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Summary: Grace of Oblivion Academy and Pacifc Coast High are assigned to do a pen-pal letter assignment. Demyx just so happens to draw Zexion's name. What will happen over a month of exchanging letters with each other? Zemyx AkuRoku UryƫCloud et cetera~

Warning: Language. boylove. Possible lemon. ^-^ Chapters will be semi-short for the time being, and gradually things are bound to get interesting.


"Zex?" He groaned quietly as he set his book down on his stomach. He had asked for peace and quiet but did he ever get it? No, of course he didn't. He was sick of being bothered. He had already upset Rikku, he had already been aggravated by Zack, and now apparently it was Roxas' turn. "Zex!" He said with surprise. He shouldn't have been surprised, he was in Zexion's house. "Where've you been for three days?"

"In my house."

"Well, why? You missed school friday, are you coming tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"You're a lot grumpier than you usually are, what's up your ass?"

"Roxas, I know you're bad with dates, but really?"

"Did I...did I forget your birthday?" Zexion smirked gently at Roxas' ignorance. How was it that everyone else knew but he didn't? Roxas was never good with remembering things, crazy unorganized and not too sensitive. It was a major part of his charm. He pursed his lips as he thought. "Oh! Shit!" And it finally clicked, much to the amusement of Zex as he sat on the couch, watching the blond at the entrance of the living room.

"How'd you get in here anyways?"

"Your sister let me in."

"Of course she did," he sighed and finally sat up fully.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"No, I do not want to talk about it."

"Sure? 'Cause I mean I know I'm not big on this sort of stuff, but I am totally here for you."

"No, let's talk about something else. Did you ever send your letter?"

"Nah, I'm sending it today. Dearest Axel, come see me soon. I am very horny. Love Roxas." He recited with a grin as he took a seat on the sofa. "Do you have your letter done?"

"Um no, not yet. I've been busy."

"Reading?" Roxas asked with a nod towards the book. Zexion nodded once as he closed it, setting it off to the side and grabbing the notebook. "Ok, you finish the letter. I'll sit here and wait, and then I'll even mail it for you so you can stay stuck in your hopeless, saddening abyss. Because I am that good of a friend."

"Right, of course you are."



To be honest, I have legitimate reasons for not surfing. Not that anybody seems to care anymore. And this week happens to be the anniversary of those reasons which is always unfortunate and for some reason, my 'friends' cannot seem to leave me alone. And I know it's only because they care, and they're worried, and all that typical crap, but I don't really care. I'd be happy to take you to the beach when you come visit, but don't expect surfing lessons from me. I'm sure, however, that any of my other friends would be more than willing to teach you.

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"Sweetness, two letters to send. You ever feel really special when you get to mail stuff? I have no idea why but I love it."

"You are an odd one," Zexion said as he licked the envelope and handed it over. Roxas smiled and held the letter up as he stood and began to walk to the door. "Thanks Rox, see you tomorrow."

"Ok, I'm sorry, I just have to say this before I leave. I miss Vince. I know you miss Vince. And it's been kind of a tough year without him, I know that. I mean you were supposed to be juniors with Aqua and Zack, you were supposed to still be surfing, and you miss him. You loved him and everything...but you still have the rest of us. We still love you." Roxas said awkwardly as he scratched the back of his neck. He was not good with many things, emotions being at the top of the list. Zexion nodded, trying to avoid eye contact, staring past him at the door.

"I know Rox, I just need a couple days. I'll be fine."

"Man I know you'll be fine," he replied with a grin. "You're way strong, like in a hot way." He said, laughing, feeling better when he saw Zexion let a smile crack.

"Hello boys," Xion said as she hung on the doorway.

"I'm outta here." Roxas said with a nod towards Zex. "I will see you tomorrow, right?"

"Yes Roxas, now go away."

"Sure," he grinned and nodded at Xion as he walked out of the house.

"Another check up?"

"Surprisingly no, he came by to..."


"I have no idea why he came by."

"Oh please, he totally came by to check on you."

"No way, he didn't even remember."

"Zexy Zexy Zexy," Xion said with a smirk as she shook her head, plopping down on the sofa next to her brother. "Roxas is a lot smarter, and sneakier, than he lets on. There's a complete deviant beneath that pretty blond head of his."

"Xion, I asked him and-"

"Dude, you know what his first words to me were?"

"Um, no."

"'Is Zex alright?'"

"That could have just been because I missed school-"

"I'm not finished! So quick to jump the gun. They were 'is Zex alright, Zack told me what happened.'" Zexion shook his head as he sighed.

"Sneaky bastard."


Well look at that new chapter, all spiffy and shit. Anyways! I was rereading yesterday and I realized that I did not pay close enough attention to my own character list because I mentioned at one point that Rikku's penpal was someone named Vincent. I don't know if anyone would have even noticed, but oh well. So we're going to do one of two things. One, pretend it's a different Vincent for some very odd reason or two, pretend it actually said Seifer. I'm gonna leave it up to you guys :)