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Chapter 1

The day was overcast and smelled distinctly of rain. Blackened clouds raced across the sky as thunderheads grew in the distance, slowly closing them in. No birds sang within the trees this day, as the wind was whipping and tearing at the great limbs of even the largest trees. It was not a day that animals relished being out in the open. Already the leaves of every tree were beginning to show signs of autumns fiery hold. The winds held the crisp freshness that kept some people indoors, where they could allow their imaginations to believe that it was winter, and the first snowfall was on its way.

Trowa moved quietly through the silent park, not really watching the gardens that he passed. There really was not that much to see and his mind was on other things than the weather around them. He was a free man; even now the words seemed strange to him, peace had been restored to the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, and soldiers were no longer needed. He and the other gundam pilots, men he looked upon as brothers, had split up. Everyone perusing their own future, though they had all promised to keep in touch. He was still one of the Preventer, as were the others, and the organisation was not about to be disbanded peace or no peace, for though peace was here it was more fragile than glass.

The gundams had all been destroyed as a lasting sign of peace among the earth and colonies. Trowa decided that he was just as happy to be without Heavyarms. The gundam had served him well during the war, but it also served as a lasting reminder to what he and his friends had been forced to give for the peace. Trowa crammed his chilled hands into his pockets and continued down the twisting path, face expressionless. Relena was at the forefront of the peace that they now had, along with her brother Zechs, though Trowa was positive that Heero was somewhere in the background watching out for her. It was surprising to believe that someone so young had rallied the world about her to bring an end to the madness that had laid claim to the people.

Trowa was shaken from his thoughts as a new sound filled the air. Stopping where he stood, Trowa carefully glanced about. The wind had picked up speed and he knew it would not be long before the rain came. The trees seemed almost to bend double under the force. He listened carefully trying to hear over the howl of the coming storm, for a moment he thought he had heard nothing at all, but then the sound came again, he paused listening… a baby's cry? Curious Trowa moved in the direction of the cry wondering who would take their child out in such weather.

Moving to a grove of trees, Trowa was sure the baby was somewhere within, he was now truly puzzled. Something about this did not feel right to him and he hesitated to enter the grove. A very small part of him fearing what would happen if he did. But once again the small child's cry filled the air, it tore at his heart to hear the baby so sad and taking a deep breath Trowa moved within the ring of trees. He was not at all surprised to see the baby laying upon the ground however he was shocked to see no parents around the small helpless infant. For some reason this stirred a great anger in Trowa and for once his feelings showed clearly on his face. He moved quickly to the baby, kneeling beside him. The poor infant was barely dressed for the spring let alone the fall. His skin blue with cold, and tears were running down his red face as he continued to cry pitifully.

Trowa quickly pulled the small form into his strong arms trying to give the baby some of his warmth as he glanced about the clearing for any signs of what may have happened to the child's parents. He found nothing, and the baby began to shiver within his arms. Quickly opening his coat Trowa awkwardly pulled his left arm out of the sleeve and with great care moved the still crying baby between his arm and body, then sipped the coat back up hoping his body heat would be enough for the small foundling. Still kneeling upon the ground Trowa glanced within the folds of his coat to the still whimpering baby just as the rains began to fall like ice against his exposed skin. Rising quickly Trowa moved from the grove slowly. Not at all used to holding babies he feared hurting the small child.

But as the rain began to pick up speed and intensity he knew that he would have to move fast if he wanted to save the babies life. He could easily withstand a storm like this, but the rain cold, as it was, was slowly depleting his body heat, which was something the baby needed to survive. So with a shrug and one more glance down at his small charge Trowa began to run. The rest of the park passed in a blur for him as his long legs carried him towards his destination. He still performed with the circus group and they had made camp outside the small city he had been walking through. He passed few people on his way back to the circus, none really wanting to be out in such a storm. The child within Trowa's arms continued to cry. His little throat was sore from all his previous crying and yet he did not stop, if anything it only made him sound more sad and alone.

Finally the lights of the circus came into view and Trowa was soaked through. He picked up speed, the baby had gone silent and he feared what that might mean, not wasting time to glance down he simply ran on. The door to Cathy's trailer flew open at his approach. She stood there for the briefest moment, worry clear on her face before motioning him in. He mounted the stairs in one fluid motion and she quickly pulled the door closed behind her restoring the heat to the trailer. She turned back to him then, taking in his wet clothes.

"You're soaked through, what were you doing out in a storm like this?" Though Trowa may have been taller Cathy played the protective older sister perfectly, with her hands on her hips waiting for his explanation.

Trowa however was given no chance to answer her questions, for it was during that brief pause that the baby began to cry again. Catherine's faces showed her shock at the unexpected sound and Trowa quickly moved to open the front of his coat revealing the whimpering baby inside, eyes tightly shut and one small hand clutching Trowa's shirt. "Someone left him out in the storm." He told his sister quietly, looking to her for help.

Cathy jumped forward, carefully taking the trembling child from her brother's arms. She began to rock him back and forth, trying to calm him down. "Trowa go change out of those wet clothes, and on your way back see if Nancy has any formula and a bottle she can spare." As Trowa silently moved towards the door he could not have been happier that he had Cathy to turn to for something like this. "Oh, and Trowa?" he turned silently, "Don't forget the diapers."

He moved quickly back out into the storm walking the short distance to his own trailer and changed, not even bothering to turn any lights on. He was finished within minute and was back out into the storm, moving with all haste to Nancy's trailer, she had just recently given birth to twins. The door was opened only seconds after knocking, and the young horse trainer welcomed him in with a warm smile. "Trowa?!" She seemed slightly surprised, "Some in, out of the storm." She quickly moved him inside the warmth of her home and turned to look at him. For the most part, nothing of his expression had changed but those who knew him saw the slight turn of his mouth, which passed for a smile. "What can I do for you?" she spoke in hushed tones not wanting to wake the babies, her husband Tom sat reading the paper and briefly glanced up with a smile.

"Do you have any extra formula a bottle and a few diapers?" he asked softly.

For a moment Nancy looked puzzled but then nodded, "Why?"

"Ask me another time." She smiled seeming to expect such and answer from him; she moved over to the kitchen and opened a cupboard.

"How much do you need?"

"Just enough for tonight." Trowa had no idea how much that would be but hoped it would last until he could go out and get some more.

Nancy chuckled softly as she came back over to him a small bag that held a small jar of white powder a glass bottle and the diapers. "Here mix two tablespoons with warm water, but be careful that it's not too warm, and don't forget to sterilise the bottle first." Trowa nodded his thanks and quickly left heading back to Cathy's trailer. A great peal of thunder tore through the air, even as the lightning stretched its fingers across the sky.

Silence reigned over Catherine's trailer when he entered she still stood rocking the baby back and forth. He was quiet now and watching her as she cooed softly to him. With out a word Trowa moved to the kitchen and began to prepare the formula as Nancy had instructed. When he had finished he turned with the now warm bottle in his hand ready to give it to his sister, she smiled, "No Trowa, you feed him." The ex-pilot began to protest but she simply laughed softly and with one hand moved him over to the couch. "Your not going to hurt him, don't worry." She took the bottle from his hand and placed it on the table in front of him.

Carefully she moved the still silent baby to her brother's unsure arms. Trowa looked down watching the small baby as his little hand reached up and grabbed his shirt once more. Looking up he saw Cathy testing the warmth of the bottle. Satisfied that it would not hurt their small charge, she gave it to Trowa showing him how to hold it. Trowa let his emerald gaze travel back to the now happy baby suckling upon the warm formula. Catherine sighed and sat on the table before him, "Who would just leave a baby out like that?"

"I don't know." Trowa said quietly never taking his eyes off of their little foundling, "But I intend to find out." They sat there in silence together watching the small baby. His eyes were even now a dazzling blue, and the hair atop his head was a thick, rich, and brown much like Trowa's. The baby had finished drinking and now Cathy took him back from her brother. Now relieved of the infant Trowa rose and moved back to the door of her trailer.

"Where are you going?" He half turned looking at his sister; she sat now on the couch holding the baby's chin in one hand and gently patting his back with the other.

"To get my laptop." He ran a hand through his damp hair and silently left. They rains had not at all lessened; if possible they seemed to grow in intensity. They made the world around him appear blurry and non-distinct. He could hear nothing above the roar of the storm, though he was sure the animals were frightened. He made a note to visit them when the baby was asleep. Back within the dark confines of his trailer Trowa turned on one dim light and glanced about. His home was simple and held very little in the way of colour or furnishings, he spent the majority of his time with Catherine at her insistence, but he did not mind making his sister happy. She was slowly trying to mend his world.

Finding the slim laptop Trowa tucked it within his coat and ran back out into the fierce storm. Upon entering his sister's trailer once more Catherine cornered him at the door; the infant resting up against her left shoulder blue eyes searching and a look of worry upon his small face. "Trowa what are we going to call him?"

"He has a name."

"Yes I know that, but we don't know how long he will be with us…" she left the statement hanging.

"Call him Nanashi." was Trowa's quiet response. Cathy looked at him her face puzzled to see the slightly lost look that came to her brother's eyes but did not push the subject. Nanashi seemed to take notice of Trowa then and began to cry; Catherine tried without success to calm him down but the baby's face crumbled. Trowa moved around his sister back to the couch hoping that the baby would calm if he was not in sight. If anything the cries simply became louder.

Cathy looked over to her brother who was setting up his computer on the table before him. With an impish grin she moved over with the still crying child held close to her breast. Without any warning she placed the baby on Trowa's lap, and almost instantly Nanashi stopped crying, Trowa's face showed how startled he felt, but he did not jump for fear of hurting the baby. "He started crying as soon as you left." She giggled softly at the look her brother gave her.

Trowa sighed looking down into the baby's small face already he looked as though he was going to fall asleep, so the ex-pilot did not push the matter. He simply turned his computer on and hailed the other former pilots he received responses almost immediately.

Noble: Silencer is that you?

Silencer: Yes

Shinigami: Hey buddy where yah been?

Soldier: What's up?

Dragon: This had better be important.

Shinigami: Why were you busy with someone else?

Dragon: Maxwell never forget: I know were you live.

Shinigami: Hey hey, don't get excited Wu-man I was just kidding.

Soldier: What is the problem Trowa?

Silencer: I'm not entirely sure, how are things at the base?

Noble: Quiet

Silencer: Would one of you run a search through the Preventer current missing persons file?

Soldier: What are you looking for?

Silencer: A baby boy, lost sometime today.

Soldier: Nothing comes up, why?

Trowa sat back for a minute watching the sleeping baby in his lap, and wondering silently why no one was searching for this helpless little boy. Now more than ever was Trowa unsure of what to make of this strange situation.

Silencer: You're sure there has been no recent activity?

Dragon: None, both earth and colonies are silent, why do you feel something's happening?

Silencer: Forget it, I'll keep you posted.

Shutting his computer down Trowa looked to his sister who was sitting quietly beside him, "No one filed a report for a missing child."

She looked at him confused, "Why?"

"I don't know. Something's not right." He looked back to the sleeping baby and continued to wonder.

***to be continued***