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Fool Me Twice


I woke suddenly, slightly confused as to where I was. It was still dark outside, my head was pounding, and my body ached in a way I'd never before experienced. The previous night came rushing back to me and I had to blink a couple of times to stop the tears from escaping from my eyes. Why, oh why did I do this again?

I fisted my hand and put it into my mouth, biting down on it to keep the sobs at bay as I turned my head towards the sleeping form that held me tightly in his arms. His breath fanned across my face, the smell of alcohol assaulting my nostrils. He moved, slightly, pulling me closer to him, and gently nuzzled my head with his chin, sighing contently in his sleep. I just wanted to lie here and watch him but I knew I had to leave before he woke up.

I was berating myself about the situation in which I now found myself. I couldn't believe I fell for his lies all over again.

However, this time he actually had the audacity to say he loved me and he could not imagine his life without me in it anymore. Ha! I bet. Come on, I had heard all his of lies before. You know the ones where he says he'll take you here and take you there and then, the piece de la résistance; he told me he wanted to take me to meet his parents as his girlfriend. God, Edward, get real and join the programme? I know you too well. I mean, double-ha!

I had been watching him this past year as he moved from one woman to another, no repeats, never taking them back to his apartment. When I asked him about that, he said it was easier for him to slip away, no awkward morning after conversations. I asked him about his conscience, but he said it never really bothered him until recently. He also told me he only ever thought about his own needs and didn't really care about whether the women enjoyed it or not. They usually came onto him, so it was their problem if they got nothing out of it other than a night with the famous Edward Cullen. I really wanted to hate him, but I knew that would never happen because I love him so much.

It was exactly a year ago that I last slept with him, if you could call it that. This time was a lot better than last time, and we were in his bed, not mine. I suppose we were in the same apartment building as the party. Our clothes were off more quickly, than if we had gone back to my place. The sex was amazing, but I really needed to get away from him before he woke up.

What is it they say? 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' I turned my face away from him and gently removed his arm from around my body. I put my pillow there instead and got up as quietly as possible, trying my hardest to find my clothes in the dark.

I must have looked a sight, a grown woman crawling on all fours in the dark. The tears streamed down my face and my heart felt very heavy, the knowledge that I was a fool weighed me down. I was full of shame, but how could I regret last night? It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life? It was just unfortunate that it was with someone who would never really give his heart, and I wanted so much more than just his body. I had to get out of here quickly before I changed my mind and jumped him for another session.

I managed to find most of my clothes, but I was unable to find my underwear. Unfortunately I had worn a see-through top and a very short skirt to the party. I found one of Edward's shirts on the floor, smelled it and quickly put it on. I would just have to make sure I did not bend down.

I quietly left the bedroom and then nearly went flying as I tripped over one of Edward's shoes. I quickly found my shoes, picked them and my clutch up and headed for the door.

I reached for the handle just as my phone started to ring. I panicked - who would be ringing at this time of night? I picked it up and noticed the number was from my secret text buddy, but he had never actually rung me before. My heart started pounding in my chest as I flipped it open, put it to my ear, and whispered, "Hello?"

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