Robin was running down a dark alley late at night, chasing the figure before him. They ran with the same speed, neither one got any further ahead. Finally the figure in front stopped, then vanished, just as Robin got to the spot where they disappeared.

"Ugh! God dammit!" he pulled off his mask and started crying, he couldn't stop these days. He knew his friends wouldn't be at the tower when he got back, and so his dignity was ignored. "I want to tell you I forgive you! Do you forgive me?!" he screamed. He got no answer. He kicked a trash can. "Raven!" he thrashed around in the darkness. They would be gone if he went back to the house, so he went back to the tower. Cyborg and Starfire probably didn't even know he was gone.

But they did. He came in and they were there. He told them he would talk about it in the morning, and he went to bed.

---Somewhere else---

"Raven? Where you been? Crystal was alone when I got home, and you wouldn't answer your phone. I almost called the police, except in our situation that wouldn't be a great idea." Beastboy said from the living room.

"We have to leave, Gar." She said solemnly. "Robin found the house. He just rang the doorbell, and I ran."

Beastboy looked at her, she was panting. "I'll get the keys, you get the kid." He smiled. He gave her a quick hug and went to the garage.

Raven went upstairs, she thought about anything important that she didn't want to leave behind, but there was really nothing they couldn't replace. She went to the baby's room. She didn't want to wake her, she looked so peaceful, but she knew she had to. She picked up baby Crystal Logan, cradled her for a moment, then walked quickly down to the garage. She started to set Crystal in the car seat.

"No time, Rae!" Beastboy frantically started the car. Raven Left the car seat and sat in the front with baby on her lap. Beastboy pulled out fast, but carefully, and drove on to their next hiding place.

"How is she?" Beastboy asked after about half an hour.

"I think she might be asleep again." Raven replied. She had a tired tone to her voice.

"Lets stop at the next hotel." he suggested.

"You sure its not to close to the house?" She questioned.

"That doesn't matter. You're tired, the baby's tired, we can risk it to get some sleep. Its past midnight for crying out loud."

"Okay." she smiled at him. He always had good reasoning for everything. They wouldn't be in the situation they were in if he didn't. She dozed off for a while, before Beastboy gently woke her. They had reached a hotel.

"Here. I'll take Crystal and check us in, why don't you get the emergency bags from the back." He was always planing for everything.

"Oh, shoot." Raven said.

"What's the problem?" Beastboy asked, wide eyed.

"I forgot the bags." She sadly reported. Beastboy looked relieved.

"Its okay, I got them." Raven smiled again. He walked off to check them in. Raven watched him go and smiled. She was still smiling when she opened the trunk to get the emergency bags they had packed in case their friends found them. She gasped when she opened the trunk. Slade slipped out onto the ground. Raven was to shocked to move.

"Hello Raven. Having a nice time with your family?" He took a step. He was close enough to touch faces with Raven.

"How did you find us?" She asked. She still couldn't move.

"If Robin found you, don't you think I can to?" He made a movement that suggested he was about to strike her, but Raven was pulled out of the way just in time by Beastboy.

"Gar." Raven was now out of her trance. Beastboy attacked Slade who was soon made his escape.

"Where's the baby?" Raven asked frantically.

"I asked the clerk to hold her while I checked on you." Beastboy quickly explained. They were both running into the hotel. They found it infested with Slade's robot henchmen.

Raven pointed and gasped. Beastboy saw what she was pointing at.

Blood. The clerk had been killed by a stab to the abdomen, she was lying in her own pool of blood on the floor. Raven started to choke in sobs and held her hand over her face. Beastboy looked around for Crystal. The robots now all noticed the two were there, and they started to move towards their prey. In the background, you could hear a baby crying.

"The ol' plan B" Beastboy said with a thumbs up. He was referring to a plan he and Raven came up with, in which Raven goes for the baby and Beastboy covers for her. It was something they couldn't live without.

Raven didn't need to be told twice. She followed her ears towards the baby's crying. She found Crystal, unguarded on the couch in the lobby.

Beastboy was fighting off the immense number of robots that suddenly covered the room. Other guests were coming out of their rooms to see what was causing the noise. Beastboy saw some of them whispering to one another. Pointing at him too. This wouldn't end well.

Raven could see that Beastboy was struggling to keep up with his attackers. She also saw all the hotel guests looking at him. She heard them say, 'Isn't that he green titan? Yeah I thought he died or something' and 'look! Its the missing titan' others said similar things. They didn't seem to notice her. None even spoke about the other missing titan.

Beastboy couldn't let the guests get hurt, and he also didn't want to many people to see him. He wanted Raven's help, but he couldn't call her name out and risk her being discovered too if she wasn't already. Thinking quickly he ran out into the parking lot. The robots followed him, like he knew they would. Now he could let loose. He composed himself into the biggest dinosaur he could, and tore the Slade army to bits. Then, shaking, he sped back into the hotel. There were none left. It was silent, save for Crystal's crying. He made eye contact with Raven, and left the hotel. A minute later, Raven came out as well. She put the baby in the seat this time. She sat motionless in the passenger seat.

"What are we gonna do?" was all she could say.