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"Wow this is a great place," my sister Ivy began ranting sarcastically as she carried another box into the hallway of our new place. "Really wonderful, there's going to be so much to do here. See look over there at all of those trees." She pointed out of the window of our new place. "If that isn't great entertainment, I don't know what is."

"Hey I've got an exciting idea," my eldest sister Ilyssa answered with a mocking excitement, "Why don't you go climb one."

Ivy just rolled her eyes and walked back out the front door to get yet another box. Funnily enough she was the one who was most receptive to the idea of moving to the small town of Forks when Lyss had suggested it. That possibly had something to do the break up with her boyfriend Luke. He was really cool, the brother I never had. None of us are really sure what happened there.

I looked out to where Ivy had pointed. The trees looked menacing to me, they were beautiful but, the point is that anyone or anything could probably be hide there and get close to us without our notice. It wasn't a very smart move on our part, but when we moved we weren't thinking about the strategies of battle. We were thinking that we hadn't seen this place since we were little and that since Charlie, our father had willed it to us, that we may as well move to Forks. We needed a change of scenery after what happened in Phoenix. Anyway, I seriously doubt that there would be any demonic creatures lurking around in this small town. It seems like a place where a lot of nothing happens, that's another reason why we decided to take the house.

"Bella, the boxes don't move themselves you know," Lyss called over her shoulder as she headed for the car to unload yet more of our stuff.

"Well they could if we asked them to with a few well chosen magic words," I answered with a grin and a wink.

"Hmmm and there's nothing self-serving in that."

"Of course not, we would be doing it for the sake of our things. How sad they must feel to be trapped in by the four cardboard walls of their captors," my smile widened at the thought everything we owned flying into place, saving us from chipped nails, dusty clothes and sore muscles.

"No." Lyss answered simply, though I know that she too was smiling at the thought of it.

"Well can't you just move them with your mind?" I teased playfully. Of course I didn't mean any of what I was saying. We would never use our powers to serve our needs. We were given them only to serve others. That was how our magic worked. It's all about balance.

"And with all your power of premonition you can't predict what my answer to that would be?" she teased back.

"I wish." I said more seriously.

There was silence for a while. I had killed the mood.

"Bells you will learn to control your power one day, it just takes time."

"I know" I said quietly and looked down. I so desperately wanted to control my visions, to call them at will and stop them if I wished. But for now, I had no control. Whenever I touched something or someone, there was always a chance of seeing and also feeling an event or memory or whatever that did not belong to me. It helped with the demon killing for sure. But mainly it felt... intrusive. And after five years I still hadn't gotten used to it.

However, as if to prove that I wasn't the only one who had no control, there came the sound of a minor explosion and a shriek from the upstairs of the house.

Lyss and I ran into the house and saw Ivy running upstairs to where the noise had come from.

We found our youngest sister Isha holding a charcoal coloured t-shirt looking disappointed.

"This was my favourite shirt," she said in a voice as though she was crying. There were no actual tears but she, like Ivy was into the teenage drama way of things. Not that she didn't have a right to it being that she was 13. She had only just received her powers last year.

All of our powers had showed themselves around the time we hit puberty, as if we needed another "gift" to top it all off. But Isha had been doing really well. When one's power has the possibility of hurting people you kind of force yourself into being able to control it faster without realising it. I was a little jealous of her, I wish I had that kind of motivation.

Ish was doing great until we decided to move. She really didn't want to leave at all. And as if a switch was flipped, she began lighting everything on fire at random without intending to – well most of the time without intending to.

"I hate this place already," Isha said still in a weepy voice. "I probably won't make any friends at Forks high or whatever it's called..."

I cut her off.

"I'll be with you Ish, everything will be fine, I promise!"

I didn't feel that way of course. I hadn't loved the idea of the move myself. But it had seemed like it was necessary to do so given our financial situation and the fact that it was so easy for Lyss to get a job in the hospital here in Forks seemed to be a major sign. It seemed to work out. And our family is big on fate - everything happening for a reason and all that.

But about everything being fine on our first day, I was wrong. What happened the next day changed all of our lives forever. It was the day I met Edward Cullen.

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