The End

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Two minutes into the drive home Nika fell asleep. Her pregnancy made him drive more cautiously than usual but he stole a few glances. The vision of her blissfully resting brought a sense of pleasant calm to him. Once they returned home, he reluctantly woke her up.

"Nika, we're home," he touched her face.

His words caused her to smile as she opened her eyes, "I was very nice. I liked meeting all your friends and coworkers like Declan. "

He simply kissed her forehead before helping her out of the car.

Mai ran up to them from the backyard, "Mom, you have to see this!"

"What?" Nika asked her.

"Just come on!" Mai took both their hands and brought them to the backyard.

Nika began to speak, "Mai what's so important for us to…" she became breathless once she saw two groups of chairs separated by a white long runner that led up to an altar where a floral archway stood. To the far left was a stage where the band was setting up in front of a dance floor surrounded by round tables and chairs. Everything had looked familiar to Nika until she realized why. Under the guise of helping Trent plan his cousin's wedding, she was unknowingly planning her own.

Wearing an enormous smile, Mai let go of their hands and took a few step backwards joining her sister, Elaine, Robert, and Trent. They all stood watching the couple with absolute excitement.

Her emerald eyes became flooded with tears of happiness. The tips of her fingers went to her open mouth when she saw Agent 47 go down on one knee. In her chest, her heart began pounding in anticipation of his question.

He took her hand and looked into her glistening eyes. A deep exhale came from his mouth before he spoke, "I wanted to do this right."

She touched the side of his face and with a quiver in her voice said, "You are."

A small grin touched his mouth, "You've made a wonderful life for yourself."

"Because of you."

His head slowly shook, "You're the one who built this beautiful home and loving family. All I ask is the honor to share it with you for the rest of our lives?" he took out a small velvet box from his jean pocket and opened it revealing a platinum diamond ring.

Crying, she tried to soak in the moment remembering where she came from and how blessed she felt to be where she was it. "Yes!" she nodded and cried as he placed the ring on her finger.

He happily stood up and planted a soft lingering kiss on her lips.

Their loved ones happily cheered before separating them to prepare for the wedding.

"You bitch, how long did you know about this?" Nika playfully asked to Trent as he led her to the bedroom.

"Honey, Frank called me months ago!" He waved his hand at her before opening the door revealing Anna and Bryce standing alongside three wedding dresses.

"When did you two get here?" Nika asked them.

"Minutes before you did, congratulations Karina!" Anna said as she and Bryce hugged her.

"Which one will you choose?" Bryce asked her referring to the dresses.

In awe she gazed at the white gowns and smiled as she remembered how she used to play pretend wedding as a little girl. Those memories barely remained intact after the death of her parents but she was thrilled to see that she was now able to bring that dream into reality.

After closely inspecting his suit, Agent 47 decided to change his look by removing his red tie. A familiar voice sounded outside of the guest house's front door.

"Come in," he answered.

"Hey," Karissa said as she walked in wearing a red gown, "Bryant and Odette just came. He didn't know what to do with it so he gave me the invitation that you gave him earlier."

He simply nodded and put his cufflinks on.

Smiling, she walked over to him and brushed off his right shoulder, "You look fantastic, Frank."

"Thank you..for everything," he grinned.

The palms of her hands rested on his shoulders, "You're welcome. I know you're gonna be a great husband and father," she kissed his cheek, "I'll see ya out there."

"Forgive me, if I am interrupting?" Agent 18 asked when he entered the room.

"You're not, Dad." Karissa told her father before kissing his cheek and letting both agents have the room.

His dark eyes searched the soon-to-be married man's face. As expected, he seemed unfazed by the monumental moment before him; Agent 18 had been the same way on his wedding day.

"Have you seen Karina?" Agent 47 asked him.

He shook his head and stared at their reflection in the mirror, "No but Isabella told me that she looks ravishing."

"I don't doubt it."

Agent 18 gazed at the vision of them formally dressed and for a brief moment missed his son but felt grateful that he was able to take part in his new friend's life, "Frank.."


"How are you feeling?"

Agent 47 looked at him, "I'm not scared."

"Because this feels right."

"It does."

"Good," he gripped his shoulder. "Be a great husband and father, it will take time and work. Fortunately, we raised to never give up..So I know you will be fine. Good luck."

"Thank you," he smiled feeling comforted by his friend's words of encouragement.

The mirror before him presented a person he barely recognized. He was no longer a ghost with one sole purpose in the world. Years of training and conditioning couldn't stop his natural evolution to what he has become, a true man.

A gentle melody sounded from the band turning everyone else's attention to the end of aisle where the bridesmaids were escorted by the groomsmen. Mai was escorted by Bryce, Anna was with Trent and Madison linked arms with Ramon. Dressed in a tux and gown Tiska and Lena walked down the aisle, each had a pillow on their back with a wedding ring resting atop. Agent 18's five-year-old granddaughter Marcella "Marcey" Fallon walked towards the alter while showering the aisle with flowers from her basket. Her parents, Alana and Nick watched her with pure adoration in their eyes.

"Here she comes," Agent 18 leaned and whispered to Agent 47.

His lips stretched into a wide smile at the sight of her luminous figure slowly glided down the aisle on Robert's arm.

Through her veil she gazed at him not feeling the strain of her enormous smile. She couldn't imagine him looking anymore handsome. The sight of him waiting made her feel utter bliss spread throughout her body.

Agent 18 began presiding over the ceremony after complimenting Nika when she arrived at the altar. He cleared his throat once he noticed that neither of them realized he finished with his opening remarks.

"As I have said, the bride and groom will now say their vows," he tipped his head towards Nika.

Her eyes contained the floods that fought to escape them as she spoke to her husband.

"I used to dream of you when I was a little girl. I didn't see your face but I knew you there. Then I lost everything that mattered to me including that dream. Later in my life, you came to me..not in the way that I hoped but I'm grateful that you did. I was at my worst but somehow you saw that I could be the best. You've given me so much since then. But what I will forever treasure is the ability to not only dream about what I want to in life but that I also have the strength to go after it," she wept.

Moved by her statement, he wiped away her tears and his smile grew wider when she kissed his fingers before speaking once again.

"I can't wait to for us to pass on this gift on to our four loving and beautiful children. To raise them with you..a strong, loyal, brilliant and passionate man, it is an honor. Together, we will face life's challenges with hope and strength while savoring its sweetest moments for all eternity."

He didn't think it possible to love her anymore than he already did until now.

"Frank," Miguel tipped his head towards him while holding back his tears.

Sharing his feelings with individuals wasn't difficult but to do it in front of a crowd was new and a little bit intimidating for him.

She sensed his hesitation and touched his face, "It's ok, just look at me."

Touched, he exhaled his fears away and held her free hand.

"Everything was simple and safe in my life..I was existing but I didn't start living until you came along. You helped make me feel and do things that I never experienced or tried before."

With back of her hand that held the bouquet, she wiped away her tears.

"You've shown me that I am more than just what I was raised to be and that what I want in life is up to me, no one else. I've learned that it's acceptable to not be perfect because you embraced who I was and for the man that I've become.

You're loving, kind, brilliant, and beautiful. Even though you frustrate me at times I never stop loving you. I know you believe that you're in debt to me but you're not. You've given me a home, a family," he brought their hands to her stomach then smiled at their daughters, "and a true purpose in life.

The man you met was empty and alone..a ghost. I'm a true man now because you helped me discover who I am and that where I belong is with you. I am honored to spend the rest of our lives together evolving and helping our children discover who they are and their place in this world," he thought the love in his heart would burst.

Agent 18 told me to exchange their rings, "I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful bride," he proudly said.

As husband and wife they tenderly kissed each other allowing their love overtake them. Everyone clapped and cheered as Mr. and Mrs. Holt walked down the aisle.

"Congratulations Mom and DAD!" Madison and Mai both said before hugging their parents.

Trent wept as he and Ramon linked arms and followed everyone else, "This is the most beautiful shotgun wedding that I've ever seen!"

Ramon looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, "How many have you been to?"

"Oh honey, I'm from the South, there's one every two weeks!"

He laughed at his boyfriend's words before kissing him.

Everyone happily celebrated late into the night. As promised, everyone except for the newlyweds left the Holt home for the weekend. That night, as husband and wife, they made love until they lost all strength.

A few days later during breakfast, Nika excused herself to use the bathroom. Minutes later, she returned and looked at her loved ones with big eyes.

"My water just broke," she told them.

Her husband blinked, "Are you sure?"

She scowled at him, "Of course, I know what my piss looks like! The twins are coming! Let's go right now to the hospital!"

"All right," he calmly stood up and took her hand, "I'll get our bags and Robert and Elaine you two take the girls in your car and follow us."

"Why can't we come with you?" Mai asked.

"Because during the contractions your mother is going to say things that she doesn't mean but neither of us want you girls to repeat," he explained his daughter.

"Got it," Mai nodded, "my camera is already in mom's bag."

"Come on Mai, we have to get our bags because we're gonna be sisters!" Madison happily said before they both ran upstairs.

"I'll see you in the car," Nika kissed Agent 47 before he went to get their bags.

During the drive to the hospital, Agent 47 successfully kept himself from laughing whenever Nika would curse him during a contraction but then apologize when it passed. The staff at the hospital kindly and calmly welcomed them upon arrival.

By her side, he sat in a comfortable chair and held her hand.

"I hope I'm not in labor for too long.." she admitted to him.

"You're only a few centimeters from being fully dilated, it won't be long," he kissed her cheek.

She held his face and smiled, "I'm so happy that-that we're doing this together. And I hope..that you will still want to make love after seeing our babies being born."

He grinned, "I'll never stop doing that..ever," he flashed her a ravenous stare.

Smiling she said, "Stop, that's how I got pregnant-Oooh oh CONTRACTION!"

Their nurse came into the room, "I hear someone having a contraction," she lifted the sheet and looked to see how dilated Nika was.

"Well?" he asked her.

"I think we're ready to go. I'll get Dr. Waterson," she left the room.

After her contraction passed, he picked up Mai's camcorder, "Do you want me to film the actual birth?"

"Fuck no! I don't want my pussy on video!" she snapped then cried. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok," he tightened his grip on her hand, "I already asked a nurse to film us."

"Aww, you think of everything-AAAAHHH, THEY'RE COMING!"

With a big smile, Dr. Waterson said, "I'm here."

He handed off his camera to the nurse then returned to Nika's side taking her hand and watching the staff prepare for the birth of their children.

"Karina, on three push as hard as you can," Dr. Waterson told her.

"What the hell else am I going to do?" Nika screamed.

"Good, you're fired up!" she nodded, "One, two, three PUSH!"

The force of her grip and the volume of Nika's scream made him grateful that he had been trained to endure pain. Two more hard pushes later, he saw Dr. Waterson's face light up followed by loud high pitched crying.

"Come say hi to your daughter, Frank." Dr. Waterson said to him.

A nurse handed him an instrument to cut the umbilical cord before he set his eyes on his daughter. His mouth opened in awe as he cut the umbilical cord and touched her pink slightly bloody chubby face. The combination of elation, love, shock, and pride overcame him.

"How does she look?" Nika asked in a weary tone.

"Perfect," his vision became blurred until he blinked and felt tears land on his cheeks.

"You're crying," she happily cried as she watch him experience a new emotion and action.

Wiping away his tears, he smiled realizing it was first time he had ever wept. He returned to her side and kissed her cheek.

"Now it's time to meet your son!" Dr. Waterson told them moments before their son came into the world.

He cut the umbilical cord and touched his son's face before the nurse took him away to clean him up. Once he returned to his wife, he kissed her lips.

"I love you too," she cried and stroked his face.

"Here they are," the nurses handed the twins to their parents.

"Oh…you're beautiful," she beamed relishing sensation of her son's small warm body in her arms. The love she was feeling was enrapturing.

The small pink bundle in his arms looked up at him with her mother's eyes. Her little body felt so fragile, precious and soft against his chest, he smiled before kissing her forehead. It was the third time in his life that he had instantly fallen in love; the first two individuals were next to him.

"Oh my god!" Madison quietly said as she led everyone into the room, "they're so cute and..quiet!"

Mai clapped, "I want to hold my brother first!"

"They look just perfect," Elaine said as she held onto Robert who nodded in agreement.

"Beautiful, you two, just beautiful," Agent 18 told them with a big smile.

"What are their names?" Karissa asked.

Agent 47 held his son, "He is Michael Frank."

"I am honored," Agent 18 almost cried when he heard that they had named their son after him. Isabella tightened her hold on him and kissed his cheek.

"It's a good name," Isabella said to her husband.

Nika held their daughter, "She is named after my mother and someone special. Everyone say hello to Mila Karissa."

Karissa gasped and smiled, "Aw, thanks you guys."

"It's the least we could do," Agent 47 smiled at her.

"Hey, they have M names like us! Awesome!" Mai proudly said.

As everyone took turns holding Mila and Michael, Nika and Agent 47 shared a look and smile. They knew how blessed they and their children were for having a strong support system of people in their lives.

Night came, and after placing both twins to sleep, Agent 47 joined his sleeping wife in bed. With his arms embracing her, he closed his eyes. In over a year he went from being a shell of man who lived solely to take lives to being a creator of four his own, his children's and the one he had built with Nika. He slowly drifted to sleep anticipating the day they would return home. On that day he would start fulfilling the roles he has gladly chosen for himself, husband, lover, friend, father, mentor and hitman.