Author's Note: Welcome to my newest fanfic. Just some quick notes before you read. This fanfic takes place in an alternate universe in a real world setting. Which basically means pokemon don't exist or at least aren't real. However I will be alluding to them here in there. That also means character's may be a little OOC at times but i'll try my best to keep that from happening. Also, I will be using the character's english names in the anime as their real life names here and their japanese names as their stage names. Example: Real life name: Ash. Stage name: Satoshi.

Here are some of the character's ages in this fiction:

Dawn – 17

Ash – 18

Leona – 16

Kenny – 17

Brock – 20 (More maybe added in the future.)

Anyway, on with the show!


Nobody But You

-Chapter 1-

"That's right ladies gentleman! Pokemusic Entertainment is coming to town and they're holding a big singing contest to find their next big thing! That could be you! Now's your chance to shine! The contest will be held tomorrow at the Twinleaf Mall on the corner of..."

A young girl with blue hair eagerly listened as the radio host continued on about the singing contest that was to be held in town. It was the big chance that Dawn had been waiting for her whole life.

"Hey lady! Where's my eggs? I've been waiting here for the past hour and I still haven't gotten my damn eggs!" a rather disturbed older man yelled at the bluenette.

The young waitress quickly remembered that she was still working in the diner and turned to apologize to the man. This was the life of young Dawn Berlitz. She was a spunky, independent, seventeen year old girl working at a small family diner to make ends meet. Since she was a little girl she had always dreamed of achieving super-stardom and living the fabulous life of the rich and famous.

Just then her best friend and fellow co-worker Leona called out to her excitedly, "Hey Dawn! Did you hear the radio? You're gonna enter the contest right?"

Dawn turned to the girl with a smile as she replied, "You know it!"

"! I've been asking for my eggs for the past hour and a half and yet all you've been doing is loafing around listening to that damn radio and chitty-chatting away. Where's your manager? I wanna ask him why he hired a complete idiot to work here as a waitress." the rather angry customer demanded.


Dawn tried to keep her glass-like temper intact as she forced a smile towards the man. "I'm really sorry sir. I'll be sure to get your eggs right away." she offered as she bowed her head at the man.

"I ain't looking for an apology. I want to see your manager so I can ask him why he hired someone as dimwitted as you to work here. He probably just wanted some eye-candy around. Not that you're much to look at anyway." the man scoffed as he glared at the young woman.


The bluenette struggled to compose herself as she looked up at the rude customer while barely managing a smile. Feeling the tension, Leona immediately tried to cut in.

"I'm really sorry for your displeasure sir but maybe you can go easy on her? I mean she's already apologized..."

The angry man bitterly responded, "As if I'd take some half-assed apology from this moron. If she woulda gotten me my damn eggs earlier we wouldn't be in this mess. Tell ya what missy, if your really sorry how's about you get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Maybe that'll teach ya some respect."

Dawn's fists tightened into a ball as she turned to look away from the man. Leona was shocked at the utter rudeness of the angry customer and wanted to give him a peace of her mind but was quickly caught off guard when her blue-haired friend slowly bent down in front of the man.

"Dawn what are you-"

"Hahaha. This is too rich. At least this dimwitted girl knows her place. Now say the magic words." the man commanded with a cocky smirk before he broke into hysterical laughter.

However, he would not laugh for long as the blue-haired waitress quickly looked up and glared daggers at the man before yelling, "AS IF I'D SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO YOU JERK!"

Putting all her strength into her leg she quickly kicked the unfortunate man right in the balls with full force. The poor man quickly doubled over on the floor, holding on to whatever was left of his "pride and joys".

Just then, the diner's manager quickly stepped out from his office to check on what the commotion was all about only to see the man rolling on the floor crying out in pain.

"W-w-w-what happened here!?!?" the manager cried out in confusion as he quickly ran over to the fallen man. Bending down to help the man the manager turned to Dawn and ask, "Why is this man doing on the floor holding on to his...privates? Dawn did you-"

The bluenette crossed her arms and turned her head away from the man as she stated, "Serves him right. He was a total jerk. Can't believe I actually apologized to that creep."

The angry man who was now furious quickly struggled to say something with his now soprano voice, "T-t-that woman should be a-arrested for assault! You'll hear from my attorney about this!"

With that last threat the man struggled to his feet before shoving everyone out of his way as he angrily exited the diner while the manager desperately pleaded with the man to reconsider to no avail.

"Good riddance." Dawn remarked as her arms remained crossed in annoyance.

The manager then looked angrily at the young waitress. "You. My office. NOW!" he ordered as he stomped over to the backroom.

The poor girl gulped as her friend Leona whispered an "Uh-oh".

Dawn lowered her head as she walked over to the manager's office. "This is...really not good." the poor girl thought to herself as she entered the room and took a seat. The manager then walked over to the door and slammed it shut sealing our poor bluenette's fate.


Dawn solemnly walked down the street with her head hung low. "I can't believe I got fired. It's only been a week since I got that job." she stated sadly as she fell deep into depression.

"It's not like it was my fault. Stupid jerk face customer." she added bitterly with a frown. Dawn continued on down the street; letting out a depressed sigh every now again. She wasn't looking where she was going, however, and soon collided into someone.

"Ah, sorry about that." she said too depressed to even look up at the person she had bumped into.

"Don't worry about it. I should have looked where I was going." a male voice replied. Dawn let out another sigh catching the young man's attention. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. I've just really been down on my luck lately." the bluenette replied sadly as she stared down at her feet in total defeat.

Hearing this, the young man thought for a second before replying, "Then all you gotta do is pick yourself up and start over again. No need to be down. So stop worrying."

Dawn thought about the young man had said and figured he was right. There was no point in her being so down. "You're right. No need to worry right?" she said as a smile slowly grew across her face.

"That's the spirit!" the young man cheerfully replied.

The blue-haired girl looked up to thank the young man only to see that he was no longer there. Looking around she noticed a the back end of a rather expensive looking limo turn around the corner. Dawn's lips parted in slowly before she quickly shook her head. "Just a coincidence. He probably was just in a hurry and ran off." she convinced herself.

Mentally thanking the young man who cheered her up, she happily continued on her way home.


Later that night, Dawn was happily watching her favorite music show P.T.V.

Just then one of the V.J.'s came on and was about to present the next music video to be played.

"Alright everyone. I know all you ladies have been waiting all week for this one. Exclusively here on Pokemusic Television, I am happy to present Satoshi's new video "Down".

Dawn squealed with delight as the music video began playing.

A young raven-haired man was dancing in a club as he sang the words to his hit new single.

"Baby are you down,

down, down, down down,

Doooown, Doooown,

Even if the sky is falling down."

Dawn was in totally bliss as she sighed happily at the sight of her celebrity crush. "He's so talented. Not to mention cute." she said with a smile.

As the video ended the V.J. came back on and happily announced, "Yeah! That was the world premier of Satoshi's new smash hit single. Wipe the drool off your mouth if your in Twinleaf Town ladies, cause there's gonna be plenty of time to do that tomorrow. I am happy to announce that Satoshi will be one of the guest judges at the singing contest at the Twinleaf Mall. He will be signing autographs as well so don't miss it!"

Dawn's eyes widened at the sudden announcement before she started jumping up and down screaming in excitement. She quickly got her phone and dialed up Leona's number.

"Did you hear!?! Did you hear!?!" she asked.

"Yeah I heard! Oh my god Dawn! Satoshi's actually gonna be judging you!" Leona enthusiastically replied.

"I know! I know! I'm so excited!" Dawn replied.

Soon both girls were squealing with joy in anticipation for tomorrow's big day.


The next day, Dawn and Leona were on their way to the Twinleaf Mall for Dawn's singing contest.

"Are you nervous?" Leona asked looking at her best friend.

"A little. But i'm gonna give it all I got." the bluenette replied confidently. "Besides, I can't look bad in front of my future husband after all." she added with a smile.

"As if." her friend replied causing both girls to laugh.

Once they arrived at the mall they were both shocked to see the large turn out of people, mostly girls, who came for the audition.

"Looks like you have a lot of competition." Leona said worriedly.

Dawn smiled as she tried to muster up some confidence. "No need to worry."

After Leona bid her good luck Dawn patiently waited in line for her audition. More than hour past before she found herself at the front of line.

"Oh man, I'm next." the bluenette thought to herself as she tried to calm herself down.

"Alright miss your up!" one of the stage crew announced.

Dawn nervously walked up to the stage mentally telling herself that there was no need to worry. It was then she heard Leona give her some words of encouragement nearby. Turning her friend she passed a smile before she took in a deep breath and headed for the stage. Soon she felt the spotlight her as she stood in front of a panel judges.

Her eyes immediately caught sight of Satoshi's as his eyes seemed widen a little upon seeing her. She gulped as she tried to compose herself in front of the judges.

"Well hello there miss. Please state your name." one of the judges asked.

"M-m-my name's D-Dawn Berlitz." the bluenette stuttered as she struggled to stay calm.

"Well it's nice to meet you Dawn. How old are you by the way?" the same judge asked.

"Seventeen." Dawn replied managing to calm down a little.

"Well then Dawn. The stage is yours." the judge stated.

Satoshi leaned in almost expectantly as he focused all his attention on the girl.

Our bluenette breathed in deeply before exhaling. It was now or never.

"Here goes nothing." she thought to herself as she began to sing the first lines of her song.


Author's Note: Bwahaha! Cliffhanger MAX! Will Dawn impress the judges? Will she obtain super stardom? Find out next in the next installment of Nobody But You!

Featured music in this chapter: "Down" by Jay Sean