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I didn't realise that he was holding me until he let me go.

Before I knew it Edward was gone and I was surrounded by half the school. I couldn't concentrate on any one thing. The adrenaline rush I had had was wearing off and I was feeling dizzy. I tried to move but someone firmly told me to stay down and that they were getting help. Everything was blurry but I refused to shut my eyes, I didn't feel safe. I clenched my fingers together tightly and forced myself to stay awake. It wasn't until I heard my sister's voice in my ear that I allowed myself to give in.

"It's ok Bella I'm here," Isha said gently. "You can relax, the ambulance is on their way. Ilyssa and I are going to take care of you." I felt her hand softly stroke my hair and then move to gently pry open my fingers to hold my hand.

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding and then passed out.


When I started to wake I felt a set of cold fingers examining my face.

"She's waking!" exclaimed Ilyssa, relieved.

"Bella how are you feeling?" asked an angelic voice. I still had my eyes closed as the cold fingers moved to my arms to help me up. I felt a little disoriented and I tried to focus.

"I'm fine" I answered automatically as I brushed my hair away from face. When I felt the skin of my finger tips brush the skin of my face a jolt of alarm ran through me. I saw a pair of hands which must have been the doctors, move to examine me further but they stopped as soon as I screamed.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I moved away from them and looked up into the beautiful golden eyes of who I could obviously assume was Dr. Cullen. He looked startled by my outburst.

"I have to go!" I moved to get of the hospital bed. And I saw another pair of hands reach out to stop me.

"NO!" I screamed. I was panicking badly, "Please no body touch me." I begged and I began to cry.

"IT'S OK BELLA!" yelled Ilyssa, "Doctor Cullen and I are wearing our medical gloves and no one else is going to touch you." Here you can put yours on, she quickly threw them to me and I caught them desperately and hurried to put them on.

I sighed in relief once they were on. I looked up to see my sisters exchange a look of alarm. I suppose it had been a while since they had seen me like this, I had tried so hard to shield them from the worry they felt whenever they saw my fear of my power. An effort which had crumbled in only minutes right now.

"Are you alright?" Dr Cullen asked cautiously.

"Yeah, I'm good," I sniffled. Then it all came back to me. Edward had saved my life. He had stopped the van.

"Are you sure?" asked a beautiful voice from the corner of the room. I turned around to see Edward leaning against the wall, staring at me with a mixed look of concern, confusion and worry.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I had to make sure you were ok," he said "after all it's my fault that you're in here really."

"What do you mean? You saved me! You..." I stopped. I wondered if it would complicate things if I said 'You stopped the van'. No I'll discuss it with him first, I'll give him a chance to tell me his story before I let my sisters know that he's... different.

"No Bella, I thought the van was going to crush you and I leapt on top of you and your head hit the ground. I meant to move you out of the way. That was my fault. The van was close to hitting you but it didn't get that far." He looked at me anxiously, I could tell that he was hoping that I would buy his story. I looked at Dr Cullen and saw the exact same expression.

I simply nodded. "Oh, ok, I guess my memory is a little fuzzy from the accident."

They both looked relieved.

"Thank you just the same Edward!" said Ilyssa warmly as she turned to look at him gratefully. "Your actions were certainly heroic!"

He just smiled politely at her in response.

"C-can I go now?" I desperately wanted to get away from the hospital. The air was dripping with emotional energy that my power could tap into at anytime.

"I don't know if..." Dr. Cullen began kindly.

"Please?" I cut him off. "I don't like hospitals," I explained weakly. I could feel the fear building up inside me again.

My sister sensed what I was feeling and jumped in.

"I'll take a half day today and take her home. It'll be better this way. I'll monitor her there and bring her in if anything is wrong."

"Ok," Dr. Cullen agreed. I didn't need to be told twice, I jumped off the hospital bed a little too fast and tripped on me feet, I would have fallen to the ground but Edward was suddenly there, his hand griping my arm firmly to steady me.

"Thanks," I mumbled. I looked up into his concerned eyes and felt my heart beat faster. His eyes were intense. I looked away only to see the concern in Dr. Cullen's eyes. Before he could suggest that I stay I gently pulled away from Edward and power walked to the door as best I could.

"It was nice to finally meet you Bella," Dr. Cullen said musically as I reached the door.

"Finally?" I questioned.

I saw him steal a quick glance at Edward.

"Uh, yes...your, uh sister speaks of you often...and of your other sisters of course," he looked uncomfortable.

"Oh, well it was nice to meet you too, Lyss speaks very highly of you. Not to be rude but I hope to never see you again, here at least," I responded with a smile.

He laughed.

I looked at Edward before I left. I wondered if he could tell that I didn't buy his story. It didn't matter. My questions for him would begin as soon as I saw him next.

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