My names Bella Swan and I'm pregnant by my abusive werewolf boyfriend… Jacob Black. Jacob used to be the best boyfriend in the world, then my died from cancer and everything went bad. He started hitting me, shouting at me, bossing me around.

That was when he was in human form. I remember we had an argument once about going on vacation and he got angry and in that split second he changed into wolf form and slashed me across the back, I remember running into the bathroom and calling the alpha male. Sam. I thought I was going to die that day.

Now that I'm pregnant I have to think about my baby and what's best for my baby and that's not being with Jacob.

"Bella! What's this?!" I heard him shout from upstairs. I had no idea what he was talking about but I had a feeling it was something bad. I slowly walked up the stairs and then I seen him holding the positive pregnancy test. I froze and I was debating on weather to run down the stairs and leave the house or not.

If I ran he would probably catch me and be even more angry then what he was, if I didn't run then I would most likely get a beating but not as bad as if I ran.

I decided to take my chances and ran. I heard footsteps behind me, I didn't pick up my car keys so I just ran, and ran… then I bumped into someone and fell to the floor. "Sorry" I heard an angelic voice say and I looked up and seen the most gorgeous looking guy in the world, he was pale but he had an amazing face structure and an amazing smile. He held his hand out and helped me up.

"You OK? You look scared" I looked around me and couldn't see Jacob. I looked at the mysterious guy and smiled. "Yeah I'm OK… thanks… I'm Bella" I informed him and held out my hand. "Edward" he said and we shook hands.

"Bella… get here now!" I recognized that voice. Jacob. He was angry. "Who's that?" Edward asked and I looked away. "My boyfriend Jacob" Edward moved so he was standing to the side of me when Jacob got to us. "I said get home" he grabbed my arm but Edward got his hand off me. "You don't put your hand on a lady" I smiled a little bit at him.

Then it all kicked off. Jacob went to punch Edward but Edward moved and hit Jacob and Jacob fell to the floor. I stood there shocked. Nobody has hit Jacob before, I knew this was it, he was going into wolf form. "Edward you should go" I warned, I didn't want him to see Jacob turn and then go and tell people. It was a secret, the only people the wolves kill are vampires. "No… I can't leave you with him"

When Jacob got up he went for me, instead of Edward but Edward stood in front of me and that was that. Jacob was in wolf form. My heart started pounding, my hands started sweating and I got scared my safety and my baby's safety and Edward's safety.

I got my phone out and rang Sam… Sam knew Jacob abused me and he did everything to help me. "Sam, he's in wolf form and about to attack some guy, please help me" I was shaky and scared. "OK Bella I'll be there soon"

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