Title: Cooties

Fandom: Ben 10/Ben 10:Alien Force

Characters: Ben, Kevin
Pairing: Bevin
Setting: N/A

Rating: PG?

Category: Slash/gay/yaoi/shounen-ai/BL/Homo-sex-you-all
Disclaimer: No pwnage.

Note(s): Insert witty notes here? This was originally supposed to be another paragraph longer, but it was UBER late (err, early?) so I had to go to bed && lost it. XD No bevin until the last paragraph;; sorry... .


When you're young, you pick on little girls either because they have cooties, or because you like them; and on little boys for any number of reasons. A) He stole your toy, won't share his own toys with you, or has a toy you want. B) Everyone else picks on him, too. C) He likes the same girl as you. D) Because it's expected of you by your teensy peers.

When you're a little older but not yet a "big kid," you pick on girls either because they have cooties, they're a meanie-pants, or because you like them. You pick on boys because A) he has a toy you want; B) he's weird; C) he likes your girl; or D) because everyone looks at you with idolistic gleams in their eyes when you shove his face into the mulch playground.

When you're a preteen, you pick on girls either because they don't like you, you don't like them, or you like each other. You start to pick on boys for slightly different reasons, but the principles remain the same. A) You think he wants to steal your electronic--which you aren't allowed to have in school anyway--or you want to steal his. B) He either doesn't have popular friends, he wears worse-looking clothes than everyone else, or he's still a freaking weirdo. C) He's sending your girl "check yes" notes under the table. Or D) Because it feels pretty freaking great when all the cool boys are punching you on the arm and saying, "Hey, dude!" because you socked a boy in the face real hard and he had to be taken to the hospital.

When you're teenaged, you pick on girls either because they don't fit in, you think they're a bitch, everyone's encouraging you, or you're too scared to talk to her. You pick on guys because A) He doesn't fit in; B) you either think he is, have ecidence that he is, or hear hype that he is talking to your girl; D) because you can, and because it feels damn good to get invited to the weekend parties, when all you had to do was make some guys face turn to mincemeat.

So when Kevin says, "Beennji," calls Ben awful names, or growls obscenity-filled things at him when Gwen's not looking, Ben just glares at him and takes it. 'Cause when you're a sixteen-year-old Kevin Levin, you don't know how to deal with a crush other than the way you did when you were young.