What's Perry Thinking About: Doofenshmirtz- Good is Bad or Bad is Good

I do not own " Phineas and Ferb" This takes place during " Lights, Candace, Action"

Doofenshmirtz: Here you go Perry the Platypus. But I must warn you; once you start you won't be able to stop. (Turns) I'm going to get some crackers.

(Animal Translator being turned on)

Perry's Mind: Doofenshmirtz? Good? How can this be? If Doofenshmirtz turns good, I'll lose a job and I'll have nothing to do during the day. Or worse! Monogram could ship me to a different family away from Phineas and Ferb. Candace I can live, without but still! I've got to make Doofenshmirtz evil again. But how? (Eats cheese) hmmmmmm that IS good. Where was I … (Looks at the cheese) THE CHEESE! Doofenshmirtz would kill me if I ate it, maybe it'll turn him evil. Or make me fat. Either way, look out cheese!

Doofenshmirtz: We're in luck. I still have some leftover Melbe- (CRASH) OH NO. THE CHEESE. What happened to the stinky cheese? (Sees a fat Perry the Platypus) PERRY THE PLATYPUS! You ate all the cheese? .

Hope you enjoy, post ideas if you can or reviews so that I Know that at least someone likes this.