This is my response to Day 5 of Sinistra Black's "Sheherazad/Day By Day" challenge. It will be a series of drabbles focusing on the seven deadly sins.


Perfection- this was the only word that described the magnitude of Narcissa Malfoy's unrivalled beauty. She sat before her vanity and took in her delicate features, features that she had learned every detail of before she had learned to read or write. There had always been a lure to sit and watch herself and take in her the volume and colour of her hair, cascading over her shoulders like spun gold. It framed her face magnificently, highlighting her refined, aristocratic features and her skin that was unblemished.

Narcissa trailed her perfectly manicured finger across her lips, plump and deep red, ready to be bitten into like fresh, ripe fruits- she stopped her journey across her smooth skin, feeling a slight wrinkle that caused her hand to shake. Looking directly into the icy blue eyes of her mirror reflection, the only equal to her magnificence, Narcissa saw a flicker of fear. She could not lose this. Gods did not fall and become mere mortals. She gasped, closing her eyes.

"Will I always be beautiful, mother- forever and ever?" Four-year-old Narcissa pirouetted before her mother, batting her eyelashes in a way she already knew accentuated their length.

"Of course you will." Druella Black scooped her youngest child into her arms and carried her to a mirror hanging on the wall. "You will always be my perfect milk and honey daughter." Narcissa laughed in delight, flashing herself a pearly smile and clasping at her rounded cheeks.

Echoing the past, Narcissa placed a hand against each side of her face. The babyish roundness was gone, replaced by sculpted cheekbones. Of course her beauty had only grown since then. It would only ever continue to grow. She tossed back her head and laughed, knowing how the simple action would show the graceful curve of her neck. The diamonds adorning her ears would sparkle against her skin. Her perfect skin.


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