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Here is the sequel to my most popular story Back up Plan L.

There was a flash of fire in the backyard of a house in Juuban as a Phoenix appeared with five people holding onto its talons. The Phoenix changed into Harry as there were three flashes of light. "Welcome to your new home" said Harry

They all looked at the two story house in front of them that was done in a western style. "Ami could you take the ship out and put it in the center of the yard" asked Harry

"Sure" said Ami

Ami took the ship out of her sub space pocket and put it in the center of the yard. Then everybody backed up to the house as Mission asked "Won't your neighbors notice a ship appearing in your backyard"

"No they won't because of the wards" said Harry

"Wards" asked Mission confused

"Think of them as force fields powered by the Force" said Harry

"Ok" said Mission

Harry took out his sword and pointed it at the Ebon Hawk. It grew back to its original size taking up the whole yard. Ami then took out HK-47 and T3-M4 as Harry brought them back to their original size. Revan then activated them as HK-47 asked "Query: What do you need of me"

"You can go set up your own area in the basement HK" said Harry

"Statement: Thank you Master" said HK-47

He then walked into the house as Harry said "Stay in the ship T3 and keep it running"

T3 beeped in confirmation as he rolled into the ship. "Well I guess we should be heading home" said Minako

"How long has it been" she asked

Ami took out her computer and checked. "It has been a couple of weeks. We have about two weeks before school starts again" said Ami

"When do you go back to school" asked Harry

"September 1st" said Ami

"That's when I go back to Hogwarts" said Harry

"That's convenient" said Minako

"Yeah" said Harry

"I guess I should get going" said Minako

"Bye Harry" she said

She gave him a hug and a kiss before leaving. "I guess I should be going too even though I don't think my mother will be home" said Ami

"Could you load the system's data into the Ebon Hawk's navigation computer before you go" asked Harry

"Sure" said Ami

Ami went into the Ebon Hawk as Harry led Revan, Mission, and Hotaru into the house. "Why do you go put your stuff away while I get Mission settled in" said Harry

"Ok" said Hotaru

Hotaru went upstairs to her room as Harry turned to Mission and said "Let's do the knowledge transference spell first before moving on"

"The what" asked Mission?

"Harry is going to copy the all the languages he knows into your mind" said Revan

"You can do that" asked Mission

"Sure" said Harry

"You mean you didn't notice that Revan was the only one that understood Zaalbar before we left Taris" he asked

Mission thought it over realized that it was true. "You did this while we were going to Dantooine" said Mission

"Yes" said Harry

"When we did it the first time, we received all of the languages that Revan knew" he said

"So now I will get all those languages along with the native languages of your planet" said Mission

"Well not all of them" said Harry

"Just two" he added

"You mean there is more" exclaimed Mission

"Yes" said Harry

"Just think about my planet as a mini galaxy" he said

"There is that many" said Mission shocked

"Yes" said Harry

"You will be learning one of the most spoken languages, English, and the native language of the country you will be living in, Japanese" he explained

"Ok" said Mission

Harry and Mission sat down in front of each other as he grabbed her hands. "You will have a headache when it is over" said Harry as he started

All of the languages that Harry knew were copied and put into Mission's mind. When it was over Mission grabbed her head groaning. "I told you would get a headache" said Harry

"Don't worry it will pass soon" said Revan

Ami then came in through the door and said "All done"

"Thanks Ami" said Harry

Ami gave him a hug and a kiss before she left. Harry then went outside and took out his sword. He touched the point of the sword to the ship and disillusions it. Harry then puts his sword away and walks back to the house. He then contacted T3 saying "T3 head to the first, second, and sixth planets in this system and do a complete scan of them. Report back to me when you are done"

T3 beeped in confirmation and the ship took off. Harry turned around to go inside but saw Revan standing in the doorway. "That's Mercury, Venus, and Saturn isn't it" said Revan

"Yes" said Harry

"Why are you having T3 check them out" asked Revan

"To see if anything survived" said Harry

"Besides it's not like we need the ship right now anyways" he added

He then went back inside and saw Mission was feeling better. "Feeling better" asked Harry

"Yes" said Mission

"That's good" said Harry

"Jinxy" he then shouted

A house elf wearing a butler outfit appeared. "What do you need of Jinxy" asked Jinxy

"Revan and Mission will be staying with us for now on" said Harry pointing to both of them

"Jinxy will get two more house elves then" said Jinxy

He disappeared and came back with two more house elves wearing maid outfits. "Binky will serve Mistress Revan and Slinky will serve Mistress Mission" said Jinxy pointing at them

"Just call us if you need anything" said Binky and Slinky

They both then disappeared as Jinxy asked "Anything else"

"Yes" said Harry

"Mission will be staying here with Hotaru while Revan will be coming with me to Hogwarts" he said

"Yes sir" said Jinxy as he disappeared

"What were they" asked Mission

"They kind of look liked Vandar" said Revan

Harry started laughing so hard that he fell to the ground grabbing his ribs. After a couple of seconds of this Revan yelled "WHAT'S SO FUNNY"

"Vandar…a…house elf" said Harry while laughing

A few minutes later Harry finally calmed down. "You mind telling us what a house elf is now" asked Revan

"They are servants for wizards and witches" said Harry

"THEY'RE SLAVES" yelled Mission

"No" said Harry

"They like serving families. You should have seen how happy they were when I first showed up" he said

"So they get paid then" asked Revan

"No" said Harry

"They find it insulting to receive anything but kindness as a reward" he said

"The most my family has gotten was to get them to wear clean outfits. Because most house elves wear pillowcases" he explained

"Pillowcases" said Mission bewildered

"Yes" said Harry

"Even the ones at Hogwarts were pillowcases. The only difference is that it has the Hogwarts emblem on them" he explained

"Anything else" asked Revan

"The only way to free them is to give them clothes" said Harry

"What do you mean by that" asked Mission

"You have to give them an article of clothing deliberately, not from doing laundry" said Harry

"Oh" said Mission

"Anything else" asked Harry

"What did he mean he get two more" asked Mission

"All of the Potter family house elves stay at the main estate unless needed. They only go out to the other house when someone is living there or to keep up the general upkeep of the house" said Harry

"Jinxy is the head house elf. So that is why I called him to tell him" he explained

"Ok" said Mission

"Any more questions" asked Harry

"No" said Mission

"Alright then" said Harry

"Slinky" he shouted

Slinky appeared with a 'pop' and said "Yes sir"

"Please lead Mission to her room" said Harry

"Yes sir" said Slinky

"Follow me" she said

Once they were gone Revan asked "What did you mean by me coming with you to Hogwarts"

"I can't do the magic you can" she added

"I think you can" said Harry

"How" asked Revan

"Because you are Force-Sensitive" said Harry

"What does that have to do with it" asked Revan

"I have magic and I became Force-Sensitive" said Harry

"What about Ami, Minako, and Hotaru" asked Revan

"They don't have magic. I think they became Force-Sensitive because of their powers" said Harry

"Why do you think that" asked Revan

"Because when I first met up with them again they thought the only magic that existed was their powers and what their enemies had" said Harry

"If they did have magic Ami and Minako would have went to a Japanese magical school when they turned 11" he said

"Oh" said Revan

"Any way to test it" she asked

"Follow me" said Harry going into the backyard