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He took care of his clothes, making sure not to get hurt in the first place as they fought the noise, but it was easier said than done. As he dodged a charging Minimal Rhino, he found that taking care of your clothes wasn't going to be easy, as the Rhino had slash a small rip in his pants AND his shirt.

"Dammit, not again!" He shouted in rage before sending a car flying at the large Noise/Animal.

"We did it Neku!" Shiki said jumping happily after all the noise were defeated.

Neku took a deep breath before he turned to her, afraid to face the onslaught of 'Shiki the Seamstress."

'3, 2, 1, aaannnd...' Neku started mentally.


'There it is…'

As Neku stood behind a corner, Shiki mended his clothes once more.

"Really Neku, do you like having your clothes mended or something?"


"All right, all right." She said before handing him back his clothes.

As Neku stepped out of the shade of the building, Shiki was smiling.


"Nothing, it's nothing. C'mon! We gotta get going!" She said before turning around and walking away.


Neku shook his head before following after her, first putting on his pants. They came up to another Red-wearing Reaper before the sentence Neku dreaded to hear was spoken.

"You want past this wall? Defeat all of the noise then."

~Moments Later~




"AAAHHH! Neku! Your clothes!"

Neku stood behind another building waiting for Shiki to finish before he yelled out his frustrations.


Shiki on the other hand, was trying to stifle her giggling.

"DAMMIT WHAT NOW!?" He yelled glaring at her.

Shiki looked at him before falling over laughing.


If looks could kill at that moment, Shiki would have died ten times over, but her giggling somehow negated the effect. Shiki finally managed to collect herself before handing him back the neatly mended shorts.

"Nice CAT boxers." She said walking away, still snickering.

Neku watched her walk by, confused.

"How'd she know................."

He looked down before his face suddenly flushed a crimson red. He put on his pants before finding Shiki over at the scramble crossing, looking at her phone and smiling.

"Y-you r-ready?" Damn his stuttering.

Shiki looked up before giggling once more, causing Neku's blush to come back.

"Yep!" She said smiling.

If Neku were behind Shiki, he would have noticed a picture of a blushing Neku holding his pants in his hand, CAT boxers blowing in the wind. Not that he would ever find out, but still.

The Reaper Games. Horrifying, Adrenaline Rushing, Confusing as hell.



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Hilarious.

Kenta: There are probably alot of people who would like to take part in 'The Games' just for the sake of lighting something on fire or using one of the pins. I'd think it would be awesome to pick up a car and just chuck it in a random direction. Anyone else?

Kenta Raikiri