"Nicky, I want you out of the apartment when I get there."

"What, you're kicking me out?" He laughed nervously.

"Go live in the park, for all I care!" Rod exploded before running off.

"But wait, Rod I -" No use. He was gone around the corner. Nicky stared after him for a minute, confused, before turning back to the remaining members of the wedding. "I think I'd better go try to, uh, patch things up with Rod. I didn't mean to make him mad on purpose!" And he started after his roommate, even though he knew that it wasn't any use. Rod had made up his mind. But he still had to get back to the apartment. How much time would Rod allow him to get his things packed and get out? How long would it be until Rod asked him back, if he ever did? Nicky wasn't stupid. He'd picked up on the blue man's feelings for him. He just wasn't sure of his own yet. Maybe being homeless would help him work things out, and if he ever got accepted back as Rod's roommate, he'd know how he felt.

Why was I so stupid? Rod thought that night, staring up at the ceiling of the bedroom. Why did I have to kick him out? And in front of our friends, no less. How could I have been so stupid? He looked over at the digital clock on the night stand - 11:55. He had to go into work the next day. Why couldn't he get to sleep? Nicky. Was he okay? Would he be able to survive with out Rod? Would Rod be able to survive without him? He knew that it would be just another sleepless night because of Nicky.

Rod got out of bed, slipping his feet into slippers, and walked to the kitchen of the apartment. The lack of mess on the counter - the result of having nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon after a wedding - almost made him cry. But the reminder of the green man he used to call roommate would have been too strong otherwise. Maybe now that the clutter wasn't there, he could try to move on, but he had a gut feeling that, no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn't be able to move on from Nicky.

A/N: Sorry this is short. Just an idea that I to from a song. I'm gonna be writing more of this one (of course), but I just wanted to post this much before I started on chapter two.