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After their little quarrel with Robin, Raven and Beastboy went out to Jump City to get something to eat and to calm off.

"I've gotta use the little boys room. Be right back" Beastboy said as soon as they had found a good restaurant.

Raven smiled and mentally laughed at Beastboy. The waiter came by and asked if she wanted anything. She said no, but the waiter stayed a bit longer. He stared at her so she looked away. When she turned back, the waiter was gone. But so was her purse!

She whirled around out of her seat to see the waiter leaving with her purse in his hand. He turned left and gave her a wink before dashing away. But raven was in too bad of a mood to just let him go. She ran out the door after the thief.

He had gone right but the street was empty. Then suddenly Raven heard panting in the alleyway. She squinted into the darkness. It was dark. Simple as that. But Raven could see well enough to see the man turn a corner between the buildings. She raced after, very close behind. The man was slowing. Raven though she would use her powers now while she had him in sight.

"Azerath Metri- Oh!" The man had stopped abruptly and turned around right past her, and he pushed down along the way. Enough was enough, and Raven had had enough. This was now personal. The man was climbing a fire escape and was almost too the roof of a five story building. Raven knew she had him cornered he had no place to go on the roof. She flew up to the top of the building at the same time the man did. He looked around nervously.

"Give me my purse." Raven commanded. He held it out like a robot. He started to back up, getting closer too the edge.

"What are you gonna do?" he mocked her.

"You are going to turn yourself in." she stabbed his chest with her finger. She hovered right in front of him. He looked behind himself and saw the edge within feet.

"Oh, you're going to be in much more trouble than I am." he snarled with a devilish grin. Then he made a leap backwards. Raven tried to grab him but it was too late now. He was plummeting down. He kept up his grin until he hit the ground with a slap.

People were crowding around and poking the man in a crumpled heap on the ground. Then one looked up and was pointing at Raven.

"Look! Up there! she pushed him off!" the crowd responded with yells of agreement. Raven was shocked, astonished!

"No No! he jumped!" she tried to say but her quiet voice would not be heard over of the screaming of the people, "No." she whispered and hid herself from them. she tripped over the other side where he had come up the fire escape and it took her a moment to realize she could fly. She saved herself, moments before hitting the ground. She ran to a garbage bin and threw up into it until she had emptied her insides into it. What had just happened?

Beastboy examined his face after going number one. He picked a little red dot off his face where he had accidentally cut himself shaving. Then he picked at his teeth a little and smiled at his reflection, satisfied. Just as he was leaving the men's room he heard something out the little window at the far end of the bathroom on the wall. He stepped back in and heard it again.


She was in some sort of distress for she was crying out in pain or fear or something.

"I'm coming Rae!" he screamed before turning into a flying squirrel and floating out the window. He came out into a small street. He looked left and right and thought he heard her voice around the corner. But that street was deserted except for two men, and one had a gun pointed at the other.

"Hey guys stop it!" he called to the man with the gun. The man just pulled the rigger and the other man fell down. The shooter ran past beastboy throwing the gun into his arms along with the cloth he had been holding over it. Beastboy dropped the gun and ran to the injured guy.

"Get away!" the man cried.

"Wait I'm trying to help! I-"

Whats going on out here?" an annoyed women called. She stepped out a door then her eyes widened and she ran back in, "Sammy! Sammy i said! get down here! Bring your rifle!"

A large oldish man came out and pounced an beastboy.

"Whats going on?" he demanded angrily.

he bleeding man whimpered, " he shot me sir!"

"No!" Beastboy objected, but the man on top of him slammed his face into the ground and he blacked out. His last little mumbles were, "I didn't hurt him. I... couldn't..."

Conclusion to the incident(s) coming next chapter!