Title: Strawberry crepes
Fandom: Antique Bakery
Author: kira
Words: 283
Rating: G
Summary: Short on supplies due to a wayward delivery truck, Ono comes up with the perfect solution: crepes!
Warnings: none

For vexed, who wanted at trip to the Antique…


Ono looked at the flour bin in dismay. The delivery truck was two hours late and the first customers of the day would be arriving soon. He left the pantry to see if Tachibana had any luck in finding out where the delivery guy was, only to find him still arguing on the phone with the distributer. The patissier sighed softly as Kanda entered the kitchen. It would not be long before his "student" left for Paris to really learn how to cook, instead of watching him, when it hit him. Paris… France… crepes!!

Grinning happily, he wished the boy a good morning on his way back to the pantry. Opening the flour bin, he took another look. I think I have enough to make enough for the morning rush. Thank goodness one can get a good yield with crepes out next to nothing's worth of ingredients! And those three cases of fresh strawberries should be enough too… and I have plenty of eggs and I've got enough time to make crème fraiche. Hmmm… Kanda can start that and the strawberries too… Yes!

"Hey, Tachibana!" Ono said as he left the pantry. "I'll make crepes until the guy gets here. They're quick and easy and don't take a lot of flour," he finished as he entered Tachibana's office. "And I have plenty of eggs and butter too, and strawberries to fill them with and Kanda can make the crème fraiche for me and I'll help him with the strawberries…"

The Antique's owner looked up at him, his expression a mix of annoyance and relief. "Just do it." He waved the patissier away impatiently.

"Will do!" Leaving the office, Ono quickly set to work…