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Fool Me Twice - Chapter 15 - October

I flew to Seattle on Thursday evening and was happily surprised to find Rose and Angela waiting for me. Rose, I knew about because of the phone call earlier in the week. Of course, the moment they saw the plaster, it was the Spanish inquisition, but I managed to put them off with, "I'll tell you everything later, after a drink."

Rose had booked us a room for the night at the Sorrento Hotel, boy was it expensive, but Rose informed me that she managed to get the room cheaper because of her connections with Carlisle. The moment she said his name I pulled a face, I really couldn't help it. I don't think she noticed though.

We sat at the bar drinking Margaritas and talked about men. Rose, couldn't help but gush as she bragged about how wonderful Emmett was, and then exaggerated about how big his dick was and how good he was at using it. Both Angela and I called out in protest. We really didn't need to hear this crap!

"You're just jealous because yours is unobtainable at the moment," Rose slurred, as she poked a beautifully manicured nail into my chest.

"There's no need to rub it in Rose," Angela answered for me.

"She knows I don't mean it," she said, then leaned forward on her stool to give me a hug. Her stool fell forward, knocking her into me and of course I ended up on the floor. The worse thing was I was still sat on my stool on the floor. I cradle my plastered arm close to my chest and shut my eyes tightly, praying that it wouldn't hurt anymore. As luck would have it the alcohol I had consumed helped with this because it took me a while to realize that I was actually on the floor.

Rose the bitch pissed herself with laughter and had to grab onto the bar for support. I stood up slowly with Angela's help and tried to act nonchalant as I climbed back onto my stool, fluffing my hair. This was quite difficult because of the cast on my arm; of course I slapped myself on the forehead, Ouch!

"You can stop laughing now." I hissed at Rose.

"I'm…sor…ry!" she laughed while she held her stomach, black tears rolled down her cheeks.

Angela just shook her head at our exchange.

The bartender must have taken pity on me because he put another drink in front of me. I gave him a raised eyebrow as our eyes met.

"It's not from me," he said regretfully.

"Who sent this?" I asked, curiously.

"The gentleman said he wanted to remain anonymous."

"Then I don't think I can accept it."

"What's with you Bella it's a free drink," Rose looked at me as if I had lost the plot.

"What if it's spiked?" I asked her.

"What are you implying?" The bartender huffed.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I'll take the drink." I snatched up my drink and gulped it down.

"Bella!" Angela admonished.


"You know what?" Angela looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Look I won't have another drink."

"What time's your interview tomorrow?" Rose asked her voice husky from all the laughter.

"Three thirty."

"So once you're done we will be on our way back to Forks." Rose smiled.

"Are you sure I can stay at yours again?"

"No problem, the spare room is already set up for you."

"I need to go and see Paul," I muttered.

"Is that wise?" Angela asked, concerned.

"I don't know but I need to apologise to him for my rotten behaviour."

"He used you just as much as you used him," Rose pointed out.

"No he didn't."

"He's seeing someone now anyway." Rose informed me.

"He is? Who?" I asked unable to mask my surprise.

"Some girl."


"There's no need for that." Rose slapped me.

Angela just shook her head and walked towards the exit. Rose and I followed behind still bickering.

"Bella?" A smooth voice said from behind me.

I turned slowly a fake smile plastered on my face as I turned to the guy. Staring blankly at his face, part of my brain was telling me I know this guy, but how? He's very handsome in a youthful sort of way and his face really does look familiar.

"Hello?" It came out as a question.

"You don't remember me do you?" he replied with a laugh. He rubbed the back of his head and looked uncertain.

"Well…er … No sorry." I managed to stammer out and my face felt like it was on fire. I was blushing that badly.

"Ri…ley." He prompted, and stretched out his name, with a big cheesy smile.

"Okay, thanks for the drink," I replied and turned to walk away with my friends. Who just stood there gaping at me then turned simultaneously and gaped at him.

"Is that all I get?" He asked after me.

I turned back to face him. "Look I am sorry but I really cannot remember you."

"Boy, I really got the signals wrong this time," he muttered loudly to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck. Anyone would think I had just shot his puppy going by his dejected expression. I felt guilty instantly.

"Bella please tell me you do know who that is?" Rose slurred out.

"If I was you I would just pretend you know who it is and see what happens." Angela whispered loudly.

I felt my face heat up again at the sudden smirk on Riley's face. I had a sudden vision of him wearing an Ice hockey helmet.

"You're the hockey player!" I stated.

"That's me." He smiled brightly, his big blue eyes sparkled. He looked about ten.

"What are you doing in Seattle?"

"I've got some time off work." He held up his left arm which was in plaster, he smirked as he looked at my left arm. "We could be twins!"

"That doesn't really answer my question." I pouted, and chose to ignore the comment about my plastered arm.

Shit I was actually flirting with this really young guy! No of course not. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

"I am on my way to visit family if you have a drink with me I could tell you more." He looked at me hopefully.

I turned to Rose and Angela for advice. They were nowhere to be found, they had abandoned me, the bitches!

"Okay, just a quick one." I gave him a shaky, nervous smile.

"Great that's all I can ask for." He replied as he turned me back towards the bar and placed his hand against the small of my back, I wondered briefly if he put his hand there to stop me from turning around and running off.

I sat at a table, while he went to the bar and ordered our drinks. While he was stood at the bar, I studied him. He was tall and quite skinny for a hockey player, or maybe I have got it all wrong, but I am sure his team-mates packed more muscle. His hair was a strange mixture of blond and brown¸ his face was very smooth and almost childlike with no stubble. I wonder if he's even old enough to shave yet?

My eyes met his and I was busted. Turning away to break eye contact, and then diverted my gaze to the floor. I just wished I could hide my blush as easily. I sent the ground a silent prayer. Please open up and swallow me whole!

When I heard the chair next to me move I finally looked up to find Riley smiling at me. He passed me a cocktail glass with clear liquid in it.

I swirled it around then sniffed it.

"It's vodka martini." He told me.

I took a tentative swallow and hoped it wouldn't make me gag. To my surprise it tasted quite pleasant and the next swallow was a larger one.

"What are you doing in Seattle?" he asked me and looked me directly in the eyes as he waited for my response. I took a large swallow of my drink and nearly choked.

"I have an interview tomorrow."

"You're thinking of leaving New York?"

"Maybe." I shrugged my shoulders in response.

"Why Seattle?"

"It's closer to my family."

"I thought your mother lived in Florida?"

I gapped at him, how the hell?

"I can read. I looked you up on the internet." He laughed.

"Why would you do that?"

"I wanted to know all about you," he sighed. "None of this is coming out right, you're making me nervous."

"I'm making you nervous; you're a star according to the guy I was with. Why me?"

"When I saw you that day in the park, I felt something, not sure what, but I just had to see you again…you interest me."

"Trust me Riley five minutes with me would bore you to tears."

He looked at his watch, "Well, it's now been ten minutes and I feel like I could spend the rest of the night talking to you like this."

"I'm sorry but I do have an interview tomorrow and I really should stop drinking now before I do something really stupid."

"Have one more drink with me and I promise I will deliver you back to your room safely."

I looked at his expectant face and knew I would have that second drink, plus he did seem a nice guy. What's the worst that could happen?

Four drinks later, my head throbbed, my plastered arm itched and I was dog tired, but enjoying myself too much. I was shocked to find out that Riley was from Forks and that was why he was in the hotel, his dad was picking him up tomorrow. He was just as surprised to find out that I was Chief Swan's daughter.

The best part had just happened, we started talking about the New York Marathon next month and we were both part of it. Riley had told me the whole team were doing it for Charity and I told him my boss had forced me to do it to find a man. I had slapped my hand over my mouth and looked at him with wide shocked eyes. Where the fuck was my mouth filter?

He shook his head and laughed. His eyes seemed extra bright or maybe my eyes had glazed over after the excessive alcohol, he looked so cute.

Without thinking I reached out and stroked his nose gently from top to bottom, with my index finger. I couldn't stop the smile as my finger felt the small bump on the bridge of his nose. I knew what a broken nose felt like!

"Did you break your nose playing hockey?" I asked as I moved my finger away.

My breath hitched as his gaze caught mine. His eyes darkened with desire that changed the look of his whole face. He no longer looked like a schoolboy, I gulped as I felt a pull somewhere down below. He looked like a predator that had just spotted his next meal. Shit what had I done?

Before I could flee his arms wrapped awkwardly around my back. The plaster on his arm, scrapped my back through the thin material of my dress. His right hand fisted my hair at the back of my head as he dragged me towards him. I opened my mouth to protest as he crushed his lips firmly against mine in a searing kiss.

Without meaning to I placed both my hands in his hair and accepted his kiss willingly, I whimpered my approval as he deepened the kiss and his tongue swept into my mouth. I lost myself in the sensations he created with his tongue.

So I was totally shocked when I suddenly fell forward slightly, I opened my eyes to an empty space next to me, I shook my head to clear it slightly, bad mistake because I felt a wave of queasiness. I turned to find Riley stood a look of pure horror on his face. His right hand was scrunched into a tight fist.

"I'm so sorry, I…Shit!" He looked totally gutted. I looked at him unable to comprehend what just happened.

"Is everything Okay?"

He was agitated about something and the way he raked his hand through his hair told me he was not happy about something. When he finally looked up, he wouldn't meet my gaze. He really looked pissed off about something. Was he mad at me? What the fuck had I done?

"I am… I have to go!" He said and turned abruptly and left me staring after him.

I sat for a while just staring into space, too stunned or maybe too drunk to really think about what just happened. After a while I got up and made my way back to my room.


Bright sunlight assaulted my closed eyes and made me wince, I turned away from the horrible light only to bang my head against a body part that wasn't mine, then the body shook with a witches cackle¸ I prised one eye open to find myself looking directly into Rose's laughing face.

"You were totally out of it last night." She laughed sitting up and nudging me on the arm.

"Can you be a little gentler, I'm feeling delicate." I winced as the jerky movement went straight to my already aching head.

"How much did you drink after we left? What's he like? Did you kiss him?"

"Stop with all the questions, I need more sleep." I tried to bury my head under the covers, but I knew it would be no use. What Rose wanted she got.

"Bella, come on, I want to know."

I uncovered my face and glared at her.

"I don't remember anything about last night." I lied, which was pointless because everyone knew when I was lying.

"So are you going to see him again?" Angela asked from somewhere across the room.

"I think we arranged to see each other again but I'm not quite sure." I wanted to wince at all the lying I was doing.

"Maybe you'll see him in Forks," Rose said a sly smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" I asked, what the hell did she mean by her comment?

"Well I bet he's gone to see his parents."

"And?" I prompted.

"He comes from Forks," Angela put in before Rose could open her mouth. They glared at each other, having a silent conversation.

"You're kidding me!" Shit my life sucks!

"No!" They shouted then laughed, together.

"Great" I muttered more to myself than to them.

"Well I suppose we should get you ready for your interview," Rose said as she pulled on my arm to drag me out of bed.


I must have dozed off on the journey to Forks because I suddenly jerked up straight and looked around me, totally disorientated and it took me a few moments to realize I was actually in the back of Emmett's Jeep.

"Where are we?" I asked my voice thick with sleep.

"Sleeping beauty's decided to join us." Rose replied sarcastically.

"Ha, ha, ha."

The windows of the Jeep were steamed up so using my elbow I wiped it and peered out. We were parked at the side of a road and I noticed a very large white building. It looked like it should be from a different state. It had a total southern look about it, with giant columns and equally large windows. It was beautiful, just out of place.

"So what are we doing here?" I asked.

"That's where Edward is doing his time." Rose answered.

I barked out a surprised laugh, she made it sound like he was in prison.

"What are you trying to do to me?" I asked my temper was starting to rise. "Why did you bring me here?"

"I thought you might want to know where he was." Rose replied defensively.

"You encouraged me last night, then you bring me here…why?" I flinched at my own high pitched voice.

"Bella calm down," Angela said in a soothing tone as she gently placed her hand on my knee.

"We kissed…Riley and me." I blurted out and then promptly burst into tears.

Angela snapped her seatbelt off and climbed into the back with me and hugged me as I sobbed on her shoulder. I felt Rose pat my shoulder, in an offer of comfort.

"Oh Shit!" Rose exclaimed, "Quick hide."

"What?" Angela and I shouted together.

"For fuck's sake duck down!"

We did as we were told, hearts pounding rapidly and breaths heavy as we waited nervously.

"What's going on?" I hissed at Rose.

Before she could answer the Jeep started swaying from side to side as someone rocked it. Angela screamed, I screeched and Rose started swearing like a trooper!

My heart finally rested back in my chest after being pushed up into my mouth for a few terrifying moments. Then all we could hear was Emmett's loud laughter.

"You fucking dipshit." Rose shouted at him as she opened the driver's door a little to forcibly.

"Rose careful with the Jeep."

"I'll careful you in a minute," she told him and then slapped him across the back of the head.

He poked his head into the jeep, rubbing his head as he smiled at us, "Hey ladies."

"Don't you hey ladies them," Rose piped up. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?"

"I thought he couldn't have visitors?" Rose replied.

"I really don't want to talk about it." Emmett's voice had a no nonsense edge to it. I wondered if Rose would comply.


"Rose!" He warned.

"I just thought I would show Bella where Edward is cooped up."

Before anyone could say anything else we were interrupted by my cell phone.

It was Mr Armstrong, offering me the job if I wanted it. Of course, I had to take it I mean he was offering me a third more than my current salary. How could I turn it down?

While I was on my cell, Rose had said goodbye to Emmett and we were on our way to Forks.

Lost in thought about how the hell would I my boss. Boy do I wish some else would do that for me. The good thing would be that I would never see her again once my notice was finished. What would I tell Alice? Maybe I should have thought about it more rather than just saying yes to the job offer.

"You're doing the right thing." Angela interrupted my thoughts.

"Don't overthink it Bee." Rose looked at me through the rear view mirror.

"I just…" I swallowed the sudden hard lump in my throat. I should be happy or excited, but instead I felt nervous and scared.

"If this is about my future brother-in-law I swear I will kick your ass hard!"

Shit Edward! I had forgotten all about him! What the hell did that mean?

Instead of answering Rose, I shrugged my shoulders. Tears were burned the back of my eyes. If I was completely honest with myself, I knew taking this job was the right thing to do. Especially after last night maybe I needed to distance myself with everything associated with Edward Cullen. Maybe my feelings for Edward weren't as strong as I thought? Or maybe I was just really lonely and Riley's attention was just a distraction. But would that make me shallow?

I groaned out loudly as I rubbed my face with my palms. My life was really going to hell in a bucket!

The rest of the weekend in Forks was uneventful. I spent most of Saturday with my dad and Sue, which was nice. Charlie was really trying to make up for the time we had spent apart and Sue, bless her, kept apologising for all the trouble her daughter had caused.

I told Charlie about the job on the way to the airport, he looked stunned that I was moving closer to them. He looked unsure about me moving to a big city like Seattle on my own. But as I told him I had lived in New York for a few years now and nothing bad had ever happened. Yes, I said this with crossed fingers. Charlie looked at me strangely and I turned to look out of the window and bit my lip, hoping he wouldn't push it!

When we said our goodbyes I felt so light I almost floated onto the plane. Why is it when something goes right in your life everything else goes tits up?


By the time I landed back home, I was a nervous wreck. How did I let Alice and Jasper know I was leaving in January, fuck how would I tell my boss. I really didn't like my job much anymore, my boss was an Ogre and I was terrified of her. Shit I was petrified of Alice, What was I thinking, I couldn't get another job. I wasn't brave enough. Shit I feel sick!

That's where Alice and Jasper found me, hurling up in toilet, nice!

"Bella are you Okay," Alice asked concerned as she bent down next to me.

"I'm… fine," I managed to squeak out before I had to hurl again. My throat and eyes were burning and I thought I might choke if I hurled again because of the sudden massive lump in my throat.

"Do you want a glass of water?" Jasper asked from the door.

I gave him a thumb up. As he left I managed to look at Alice, and took a deep breath. Not a good idea when you've just been throwing up. I wanted to heave.

"What's wrong Bella?"

"I'm leaving," I blurted out and launched myself at Alice, totally forgetting about my plastered arm.

"You got the job?" she asked against my hair.

"You knew?" I asked, pulling out of our embrace, I was stunned.

"Of course I knew," she laughed at my impression of a fish.

"But … how?" I stammered out.

"Rose told Jasper."

"Shit, I am so sorry."

"Bella it's fine, I understand."

"You do?" I asked uncertain and I looked at her face to see if it would betray her words, but she just smiled back at me.

"So… I think we should go out and celebrate." Alice announced.

"Err… I don't think so." I told her firmly.

"Why the hell not?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Because whenever we go out something always happens and I have had enough excitement to last me a life time."

"Bella… Bella trust me.

"Yeah like I am really going to trust you," I spluttered out, not believing my ears.

"When do you start?" Jasper asked from the door.

"After the New Year."

"Have you got a place?" Alice asked.

"I have asked Rose and Ang to help with that."

"Don't worry about it I know someone who's got a palace you can rent out." Alice told me.

"You mean place?" I laughed at her.

"Did I?" She gave me a sideways look.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Just that it's a big place."

"Who owns it?"

"Just some business guy I know, he's living elsewhere at the moment."

"Well if the rents right…" I trailed off.

"Oh it will be in your price range trust me."

"How do you know that?"

"Just trust me Bella."

"Alice can I have a word?" Jasper interrupted. He looked really pissed off about something.

"We will talk about the details later Okay." Alice told me as she got up off the floor and followed Jasper out of the room.

I leaned my head against the toilet seat and sighed.

Jasper's voice carried into the bathroom, he was pissed about something, and he ranted away while Alice made the right sounds to pacify him. It made me smile. Lord knows what they were arguing about but to be honest I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts and feelings to really care.

To say I was gobsmacked by Alice's reaction to me moving away, shocked and stunned me, I was speechless for Christ's sakes. Was this a secret case of Invasion of the body snatchers and Alice was the first one to be taken. I lost it then, I got the giggles.

I had a vision of the real Alice arguing with some ugly alien about how she just had to stop off at Mars because they had the best designer shops in the universe. God she would soon stop an invasion!

Shaking my head, I stood up and forced myself into action. I had so much to do over the next few months and to be honest I wasn't sure what to do first.


My boss didn't take the news as well as Alice; in fact she was totally pissed off with me. Telling me I would have to finish my dating articles before I left and there was so much more she wanted me to do first. I just wanted to tell her to "fuck off." But I suppose that wouldn't go down well on my CV.

I knew she was going to be evil for the next few months. She started by telling me despite my arm being in plaster I would still be running the New York marathon. She was sending me to a lonely hearts weekend in Vegas of all places and it was Thanksgiving Weekend. I mean who books Seminars for Thanksgiving. I would most probably be the only person there, at least then it would be an easy piece to write. My boss really did want to kill me, that is for sure!

I found running really difficult to do with a cast on my arm, I felt out of balance somehow. It helped that I was pissed off about still having to do the marathon and I muttered away to myself as I ran, or stumbled was a better word for it. I hoped to see Riley but never.

What made it worse was that he was suddenly everywhere, on bus shelters, in the subway and on the front of magazines, he was quickly becoming hot property and everyone seemed to want a piece of him.

By the end of October I seriously began to doubt my sanity. I found myself not only obsession over Edward but Riley also. I tried doing a pro's and con's list but they kept coming up even. I mean Edward was a jerk but he wanted to change and did I still want him in my life? Could I trust him with my heart? Then there was Riley who seemed to blow hot then cold, I just hoped that he had many sleepless nights as I had thinking about the kiss we shared.

On the last Friday of October, Alice and I were walking to the cafeteria. She was trying her hardest to convince me to go to a Halloween party the following evening but I was adamant that I was not going. We were in the line to pay when I felt someone's eyes on me. I tried to shake it off as my imagination.

"How rude." Alice muttered.

"What?" I turned and asked her.

"There's a guy sat with that annoying sports report from upstairs and he is so blatantly staring at you it's just wrong." Alice ranted.

"Who?" I asked and turned around to see if I could see this rude person.

"He's sat over there." Alice pointed to a table with a chubby middle aged guy and a younger man who was wearing sunglass. Who wears sunglasses inside?

"He actually looks familiar, but I cannot quite place him." Alice said, more to herself than me.

"You've got me." I replied and shrugged my shoulders. Then the younger guy put his left arm up in the air for me to see. My stomach did a forward roll. No it can't be, can it?

I strained my eyes to see if I could get a better look at him, just as the lady behind the cash register coughed to get my attention. I blushed as I handed over my money before turning back to where the guy was sat but he was gone.

When I got back to my desk after lunch I was surprised to find a small teddy dressed as a Devil's hockey player, there was a small note with it. I unfold the paper and read it.

Please forgive my behaviour; I don't honestly know what came over me. Hope we can try again. Riley.

I sat at my desk and just stared blankly at the note. When did my life get so complicated and what the hell do I do now?

Author's Note: I am really sorry about how long it has taken me to write this chapter. It has been a toe-rag to write plus the winter was long and cold. I have started it four times and changed it even more than that. After all that I am still not happy with it. I know I am adding more complications too this story but Riley wanted to be more than a passing character, who am I to argue?

Thank you for reading and I promise that the next chapter will be done a lot sooner than this one was.