A/N: I had to write this for an English class several years back, I think it was in middle school...or maybe even elementary school. Anywho, I finally decided to post it here. I wrote as a Chronicles of Narnia poem focusing on the famous Lamp Post. Please read it and tell me what y'all think. ;)

The Lamp Post

A cold, grey world

A forest coated in a cold blanket of white snow,

The fir trees being the only greenery around.

Only a thin, silvery ray is all that is left

Of the once golden sun.

The wolves of the dark Empress in White

Patrol the woods of this cold, grey world.

A single black iron lamp post stand alone

In the middle of the forest of nowhere

A tiny yellow flame flickers weakly within

This silent, solitary sentinal.

No bluebird of Spring has come for months.

Winter's hold is strong.

The wind whisltes by on the wings of a great eagle

Carrying a distant, yet great crimson roar.

The green grass with its flowers

bend gently in the breeze.

The dogwood' and oak' new, young leaves,

However young and fragil, wave relentlessly.

A small bluebird sings its song

While standing on the lamp post

Gleaming in the newly risen golden sun

In the clear blue sky.

The lamp post with its small golden flame

Stands tall in a patch of warm sunlight

That falls on the forest floor.

Spring has at last arrived.

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