Pairing: Jun x Kurotsugu--- Challengeshipping

Jun = Barry

Kurotsugu = Palmer

If you don't like it (the pairing, any of the themes mentioned), DON'T READ IT!! I WARNED YOUU!!! rofl



Kairyu = Dragonite

Dosidon= Rhyperior

Mirokaross= Milotic

Laplace= Lapras

Mukuhawk= Staraptor


I did alternating versions for the pokemon names, though.

This will be a multi chaptered story..

I really adore this pairing, yes, in the incestuous aspect. I love their personalities, even more so in the game, however I like both the anime and the game...just, I like the game more heeehee~

I spent..so much time thinking and writing this, and it's sadly short for the first chapter, I think..

But you know, I just love to write... It is fun to just spill your feelings into something I suppose, but also, I'm not perfect either..

OTL...why is it that it seems I'm one of few people who like this pairing in this manner? *hides under bed and cries* Well, I hope fans of this pairing can enjoy this..and be happy..or something... I don't know..it makes me happy...so I want to share it. The happiness... mmmm It also seems that I can never find anyone else who srsly likes it...as much as I do.. which..is maybe an insanely obsessive level.

Contains more description than dialogue..but it will vary between chapters. Also, I may abuse ellipses, the " ... " thing going on. I probably also abuse other things too. In terms of the english language, grammer, punctuation etc. It's fun, but it's not like you can't read it, rightttt??? xD I'm sorry, though, my writing only grows with the more I think.

Also, the title name for the story was not my original thought, I was listening to We are the people by Empire of the Sun. I loved the name, THEIR name, so the credit of course is theirs title wise, I just feel like it is such a lovely title, and their songs and the way I feel, interpret the personalities of Jun and his father...remind me of those feelings?

I was inspired by their name.. I may change it, not sure~

I was going to call it...sun gem...or...something but..whatever...rofl.

further note, be aware that Kurotsugu does have a flashback right in the middle, but the way I put it makes it subtle and may srsly throw you off..i'm not sure. Context clues, you gaiz..? =w=

Please enjoy~


Empire of the Sun


High up in a skyscraper, a man had stood staring out a large glass window that took up the entire wall. The vista was an endless blue and orange eyes seemed to be lost to the sky in contemplation.

His back was straight, shoulders prominent, and a long, rich green coat that adorned him only added to the elegance of his tall figure. His wild blonde hair gave him a hint of playfulness that was only accentuated by his emphatic gestures and charming smile, however those two things were absent from him at the moment. While his demeanor certainly had authority and prestige written all over it, there was currently a momentary softness to his eyes that expressed a sense of…yearning.

A longing that was darker than he would ever let be known.

A thick blonde lock of hair, the particularly long side-burn that looked like a fox tail, was twirled and pinged between his fingers in absentmindedness. It could have been nervousness, but the main torrent of feeling coursing through him was a mixture of guilt and uncertainty. His mind was pressed with an important personal matter that revealed itself in the form of questions that would spontaneously and endlessly surface. It would make his gut coil and the constant clenching of his fist did little to relieve the unwarranted pressure and anxiety that seemed to grate on his nerves. Neither did he find solace, comfort or answers in the vast sky from high up in his tower.

It really shouldn't have been that big of a deal… Just why was he worried so much..why did it eat at him so?

But in every right, it should have.

A little while ago he felt he would just burst from great pride and love that seemed to be amplified by a sheer inexhaustible thrill that coursed through his veins… but the next..the very next.. a moment that consisted of just 30 minutes had dragged on into what seemed like eternity..

The blonde man cast his gaze to the marble floor as he came to hold his hands behind his back.

He recalled how he had been so happy. It was his dream, his unending pleasure to have come this far, to have waited for the appearance of that lovely child. To have the one you love most come to meet you half way in the middle, in a place so high and regarded that the stars themselves may have been their audience.

It was their platform, their universe…

No one else was meant to give him such unrestrained joy.

He was a deity and this challenger was the only one before him. Their irises shimmered with a fervent and unyielding determination, eyelashes made more defined by the sharpness and furrow of the brows.

The man's eyes shown with piqued interest and the boy's were orange, crystalline gems sparkling with the flecks of fire that one calls resolve.

The deity could have sworn he was looking into his own eyes, a much younger version of them. But he knew they were vastly different.

The way the god had smiled was as charming as the appeal of his broad gestures. The boy's lips had been set in a frown as his expression was painted with such concentration. His gaze was unwavering; taking in every detail of the man whose power was frighteningly great and enigmatic.

And then a gentle thrum reached the boy's ears. The deep tone of the man whose tongue curved over every word with expert ease almost sent shivers dancing down his spine.

"I have dreamed of this for so long…" smiled the god as he took a step forward to engage his challenger.

'…for when else would I have gotten to see you again…'

The young boy nodded once in acknowledgement, standing straighter, soul ever more emblazoned with anticipation and eagerness.

Kurotsugu had taken a brief moment to stare at the ground before looking up and reasserting himself with a vaguely feral expression. Slowly, he breathed out, ferocity latching onto every syllable of his words.

"Come and show me…"

And were it not for the gravity or importance of the situation, the quiet inclination of a deep seated desire would not have been lost on the boy's ears.

"…show me everything you can muster.."

So far, it was just a whisper.

The gleam in the god's eyes was suddenly immensely ominous, and the boy could barely feel his own breath slipping from himself in shallow gasps. It was as if the air was sucked from his lungs when the other had just barely opened their mouth.

Somehow the boy's shoulders were stiff with trepidation; he was even shaking. Although this didn't pass by the older man unnoticed, the boy, with blond wisps of hair much like the other, steeled his nerves.

He affirmed himself, a smile beaming with confidence and audacity.

"It takes two to tango."

The wiser one smiled. He unconsciously smoothed his fingers over a metallic white and ruby colored sphere before parting his lips.

"Then let us dance."

They were two languages that could have very much been one in the same, converging in a tangle of enmeshing thoughts and ideals.

They fought without words, in a silence exhausted with unknown passions that ardently sought to unravel the mysteries of the other's soul with just a mere rendezvous of the eyes.

While one fought for the taste of excitement, the other battled for something more.

For Kurotsugu, the thrill had come in being on the receiving end of all the boy's strategies and surprises. He had sifted through them all, searching for something more, as if there was something greater to it all. He didn't know what it was exactly, how far or deep it lay, but his eyes shined with a vigor that tirelessly searched the younger.

And for the boy who poured the culmination of all his hopes and dreams into this one moment in time, he didn't know if winning or losing would have made them realized, but for some reason, being beaten seemed like the greater possibility that would ultimately end up dragging him back to a world he didn't like. The fear itself and the acknowledgement of such a reality was a threatening darkness that loomed over his conscience.

The young boy did not truly know what he had wanted. He came seeking answers and was only handed more questions. His heart was pinched with sadness but his voice was as strong as his spirit was resilient.

To fight in such a way, was almost painful.

Once during their battle, the boy had seen a visage of his feelings mirrored to him through the ocean colored eyes of his Lapras. The plesiosaur's countenance was of a soothing gentility and the empathetic connection he had with the creature seemed to calm his nerves but Jun was down to his last. His Empoleon and Staraptor had easily been taken out by Dosidon's rock wrecker technique. Speed and a variation of type advantages could have enabled him to win but everything seemed to slip through his fingers no matter what he did.

The man's beautiful Mirokaross had given a soft wail before its oar like body collapsed in a heap from a thunder attack that was surprisingly delivered from the water/ice typed pokémon. But Kurotsugu had only smiled, eyeing the boy the whole time as Kairyu was called out before him.

Truly, this was the epitome of what it meant to be a god.

Jun had never thought there would be such an overwhelming gap between himself and the man he had come to adore, inspired by his infectious ambition, moved by his rash version of grace and crushed-

"Kairyu, stone edge!"

-by affections not meant for him.

"NNHG! NO!! LAPRAS, WATCH OU-…!" but the gentle Pokémon couldn't avoid it.

The marine creature lay there, in a heap upon the floor, barely moving. The battle was over.

Kurotsugu recalled his kairyu and stood complacently waiting.

A silence fell upon the room as the older man, with sharp eyes, had watched the small boy approach the exhausted creature. Footsteps were faintly heard upon the smooth floor with every stride closer in the darkness.

'..such beautiful promise..' his eyes shifted down from the teal scarf twirled around his neck to the boy's lithe frame.

Jun had leaned down, lips moving gently in a series of hushed words to comfort his fallen companion as its head was stroked gently. A soft, aquatic wail was emitted from the pokémon in a tired bliss before it too was recalled into its ball.

The boy had slowly stood up but trained his eyes on the ground beneath him and as his shoulders sagged and fists unclenched, he wondered what he had been fighting for.


The name escaped Kurotsugu's lips as a mere murmur. When the boy had lifted his head up seconds later, he was almost taken aback by the look of contempt on the young one's face, but before he could even question why, it had drastically changed.

For all his smiles and laughter, Jun wore this expression well.

'It's natural to feel this way', he told himself. Though, as he peered at his hands, he winced several times as his face became hot and feverish. He hated to feel so weak but the only thing he could do was muster a faltering determination that was much stronger when he had first faced his father.

Kurotsugu had not found what he had been looking for even though he knew it slept deep, but what he did see in those shimmering eyes were pools of profound sadness, a painful desperation and an aching need that called out to him but at the same time would not let him touch it.

And he wanted to know why.

He curled his fists, gazing at his child with a desire to tell him so many things, to do... many things.

But as tears streamed down the young boy's face, all hope died in the man's chest.

With delicate fingers and an outstretched arm he reached for the one he loved most, but when the boy turned his back and ran, any form of affection died on the man's lips as his heart was torn in two.

Back in his quarters, Kurotsugu wondered what right he had at all to even so much as stare at the boy, let alone hold him. He liked to believe that in the time he had been a vacant space in the boy's life, not much had changed, that Jun had not changed. But he was so wrong and it was such a silly thing to believe that something like that could happen. Of course people change, they change every day, continuously growing and…

He had realized how more lovely Jun had indeed become.

And in regards to himself, Kurotsugu would more or less always feel some sort of shame or guilt eating away at his soul, but the one thing he regretted and promised himself he would never do was deny Jun any affection simply because his heart beat a little faster when their eyes would meet and found himself staring into them a little longer than he should.

Taping his fingers upon the armrest of a chair he now resided in, he found himself glancing at the time on his wrist every so often. After their private match earlier that day, Kurotsugu had requested to see Jun especially considering how things hadn't ended so well.

Bringing his fingers to his temples, he closed his eyes in irritation as his stomach did flips over thinking about just what he was going to say but he didn't have long.

On the opposite side of the room, a door opened and Jun had silently slipped in. Upon hearing the door click as it shut closed, Kurotsugu had slightly stiffened. He proceeded to stand and watched as the younger crossed the room to the spot in front of him. Behind the boy was the glass window, and beyond it was a sky that was no longer blue, but one painted with rich tones of magenta and orange.

Kurotsugu breathed, taking in the solemn expression on Jun's face but the liveliness of his eyes foretold of a dynamic aspect to his personality that attributed to the moment's spontaneity. It also did nothing to ease the tension he felt.


The sound had come out somewhat scratchy around the edges, but for the most part the gentle tone was soothing to his ears and he found it was something he sorely missed.

It was hours ago that the boy's cheeks had been streaked with tears and the blonde vaguely wondered that should he smooth a finger over the soft skin, would it still be damp. As Kurotsugu, a bit shyly but endearingly, reached an arm around the boy to draw him close, he exhaled a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. However, his peace was short lived.

Before he could embrace the smaller blonde, Jun had, with an unknown strength, shoved the man away.

Kurotsugu found himself violently forced backwards into his recliner. He was, at the very least, shocked. His lips parted in a disturbed expression that was read as speechlessness and when Jun proceeded to straddle him, he immediately straightened, pressing his back further into the chair. Welcoming such close proximity in just mere seconds caught the older blonde completely off guard and it was more than just startling.

Unconscious of how hard he gripped the armrests, Kurotsugu's gaze was met with the piercing ones of the other. His own mouth formed a thin line as he peered back with half lidded eyes, unaware of his erratic heartbeat.

Yes, to say his father seemed a little put off was no lie, but Jun curled his fists at how stoic and calm the man still was. He seemed to wait, bide his time and content himself with just studying the boy in his lap. He always seemed to have the upper hand, and the man most certainly did. But Jun's curiosity was a wild card and instead of wondering, he acted out his own thoughts much to the unknown anxiety of his father.

Filled with mixed emotions of anger and pain, Jun smoothed his hands up the fabric of the man's chest in an innocent act that was no such thing to Kurotsugu. If Jun had been looking, he would have seen the man's dawning expression of horror and surprise. Or was it…something else?

The twelve year old rested his hands on broad shoulders as he pulled himself up, knees digging into the cushion of the chair. Their chests were pressed together and Kurotsugu could feel every curve of the sinuous, lithe body. Even the feel of the boy's pelvis pressing into his lower abdomen, just inches above his own belt line, made his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth.

"..one day.." the innocent had softly breathed.

Jun had brushed his cheek along his father's, weaving both arms around the man's neck as he continued to whisper hotly into the other's ear. Kurotsugu felt his breath hitch and his mind go blank at the warm, tingling sensation of the boy's breaths on his skin making his own temperature spike. Swallowing hard, he could almost feel the moist tongue on the lobe of his ear. Every ounce of Kurotsugu's attention was clinging to his son's words.

"…one day, I will bring you to your knees…father."

The harshly spoken endearment that only referred to the man came out in an even quieter tone that could have very well been a hiss. Kurotsugu opened his mouth but his tongue found no words to move to. He was emotionally mixed regarding the implications and the reasons that moved the boy to say such a thing. And why did he have to say it in such a way…

More than he would like to admit, he not only grasped at every word that was said, twirling them over in his mind, but also the feelings they had been spoken from and the inviting orifice from which they had left.

Slowly, the child slipped out of his father's lap, unaware of just how tantalizing his movements were in the man's eyes. But as the bundle of warmth left him, Kurotsugu slightly winced as he realized how sorely he wanted the boy to stay so he could circle his arms around the smaller. But the passion, from which Jun had spoken, he had noted was more of the resentful kind.

'..do you hate me that much, Jun…?' the man sadly mused.

Once again, the boy's face wore a solemn expression as he stood gazing at his father who just as equally gazed back. He wanted the older man to say something, anything, but only the only sound that reached his ears was the soft murmur of his name before tired eyes, once filled with love, had grown dark and looked away.

Was it disgust? Was it shame? Jun had only briefly pondered this before he too looked away and left, his heart sinking to the bottom of his soul.

After some time, Kurotsugu leaned forward, resting his head in his hands. Beyond the glass window, the setting sun lit up the sky with breathtaking hues of burnt orange and ruby fires, but as the last rays reached out to touch him, the skyscraper god wondered when he would see that precious child again.

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Ok , I know I used alternations between the Japanese and English names for the pokemon, but for some reason reading staraptor's jap name felt like the srsness was taken away from the situation. But the other jap names are so pretty…

Also, I know that the pkmn combination vs palmer's party seems like..it seems like Jun would win right?

Oh jeezis, or maybe yu just think it's a horrible combination, but I wanted him to have Pokémon that would seem familiar..empoleon and staraptor being two of the choices and I added laplace bc of the fact that it knows ice, water and an electric type move…that gives it versatility.. plus in the game it has (imo) good stats that are evened out….and it's cute. Or maybe like why the fudge would you pitch bird Pokémon against dosidon right? Like…whyyy?? Then there's also the question of dosidon's speed and recover time from when it uses rock wrecker so yu might think k how did it take out empoleon AND staraptor? But this just kinda…tries to illustrate the fact that stat wise perhaps Jun's Pokémon weren't that quite up to game/par. At least it alludes to the fact that perhaps Jun can beat his daddy one day perhaps at the same time it make Palmer look like he has ridiculous amount of power in terms of his Pokémon.

But sheeeyet. K, amazing sheet happens when yu enter battle tower. Amazing sheet happens when yu face palmer. Plz don't argue with me about it. Sheet happens in battle tower. Sheet can happen here.

Jun started out with empoleon first, Kurotsugu used Rhyperior, empoleon has weakness against fighting so most likely hammer arm could have ko-ed it. Empoleon could have speed advantage over dosidon, but this is Jun's first time, plus I want him to lose rofl, so let's blame speed stat, otherwise something like hydropump could have fucked palmer over. Then there is starraptor, you have speed advantage here but I don't think it would srsly be able to do heavy damage to KO Rhyperior, plus it is weak against rock type moves so rock wrecker could have been the choice here to KO it. Actually you could argure how messed up it is in my logic that Jun didn't call out Lapras after using Empoleon to beat Dosidon

So that leaves Jun with just his Lapras and Palmer with Dosidon, Milotic AND Dragonite, rofl damn. Going with random possibility scenario of on the chance that Lapras KO's Rhyperior with surf/hydro pump, then it currently will be up against Milotic (POINTS TO FIC). I know, that bitch does not go down easily, its spec def is ridiculous, k lets say that even though lapras knows thunder and assuming that lapras isn't up to par with the unbelievably strong Tycoon, that it at least gets weakened with dragon pulse courtesy of milotic (I think milotic's speed is higher than lapras's so it gets to attack first anyway). Also milotic did not use hypnosis, and even if I made it happen Jun would not have chesto berry, he gave his lapras a splash plate/mystic water …

Lapras is weakened, it is part ICE type which makes it weak to rock type moves, adding to the fact that Dragonite is super strong bc I keep emphasizing stat/ability gap here, it also knows stone edge which hurts in the place it mattersss most. Dragonite is pretty fast to boot. AND THAT IS HOW JUN LOST.

And this is how i am unfabulous~

Did I really have to explain all of that.

I really do not know. I also can't belive I spent 30 minutes reasearching these Pokémon on their types and attacks. And I spent another 15 thinking this out. Guess that's what makes it funnnn~