'Yosh!' Ryoma mentally cheered for herself and went to school as well.

-+-+-+-+- During break :3 -+-+-+-+

"You have a boyfriend?" Sakuno's mouth dropped to the floor and stared at her best friend in disbelief, while Ryoma scoffed. 'that bitch with a boyfriend? I wonder who he is…' Ryoma silently thought to herself.

"Yup!" Tomoka puffed up her chest proudly.

"Sugoi… Dare?" All the other girls started asking questions, their eyes sparkling.

"Oh, you guys probably don't know him… but he's my prince…" Tomoka went into 'kyaaaa'.

"Yeah, but who is it?" Sakuno narrowed her eyes in suspicion, still not believing her best friend.

"His name is Ryoga-sama!" Tomoka blurted out. Ryoma's eyes widened as she automatically bolted from her seat gasping. Eveyone's eyes were suddenly on the 'nerd' their eyes filled with disgust.

Ryoma swallowed and timidly said, "To…Toilet…" and dashed out of her classroom. Laughter could be heard in the classroom along with a chorus of 'freak, nerd, geek…' As soon as Ryoma was in the safty of the bathroom, she cursed with all her might. 'DAMMIT! HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN…' her eyes narrowed. 'I gotta change… but… later… after school.' She hurridly took out her phone and desperately sent a message to her best friend, receiving an immediate reply.

'Seiii helppp ToT! do you think you can come to my school after school?'

'Yeah sure… but what happened? O_O;;'

'um… a complication…'

'okayy… 0.o but I'm ditching tennis practice just for you. U o me.'

'I know, I know… and that's why I love you :3'

'… uh… huh… but what are you gonna do about Fuji? Isn't he like… stalking you?' "OF COURSE! Why didn't I think of that before!" Ryoma silently scolded herself.

'ah… I duno… He'll actually be glad to help with this… NVM you don't have to come!'

'Wtf? U sure?'

'yehh :3 thanxxxx'

When she returned to the classroom, she was greeted by the chalk eraser falling on her head… and a burst of laughter. Turning crimson red, she lowered her head so no one could see her silently cursing and sat in her seat.

Class went by slower than usual. Ryoma had English, her strongest subject, and it was the last block of the day. She couldn't wait to change into Ryoga and tell Tomoka off. At the thought, Ryoma grinned slightly, but of course, this didn't go un-noticed by the annoying brunette.

"What are you smiling at loser?" The girl with the pig-tails raised an eyebrow and stared intensely at the girl in the glasses who just looked down.

"Tomoka. Please read Act 2 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet." Natsume-sensei asked, not even looking up from her book. Ryoma muffled a laugh while Tomoka read, fuming with Fury.

As soon as class ended, Ryoma stuffed everything in her bag and dashed into the tennis team locker room before anyone could get there. Quickly changing into her 'boy' form, she stormed out to where the brunet usually hung out.

"Ryoga!" Fuji called after her but she was in too much hurry. Astounded by what just happened, Fuji quietly ran after her and said "Sorry guys, but I'll be back in a bit."

"Nyaaa?" Eiji cocked his head sideways as he watched his best friend disappear turning at the curve of the building.

"So as I was saying, I was at this tennis court with Fuji-sama when…" Tomoka's eyes widened "RYOGA-SAMA!" All heads turned to the new figure approaching them. Ryoma gave them his famous smirk and nodded his head in acknowledgement. Sakuno and 3 other girls' jaws dropped to the floor blushing crimson red.

"KAKOIII!" they all chimed in unison. Tomoka glared at them

"RYOGA-SAMA IS MINE!" she growled, and flung herself onto Ryoma who stepped aside easily.

"I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood." Ryoma spoke in her mono-toned voice, and stared at all of them one by one.

"Ne, Ryoga-san, what school are you currently attending?" Sakuno brought up all her courage to ask the 'boy' standing in front of her.

"That, I believe is none of your business" Ryoma stated. Tomoka and the other girls 'Kyaaa'd' while Ryoma just rolled her eyes.

"Ryoga-chan~" Ryoma's eyes widened in shock as Fuji slowly approached them as well. The other girls started to whimper at the new presence standing before them.

"Fuji-sama… what brings you here?" Tomoka's eyes sparkled. Fuji wrapped one arm around the stunned looking Ryoma.

"I'm here to fetch my—"



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