10 Things I am Not Allowed to Do At Seigaku

I, Kirihara Akaya, have written down my analysis of the Seishun Gakuen Boy's Tennis Club Regulars (Plus those three groupies and the extra regular who at this time is Inui Sadaharu). This data is to not be read by anyone but I suspect at some point someone will find it. At that time I ask the person who is reading not to give this list to Niou-sempai or Marui-sempai, who will make fun of me, Yagyuu-sempai who may be Niou-sempai at the time or will give it to Niou-sempai, Yanagi-sempai who may be disappointed, or Sanada-fukubuchou who will slap me. The data has been compiled into a list of twenty things that I tried and found to annoy the aforementioned team. If anyone wishes to use these some have effects pertaining solely to me, Kirihara Akaya, and may not work for other people.

1 Unlike at Rikkai I am not considered innocent, even when not bloodshot. Therefore puppy eyes will get me nowhere with Fuji Shusuke.

2 No matter how funny I may find it, imitating Tezuka Kunimitsu will get you laps, even if you are not part of the team.

3 Echizen Ryoma does not appreciate being referred to as "The Chibi-Super Uke.' Bruises, caused by doing so, left on your ass make it hard to sit.

4 Kikumaru Eiji's glomps are dangerous to all breathing things, BEWARE. It is common that a person is almost choked to death by the aforementioned glomp

5 It is not the best idea to be on the starting end of accidents that lead to Kaidoh Karou spilling liquid on his head. He is easily angered and is not afraid to take that anger out on anyone once he is out of the sight of his sempai.

6 The five groupies that include the kid with two years tennis experience, the mushroomy boy, the girl with the shrill voice, the other girl with hair that's impossibly long, and the other boy who may be more boring than the jimmies, do not like to be referred to as groupies. This will get you yelled at shrilly by the one girl, trust me, it hurts your ears.

7 Do not under any circumstances try any of Inui Sadaharu's "nutrition" juices. The members of the tennis team will not try to stop him and you will be unconscious for a few hours afterwards.

8 Do not under any circumstances be anywhere near Momoshiro Takeshi when he is executing his dunk smash, jack knife, or any other power move. Heavy bruising will be the only thing that comes out of that situation.

9 Oishi Shuichiro's mothering is annoying. If to avoid it, do not participate in any of the above practices.

10 Prolonged amounts of time spent at Seigaku will only cause bruising, bouts of insanity, deafness, and possibly death.

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