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Chapters will be semi-short for the time being, and gradually things are bound to get interesting.

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Summary: Grace of Oblivion Academy and Pacifc Coast High are assigned to do a pen-pal letter assignment. Demyx just so happens to draw Zexion's name. What will happen over a month of exchanging letters with each other? Zemyx AkuRoku UryƫCloud et cetera~

Warning: Language. boylove. Possible lemon. ^-^



Dear Zexion,

So like, my teacher told us to draw these slips of paper from this container. And I drew your name! How wild is that?

Anyway; I'm not good with letters at all. Even when I write them, I just ramble on about random things. People say I have A.D.D, but I disagree with them. I'm just a happy, bubbly, musical person! I can't help who I am.

So ... I guess I should tell you a little about myself, shouldn't I?

Weeeeell, I'm sixteen and I got to Grace of Oblivion Academy in Twilight Town. I'm in my Sophmore year, if your teacher didn't tell you that in the first place. People there are ... okay-ish. Not the best, but they'll have to do, y'know?

I have a best friend, Axel, who's sitting on my bed right now flipping through the channels and bugging me about finishing this letter so we can go to the movies. Which, I don't think I'll handle too well. Horror movies scare the crap out of me!

But ... I guess I have to end this for now. I mean, I'll have more to write once you write me something back. Which reminds me! Answer me some questions?

Like, what do you like to do? Do you like music? What's it like there?



- - - -

The blonde at the computer desk re-read his letter, shifting in his chair when he thought he needed to add more. He turned in the swivel chair to look at Axel who was perched on the corner of his bed, remote in hand. "Hey, Axe? Shouldn't you be doing your letter to the Rucksack kid and not watching television?"

"Roxas." The redhead shot Demyx a glare. "Got it memorized? 'Sides, I've got all week to write this letter ... why should I do it now? We're going to the movies anyway. So I won't have time between now and then."

"Yeah-what? Axel, you're failing! You can't just blow this project off like you do every other one; Genesis will kill you. You know it, too!" Demyx rose from his chair, slipping the notebook paper into an envolope, licking the corners of the triangle top and folding it over. "I won't go to the movies with you, unless you promise me you'll write the letter -tonight-."


"No, buts! You gonna do it tonight or not? 'Cause I have to get this mailed and I don't want to waste time." The lithe blonde placed his hands on his hips, bending one knee and leaning of his left leg. "Hm?"

Axel's jaw slacked some, jade orbs narrowing at the mullet-haired blonde. "Fine, fine ... I'll write it tonight. Can we just go? Pleaseeee? I don't want to miss this movie." The redheaded male pleaded, crawling across the bed with a small pout.

"Hah, deal." Demyx shoved the letter into his jacket pocket, pulling his hood up over his head while he stepped into his shoes. "C'mon, before the rain gets too bad."

Axel silently thanked God, scrambling off the bed and following the blonde down stairs. 'Like Hell I'll finish that damn letter.'


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