I'm Smiling


"Parvati?" Lavender Brown approached her old friend. Clad in black from head to toe, Parvati was sitting in her chair, sobbing. "It's your turn." Parvati nodded, but didn't make any move to stand up. After a moment though, she seemed to come to a resolve with herself, because she stood up and shakily walked to the podium set up by the coffin.

"I really didn't want to do this," she began, looking around. "Because it's hard to believe that he's really gone. I myself can't accept the fact that I'll never see him again. He'll--" Parvati's voice broke. "--never talk to me again. He'll never tell me one of those ridiculous jokes he made up." At this, several people smiled. "And most of all, he'll never hold me again. How can I possibly give up on him? He was supposed to outlive me, you know," she said, smiling a bit. "We had it all planned out. He always thought that I was more delicate, and maybe that's true, I don't know." A lot more smiles.

"One of the very many things he always told me was this: even when things look like they can't get worse, they'll get better. Smiling makes it come faster. I used to hate him when he said that, you know. It would just annoy me more when he'd tell me that, to tell the truth. But he was always saying little sayings like that. He," she shook her head, smiling, "he had this little book. It had- it had all these-- all these little sayings in it, and he made a point of reading one of them to me before we went to bed.

"You know what the last one he read to me was? It said 'bandages heal bleeding wounds on the skin. Smiling heals wounds of the heart that seem like they'll never go away.' And then he turned to me and he said, 'If I die, I want you to smile, understand?' and I told him to be quiet and go to bed.

"Well, Seamus, I'm smiling."


A/N: Oh, that made me cry. I've used up four tissues while writing this ridiculously short thing.